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I usually can’t afford to buy much at Marc Jacobs without my husband getting upset. However, here are some items that I found at their “special store” store, all under $50 and some of them even under $10. Yes, this is how I roll….

I grew up wearing penny loafters, buying clothes from “gap”, not “GAP”, and carried around Manhattan Portage bags. I think I’ve owned total of maybe 10 Manhattan Portage bags in my life. And I think I still have maybe 3 in my closet somewhere.
So as I was driving around Soho today, a small piece of me let out a big *sigh* while looking at the MP retail store with its lights turned off and its shutters down and locked. I’ll have to remember to have couple of drinks for my small obsessions that are slowly being killed by the “times.”


It’s funny how I forget that I am Korean and most people I interact with on daily basis are not. So today I met people who have never seen or tasted persimmons before in their lives. I don’t know why I get suprised by such things….maybe my narrow-minded shelter view is to blame.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much i loved my jack purcells. I didn’t buy it cause they were cool or the hip thing to do, I bought them cause i was innately just drawn to them like moth to a flame…. Here are some old school ones and some new ones that i am thinking about investing again….


so somewhere in history, someone coined thirsty thursday. most likely a college kid because let’s be for real, who’s had a friday class? and if you did? who actually went? (i had one in freshman year. yeah, grades weren’t so good for that class) the weekend pretty much started thursday after your last class. then you swear off alcohol for the rest of your life only to be drinking again several hours later. repeat until monday comes (when you realize you’re late for class).

nyu, here i come! thirsty thursday! let’s hope i don’t end up like this kid. ten bucks says this kid doesn’t remember a thing? anybody? anyone? no? ok.


so one of my favorite snl skits is the surprise birthday party one. it’s just so damn good. i don’t think it needs any further explaining.  

and yes, you can catch me saying “oOooOoOOHhhhhh myyyyy goooooooossshhh”

this is really old. but a friend of mine sent this link to me a while ago: rock god
freddie mercury, i can see. i don’t know if he’s my #1 but he definitely rocked out hard. definitely top 10 worthy. 
elvis presley is definitely a rock god. a different rock god compared to others but a rock god during his times. 
then there’s jon bon jovi. JON BON JOVI?!! what the eff? how is this guy above jimi hendrix? i’d even put otis redding above him. otis redding rocked out during shows. no offense to all those worldwide jon bon jovi fans but seriously. come on. i think after the superbowl halftime show, bruce springsteen definitely should be up there. did anyone see his knee slide?
if bon jovi’s up there, i’m not sure how this rock god’s definitely not up there.

so i go through phases with phrases. say that 5 times fast. 

ok, it’s actually not that hard to say 5 times fast.  

i have several that i’ve been saying in place of actual sentences. and i have one that i’ve been saying every other sentence but it’s slowing dying out (by slowly dying out i mean i say it frequently but not every other sentence). this phrase is SUCK IT.  

i first picked it up from 30 rock (great show btw). and have been using it beyond its intended use. it’s a great phrase. you can use it for any moment. examples:  

in anger: 
joe: you smell! 
me: suck it!  

in jubilation: 
joe: damn, you’re right. 
me: whhattt! suuuuckkk ittttt!  

to quiet someone: 
joe: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah lbah balhhf;aliwheg;aoiwhga;owehasfasf
me: suck it  

as exclamation: 
(trash talk. ping pong match. win match.) 
me: SUCK IT!!  

in a sentence: 
me: you can suck it.  

so you can see WHY i’ve come to love this phrase. but i realize, i’m always surrounded by real adults. real working adults. who are in charge of my career. probably won’t understand my love for suck it. so with that i say:

Okay, I just adore this site called Etsy. It’s a incredibly clever site that sells ton of “handmade” products by individuals/companies around the world. I think I personally love this site because so many products on this site feels personable and one of a kind. And one of my favorite features on the site is their tool called “colors.” It allows you to scroll around a color palette and they provide a product that matches the color that you’re scrolling over. It’s pretty fantabulous.

Would it be really horrible of me to buy this and wear it around the office? There’s always ton of whispering that happens around the office and I do get curious time to time. How could I not right? Whenever I see this commercial, I have to admit, I get totally tempted. Then I read these postings….  It’s gives me second thoughts but stil….


Seriously…. what is this world coming to? Why am I hearing about so much about these “snuggies” everywhere I turn and who are the crazies that are actually spending money on this stuff???? I don’t want to have images of people sitting in their living rooms looking like monks. But this morning on TODAY show, BAM! I’m all about function over asthetics but this is just a bit nutty….

It’s happening all around us really isn’t it? Closing of things, lay-offs, losing of dwellings, loss of things, lack of money, gloomy news everywhere, and slowly it’s making its way into our lives in one way or another.

Domino Magazine closes

so i was hanging out with fam yesterday. and i told them how i’ve drastically decreased my coffee intake. the main reason for this is because i’m trying to be less dependant on other things, mainly cigarettes, legal drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol (always a losing battle on weekends), etc. BUT i didn’t tell them that. instead, i gave them a more scientific answer from an authoritative source*.

that’s right. 3 cups a day has a major effect on your breasts. and every cup after that too. now if you know/seen me, i can’t afford to shrink my boobs. no back problems here! i’ll take all the boobies i can get. ..only to make mine bigger. i would totally post a pic of my boob area. but we don’t know each other that well yet. maybe after 150 posts. or 100 …

*what? yeah, it’s fox news. suck it. where are all my tri-state area fox 5 morning news people at?! mike woods, what! 

Cafe Cluny

Food – decent selection/good portions/pretty delicious
Decor – Shabby chic meets ecclectic collection
Service – not a typical nyc pretentious but not nashville friendly
I don’t consider myself a “foodie”. Rather someone who enjoys good food and I know what I like and what I don’t like. So when my dear friend Claudia used to live in NYC, we used to do brunch once a month and never went to the same place twice. With Olga and Gina from work, we revived this routine in my life.


Some commercials that I just LOVED. 


“Knowing only is half the battle…. GOOOOOOOOO JOEEEEE!”


Live long and prosper…. “


No American car commercials this year but have no fear my lovely one, AUDI is here! The commercial was eh, but my two loves, AUDI and Jason Statham.

On a side note, I think my husband might’ve shed a tear for the “land of the lost” trailer….

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