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have you heard of this new virus? conficker? i don’t know where i’ve been but i just heard about it today. someone at work sent an email. i initially thought he was playing some april fools joke. then a couple of other people commented on it saying they saw it on the news and whatnot. being paranoid me, i thought they were all in on the joke. turns out it’s ferreal. apparently, there’s a $250,000 reward to find the guy who did it. i’m doing a risk/reward assessment whether or not it’s worth possibly getting fired to try to find this person.



new mac commercial slogan:

we don’t get viruses like pcs


I like ’em.  I want ’em.

so yesterday, i was scanning through like i always do. as i’m reading through the headlines, i come across this incredible discovery (boxed in red) ..

the rower is tired!

the rower is tired!


NO WAY! get out of town! the rower is not tired! after he rows about 3k miles! psshh. i don’t believe it. bs. total bs. 


what an observation. journalism at its finest. 



*** i didn’t really click on the link so i have no idea what the story’s about.

soo. i’m going to be very frank. i have had hickies on my neck. like massive ones. so embarrassing. so i was talking to a friend via gchat and well.. just read.
me: osssh
         so i realized i was talking to my mom
         without covering my marks
         thankfully she didn’t have her contacts in
         which means she’s literally blind as a bat
         i think she’s like a -10.5 or something
Alex: maybe she just didnt say anything
me: and secretly thinks i’m a big slut
        or gets beaten
Alex: or both
me: LOL
Alex: both kinda makes sense
me: i was just going to type that
        yeah. because i’m a big slut whore i get slapped around
        because i also try to keep some of the money i earn
Alex: yeah thats a big no no.
            so basically either yur mom desperately needs glasses
            or has a pretty low opinion of you and feels no need to interfere with your questionable lifestyle


As of 2008, Smurfs celebrated 50 Year Anniversary.  Kind of neat to think that they’ve been around longer than I’ve been around.   Time to time, while flipping through the channels, I see the Smurf cartoons in a foreign channel.  The graphics are horrible and the story lines weren’t that much better.  But I grew up watching this stuff and loved it.

Yes, I actually do have Smurf figurines sitting on my desk.  Someone I used to report to looked exactly like Papa Smurf.  So I initially got it as a joke then I realized how lonely Papa Smurf would be all by his lonesome, so got him bunch of his friends to keep him company. Brainy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Smurfette, Gargamel and Azrael

So apparently the actual sizes of the Smurfs were “3 apples tall”.  If you think about it, it’s a bit creepy…..

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