soo. i’m going to be very frank. i have had hickies on my neck. like massive ones. so embarrassing. so i was talking to a friend via gchat and well.. just read.
me: osssh
         so i realized i was talking to my mom
         without covering my marks
         thankfully she didn’t have her contacts in
         which means she’s literally blind as a bat
         i think she’s like a -10.5 or something
Alex: maybe she just didnt say anything
me: and secretly thinks i’m a big slut
        or gets beaten
Alex: or both
me: LOL
Alex: both kinda makes sense
me: i was just going to type that
        yeah. because i’m a big slut whore i get slapped around
        because i also try to keep some of the money i earn
Alex: yeah thats a big no no.
            so basically either yur mom desperately needs glasses
            or has a pretty low opinion of you and feels no need to interfere with your questionable lifestyle