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have you heard of this new virus? conficker? i don’t know where i’ve been but i just heard about it today. someone at work sent an email. i initially thought he was playing some april fools joke. then a couple of other people commented on it saying they saw it on the news and whatnot. being paranoid me, i thought they were all in on the joke. turns out it’s ferreal. apparently, there’s a $250,000 reward to find the guy who did it. i’m doing a risk/reward assessment whether or not it’s worth possibly getting fired to try to find this person.



new mac commercial slogan:

we don’t get viruses like pcs


I like ’em.  I want ’em.

so yesterday, i was scanning through like i always do. as i’m reading through the headlines, i come across this incredible discovery (boxed in red) ..

the rower is tired!

the rower is tired!


NO WAY! get out of town! the rower is not tired! after he rows about 3k miles! psshh. i don’t believe it. bs. total bs. 


what an observation. journalism at its finest. 



*** i didn’t really click on the link so i have no idea what the story’s about.

soo. i’m going to be very frank. i have had hickies on my neck. like massive ones. so embarrassing. so i was talking to a friend via gchat and well.. just read.
me: osssh
         so i realized i was talking to my mom
         without covering my marks
         thankfully she didn’t have her contacts in
         which means she’s literally blind as a bat
         i think she’s like a -10.5 or something
Alex: maybe she just didnt say anything
me: and secretly thinks i’m a big slut
        or gets beaten
Alex: or both
me: LOL
Alex: both kinda makes sense
me: i was just going to type that
        yeah. because i’m a big slut whore i get slapped around
        because i also try to keep some of the money i earn
Alex: yeah thats a big no no.
            so basically either yur mom desperately needs glasses
            or has a pretty low opinion of you and feels no need to interfere with your questionable lifestyle


As of 2008, Smurfs celebrated 50 Year Anniversary.  Kind of neat to think that they’ve been around longer than I’ve been around.   Time to time, while flipping through the channels, I see the Smurf cartoons in a foreign channel.  The graphics are horrible and the story lines weren’t that much better.  But I grew up watching this stuff and loved it.

Yes, I actually do have Smurf figurines sitting on my desk.  Someone I used to report to looked exactly like Papa Smurf.  So I initially got it as a joke then I realized how lonely Papa Smurf would be all by his lonesome, so got him bunch of his friends to keep him company. Brainy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Smurfette, Gargamel and Azrael

So apparently the actual sizes of the Smurfs were “3 apples tall”.  If you think about it, it’s a bit creepy…..

I saw this artist named Phil Hansen on CBS Morning Show some time back and came across this video recent and wanted to share with the world.

Okay, I’ve been seeing this commercial for years now but found the OG version of it from 1986.  I think it’s the same people on the commercial.  Seriously,  there isn’t that much difference between the 2 commercial. 

I’m just glad someone else thought these commercials were entertaining enough to put on youtube….


My iphone earphone broke.  This is my 3rd Apple earphones that fell apart on me in 5 years.  So I walked into the Apple store expecting to dish out another ridiculous $30 for an earphone that will fall apart in few weeks.  But to my surprise, Apple was able to just hand over a brand new earphones to replace my broken ones.  FANTABULOUS!!!!

So of course, I had to spend $30 in the store since I just saved $30.  I got these phone cover.  I am not a huge fan of covering my phones but since I am not able to attach any chatskies to the phone, I resorted to buying this Paul Frank thingamagigy.  AWESOME!

Here are some of the things that I’ve seen during my commute to work in the past week.

#1 03.20.09- first day of spring.  snowfall in my hood


#2 03.27.09 – a guy on a subway flatform with his surf board.  going to work like me i’m sure!  seriously what is this many doing with a surfboard in nyc?  where is the nearest place you could use this thing?  notice his beanie on his head?  yes, it was warmer today but no surfing weather for sure!


#3 03.26.09 – a guy on the bus listening to his Sony Walkman (really bad pix quality).  so cool. 


the title alone should give you a HUGE hint as to what this post is about. the only reasons anyone should be confused is if 1. they don’t have a tv 2. you have severe memory problems (which then you’re like me) or 3. you don’t know how to read (that came out really harsh. but then again, you wouldn’t really know if you can’t read… which also makes me think why you’re here .. visuals?) 

i. LOVE. this commercial. i can’t remember a jingle that i’ve sung more than this (and enjoyed. hence $5 footlong is out). come on. it’s kind of nostalgic. billy bass, anyone? if you don’t know, it’s ok. it was probably the most useless thing ever. if you’ve received it as a gift, i’m sorry. 

so i’ve been singing this song non-stop. i’ve sung it so much one day that i got a fellow employee who never heard of the song, singing the song by the end of the day. except she only learned the first two lines because that’s the only line i actually remembered. i pretty made up my own rendition of the last two lines. something with hanging on the wall and being in a sandwich and not laughing.

well without further ado, the video (accompanied by lyrics so you don’t sound retarted like me.) and no need to thank me for all future ridicule and harassment coming your way.


Give me back that Filet O’ Fish
Give me that fish (ahhhhh)
Give me back that Filet O’ Fish
Give me that fish
What if it were YOU hanging up on this wall
If it were YOU in that sandwich you wouldn’t be laughing at aaaaaaaallllllllll


PRICE IS RIGHT! ‘Nuff said right? Who doesn’t remember watching Price is Right during their summer vacation? Who didn’t yell at the TV screen at a contestant who bid ridiculously low/high amounts? I know I did!

So there’s a certain type of contestant on the show that probably bugs me more than the One-Uppers of my life. Okay, you’re right, this doesn’t even come close but it’s still worth mentioning. I hate the contestants who bid just $1 more than the previous contestant when guessing the price of an item at the beginning of the show. That’s one of the shadddddiest thing you could do on this show IMO. Seriously, you know exactly the kind of person I’m talking about here! These are the people who try to merge at the latest moment possible into your lane that you’ve been patiently inching forward in. These are the people who have 15 items on their baskets for the “10 Items or Less” line at the groceries. These are the people who “CC’ unnecessary people in their emails just to make you look bad or make themselves look good, especially at work….

blaze of gloy by puma.  i like!


So I learn alot of things from the TV shows that I watch and the radio shows that I listen to.  One of the shows that I do get to DVR and watch them on a rainy day is CBS Morning Show on Sunday mornings. 

Couple of weeks back, they featured this new up and coming artist who started out in the streets of Jersey City as a graffiti artist named .  Apparently he has become the next big thing in the art world.  I remember seeing some of his work in random places and thinking “What the?”  And apparently celebrities are eating his stuff up and paying tons of money for it (ie Kanye West).  Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to appreciate his work or maybe this is just all bologna….

  1. The Hills
  2. The Gossip Girl
  3. Celebrity Apprentice
  4. Any Rob Dyrdek shows
  5. Any TV show on CBS

so apparently tonight korea and japan will face off in the world baseball classic championships. holy moly.

team japan

team korea

team japan

team japan








1. japan vs. korea. a long history of wars, ill will, and asian pride’s on the line (i might have over exaggerated that statement andor made it completely up. my history knowledge is very limited to what people tell me, what i remember from that, and just complete fabrications)

2. they actually have a world baseball classic championships, who knew?    … ok i did, sort of. but i don’t care enough for baseball to acknowledge it even though i may have seen it while surfing the channel or seen my dad watch it.

3. i’m korean. so you know who i’m rooting for …

4. …nobody. i just don’t really like baseball at all.

5. no but seriously, i’ll probably be rooting for korea. obviously. and drinking mad korean beer. eff that sapporo! OB, what!




korea lost. i went to my friend’s korean bar restaurant. and let me tell you. it was ..INSANE. people were chanting names as if the players could actually hear them. definitely a good game even though i don’t like baseball. but do you want to know who the REAL winner was?

the bar. win or lose, people were going to be definitely dranking.

  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. 30 Rock
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. The Bachelor
  5. The Office

so if you know me, you know i’m probably one of the few people who would hold off marriage or any commitments as long as they can. monogamy? ahh. ugh. blah. meh. not really my favorite word in the english dictionary. gyuh-run (marriage or in korean. not my favorite word of the 50 korean words i know. it’s actually causing my leg to shake right now. but i’ve been listening to this one song today by ingrid michaelson. it’s called you and i. and this song actually kind of makes me want to get married tomorrow. (actually a large number of her songs want to make me get married like “the way i am”). i think the lyrics are just simple and kind of poetic and romantic because of its simplicity. and UKELELE. UKELELE!! come on!

two videos, same song. one’s with jason mraz. because i love him. ..he’s the one i’d marry tomorrow.



This product is sooo cheesy that it almost belongs in korean melo-drama.  Funny thing, I could see korean newly weds(mostly brides), LOVING this product to the core!  Thinking about dropping the retailer a note about their unknown market share… sappy, overly dramatic/romantic korean girls with unrealistic expectation in love…. 


So, I saw this tshirt and thought it was clever, nostalgic, and entertaining all in one.  I think there are bunch of online vendors who sell some variation of this shirt but I think this bw one is the best design.


Okay, so I LOVE the Simpsons.  I talk about the Simpsons like I personally know them myself and I watch at least 5 episodes of the Simpsons in a week.  This routine has been in place for some time now.  So every Monday, I will have my weekly pick of the favorite episode that spoke to me the most.   It won’t be an episode guide, but rather why a particular episode connected with me during that week.

The Seven-Beer Snitch (Season 16 Ep 14)

This episode was one of the coolest episodes ever.  There are several reasons why but there was a guest appearance by the famous architect Frank Gehry.  I’ve always been a huge fan of his and happen to work in one of his creations.  It’s really an honor and a privilege really.  And watching this show made me have a new found appreciation for his work and how profoundly he impacted our culture and our generation.  Dude, you know you made it if you make it on to a Simpsons’ episode.

Also the side story was about their pet Snowball.  I have 4 cats and they are like family to me.  I know how sad that sounds but it’s the truth.  I have one in particular named Tigger.  He’s the biggest cat we have.  People see him and either they freak out cause he’s soooo incredibly huge or they ask what we feed him just out of curiosity.  Anywho, Snowball was gaining so much weight that Lisa/Bart decided to investigate.  It turns out that Snowball had a second family who was feeding her all this extra food.  I’m not sure what Tigger’s excuse is but John has mentioned more than once that Tigger intimidates the other cats when they try to eat.  I would like to believe that Tigger just has another family who is feeding him on the side.



Episode Guide/Episode Guide II



I’m not sure where it started but I started to have a mild obsession with all things colored orange.  It might’ve started with a pair of orange suede burberry clogs that I got for $17 at Woodbury in 2004. Not really sure where but here are some “orange” things that I found on the dub dub dub that I just love!



I’m sure alot of you saw this fantastic little movie called, “slumdog millionaire”.  As much as I loved the movie, the thing I loved more was the song/dance that closed the movie.  So when I saw this music video over the weekend while comforting Tigger after his bath, it totally made my day.  It almost made me want to drop everything and learn the dance for my next LA visit….


Okay, we ALL have these people in our lives.  I strive everyday NOT to be like these people.  The “one-uppers!”  I can’t even begin to express how much I do not like having these people in my life.  I should really be more accepting of their flaws but it’s totally pain in the butt to interact or have a conversation with these people.  I have one in particular.  Let’s call her “Karen”. 


Karen was my first true, face to face, encounter with this kind.  But since she entered into my life.  It hasn’t been the same.  And I don’t mean in a good way.  Literally EVERY conversation, EVERY email has a “one-upper” tone.   I am beginning to get really irritated by her presence in my life and trying to figure out how to decrease her presence in my life.  I may have to move to a different state, change names, leave my job and learn a new language but it may actually be worth it at the end….






If you haven’t heard, today is a really big day.  Possibly historical, and for some, even life changing.  Clearly not for me and hopefully not for my husband but I know there are people who are out there who will be genuinely sadden by the thought of having to watch the series finale of the “Battlestar Galatica.  Yes, you heard ,me right, the last episode of the series is airing tonight and hopefully it will answer many questions.  At least that’s what I’ve been told by my husband who loves this show. 


The original series was on tv in the 70’s and books/comics adaptations were around for some time as well.  Even if you don’t know about the show and haven’t watched a single episode like myself, I’m sure you would recognize words like, “Frak”, “Frakking”, “Fraker”…. or other variations of this word.  And for a show on the Sci-Fi network, it’s getting a fairly decent ratings/audience, not to mention ton of media coverage.  I’m sure the incredibly attractive, sexy, and hot actors on the show has nothing to do with it….


I’m sure we’ll be ordering in today, sitting in front of the tv, watching the last episode with my husband.  I will do this because it will be an awesome way for me to show him exactly how much I love him!

The movie was okay.  The graphics were freaking amazing but I think they over did it with the length. Just poor editing? With all the hype, I think people were generally expecting something different. But it was good to hear that the die hard fans just loved it because it was so true to the book. I personally thought it was un-necessary for the blue character to be walking around naked the whole movie but John was able to see the reference to Adam, before the fall.

Sometimes people ask how I know with certainty that God exists. I know He exists cause I can say without a doubt in my mind that my entire life has been a testimony about Him and what He can do in your life. With that said. It’s not easy being a Christian. I think it’s one of the hardest things to be in life.

Recently, I have been struggling with where I am in life. I know my passion and dream isn’t to be the best “number” person, I know I don’t enjoy my job. I love my company and the people I work with and all the perks that comes from being part of such a great team, but in all honesty, I hate what I do.

Five years ago, soon after my wedding, I had a chance to leave my field. I took a year off. Tried to start a flower/event planning company. It didn’t work. And now I’m really longing to follow my passion/dream again and don’t know if I’d be willing and able to make the kind of sacrifices that it would mean for me to do so. I would have to leave my comfortable job, making decent money and basically jump into the unknown. Who wants to do that? Clearly, not me!

But I’ve been getting “signs” of sorts. Not to bore you with details but I’ve been getting signs. One of them was this book. I had visited my old Pastor, while I was visiting LA and I just recently received a book from him called “The Dream Giver.” What does this mean? I am more confused than ever….


Synopsis : Welcome to a little story about a very big idea. This compelling modern-day parable tells the story of Ordinary, who dares to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream. You, too, have been given a Big Dream. One that can change your life. One that the Dream Giver wants you to achieve. Does your Big Dream seem hopelessly out of reach? Are you waiting for something or someone to make your dream happen? Then you’re ready for The Dream Giver. Let Bruce Wilkinson show you how to rise above the ordinary, conquer your fears, and overcome the obstacles that keep you from living your Big Dream. You were made for this. Now it’s time to begin your journey.

Okay, so it’s been some time. Did I mention that I have a full time job doing number thing? Anywho, I was in LA for about 10 days at the end of February. It was great seeing friends and eating good food and it was just nice being somewhere warm.
So while I was in LA, I had a list of things that I wanted to do and I wanted to see.  One of the funniest shows on TV was a show called “Rob and Big.” I don’t know what happened to Big, but Rob started another so called, Rob’s Fantasy Factory. So one of my big “to-do” was to find the actual physical location of this factory. We came up with bunch of plans but we never found it. Cha Cha was absolutely no help and even after researching thru some online blogs, we were not successful. Gina wanted to drive around down town LA looking for the space, but that idea didn’t appeal to me whatsoever….  Now looking bad, that was actually a fairly decent idea! 
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