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Teffie, kicking it in the dryer.  We had to wash everything in there all over again because they got covered with white cat hair.  Soon after this pix was taken, Tigger decided to bully Teffie out of the dryer and hang out there himself.  Karma is a bitch cause Tigger didn’t know how to get out of the dryer without getting himself hurt.   So he meowed and meowed until John came along to rescue him from this life-threatening predicament he was in.   Yes, the dryer is whole 5 feet off the ground.  Somebody should really take the time to explain to Tigger that he’s a cat….

i love feist. i especially like her videos. my cousin sue reminded me of this one. so it’s kind of a mini shout out to her. it’s one evening by feist. 

something about the awkward dancing is so awesome. it’s almost painful to watch at first. but you kind of warm up to and love it. at least i do. maybe because i’ve done this awkward dancing in front of my mirror before.

…the coffee and wake up with Wash With Joe.  not only good on you, but good for you.


the OG BFF

I heard this on NPR this morning.  Apparently, there’s been a poll about  true friendships and the average number true frienships we have in our lives.  The poll was complied by a company called “One Poll“.  And the answer is, 3.  On the average, we have 3 true friends.  That works out perfectly for our cats since there’s 4 of them.  They could all have just the right amount of true friends in their lives. 

In the moment

In the moment

At the Wycleff event in October.  A lady in the costume….

This is exactly what it would be like if Facebook was in real life.  This is pretty funny.  I love this video so much on the fact that these folks have English accent.

I am trekking out to Chinatown to pick up the OG bahn mi sandwiches at Banh Mi Saigon.  Here’s a video of 2 things that I really have utmost respect for, bahn mi sandwiches and anthony bourdain.

…the summer or celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly with grapefruit margaritas.


Found this on Etsy.  Love the fact that the design was inspired by tulips.  Very nice.

mayer hawthorne is amazing. i’m a gal who looooves motown and just the old school r&b jams. i’ve got a biggg soft spot for that genre. mayer hawthorne’s got this old school thing going on and it’s unbelievable. he just made a new video for “just ain’t gonna work out”. check it out. 


and yes, he’s white. i know, you can’t believe it.


I am really curious to know who would buy this.  Who would want to serve food/beverage to themsleves, or guests on these cups/saucers?  And let me tell you, these aren’t cheap either for $151!



John was telling me how he saw this news article about how much it cost the tax payers for the air force one fiasco in new york city the other day.  I was totally floored.  $300,000!!!!!!! Yes, you read it correctly, that’s how much it cost for the air force one to fly over ground zero/statute of liberty with fighter jet escort, and scare the crap out of the paranoid new yorkers. 

Of course, folks like Jon Stewart was able to come up with much more cost-efficient way to deal such tasks.  Jon Stewart’s solution seems sooo much more reasonable compared to 300k.  And there’s something else I found on NY Daily News called, “Create Your Own NYC Air Force One Flyover Photo.”  Pretty hilarious!

la sunset tan in ramsey nj is hosting miss tan new jersey! it’s pretty much like a pageant i suppose. the winner gets so mad crazy stuff like cash, a 50 in. flat screen, etc. etc. the only reason i know about is because one of my good friends, danielle, will be in itttt. whatttt. but it’s for a good cause. all proceeds will be given to the diabetes research institute. donnie klang will be there. you know, the white guy from making the band 4. diddy whattt. (diddy’s my secret guilty pleasure). 

but everyone should go out and support. it’s a good cause. details below. i believe tickets range from $30-$200. watch some hot girls strut their stuff. 

i haven’t listened to ben folds in SO long. he just released a new album. it’s pretty much like a greatest hits album. he went around to different universities and recorded his songs with university acappella groups. 

check out the article here

listen to it for free on imeem here.

wishful thinking at the venetian

wishful thinking at the venetian

Some random fountain at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  Initially I didn’t realize that these were actual coins cause there was so much of it.  If you squint, it just looks like a really incredibly beautiful combination of colors.  So purrrrrrrty.


John and I are moving into a new apt in June.  We would love for you to buy this for us as a house warming gift.  I will KNOW you’re a good friend!  Totally kidding, we would much much much much prefer bag of cash.

speaking of single ladies …


somewhere in that mass, you’d find susan, sung hee unnie, and moiiiiii*.


 *ok, not really.

ok, so hopefully everyone’s read the post below the swine flu one about single ladies. i just want to point out a few things. it’s not a rebuttal or anything. it’s actually a little to the right of the topic. 

being single is totally fine. i embraced it. and still do. i don’t think it’s human nature for a human to settle on one soulmate.i think the fact that we do is a miracle. i’m sure everyone’s seen someone on the street that they’re wildly attracted to. someone you wanted to talk to. someone you didn’t want to talk to but just .. bang (lack of good word). the mere suppression of desire is a miracle. 

so with that said, being single is perfecly ok. just own it. but i guess that’s if you’re claiming you want to be and like to be single. which then this wouldn’t be the problem. 

if you feel like you deserve better than this single life, well suck it up. stop complaining and just live your life up. being so preoccuppied with not having a relationship is probably having a negative impact on you and your relationships (potential ones too). and stop talking about it. who wants to hear someone complain about the same thing endlessly? nobody likes a complainer. single, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, separated, no children, children, 15 children, student, etc., nobody wants to hear it all the time. once in a while, fine. everytime, NO. people call you to have fun. not to continuously hear you sulk. so don’t complain and just have fun. good things will happen.


otherwise, you’ll soon be labled a debbie downer or negative nancy ..


I heard this morning that some lady working at Ernst and Young has been diagnosed with the infamous swine flu.  So in order to deal with the situation, they’ve given the employees working in her building to work from home for the time being. 

So basically my plan would be for Jeff to get the “symptoms” of the swine flu and would go around the building displaying these symptoms until someone suggests that he gets tested.  And since it takes couple of days for the test results to come back, hopefully we have enough paranoid people in the building for the building to shut down and for me to work from home.  Jeff would be the ideal candidate since he goes to every floor, at least couple of times a day, touching everything.  This would ensure that the entire building shut down as a precaution.  Even though CKB is on his fabulous vaca in Europe, I KNOW he could would through and make this happen for us.  And yes, there’s a solid chance that CKB would be choking on his sangria as he scrambles to make this happen, but this is the cost that he will have to pay for the greater good!   Such a solid plan!  Don’t worry CKB, I’ll treat you to korean food….


Bunch of friends forwarded me this article from CNN, asking me to write about it because they felt like the truth needed to be told.  And although this concept/theory does not apply to all single women and of course there are plenty happy single women out there, apparently there plenty of these types of women out there as well. 

And YES, I know some single women who are just MISERABBBLLLLLEEEEEE.  And because they are hating life, they try to make others feel their pain and smear s*** on the fact that I’m married and relatively happy for most part.   Maybe  they just need to get “some” or maybe they need to find a way to redirect their energy and attention to something other than their job and close friends, because it’s really frustrating being around these types of women and it’s completely emotionally draining!

Are all married women happy? Of course not.  Look at our national divorce rate.  Am I always happy of course not.  But I don’t try to manipulate every situation, over think every conversation, and pretend to be something that I am clearly not. 

ps.  the pix of natasha bedingfield at a concert in AC last year that I went to.  she seemed super happy to be single but here’s a song that she wrote that made me think about these types of women!

i’ve been listening to this song nonstop for weeks now. soo good. anyone love it as much as i love it? i’m talking about knock you down by keri hilson ft. kanye west and ne-yo. 

hahaha the best lyric has to be ne-yo’s:

“i used to be commander in chief of my pimp shit flying highhhh”

it’s pretty much alex’s favorite line in the song because it just cracks us up. anyone else think it’s funny?

first, let me say how GORGEOUS today is. although my allergies are kicking my ass today. walked from subway to work. walked into chelsea market. walked into amy’s. looked at the pain au chocolat and then i remembered! and with all my will power, i walked out and headed over to sarabeth’s. 

chocolate croissant

omgggg. THANK GOD i had the will to leave amy’s. this is one of the best chocolate croissants i’ve ever had. i just felt so. delightful after i ate it. so good with a glass of milk and coffee. the croissant part was so flaky and delicious. what a good breakfast. 

my only regret is not buying one from amy’s bread for comparison and another one from sarabeth’s just because.



That’s right folks, John and I bought tickets to go see MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” on tour!  And this is the last season’s champs called the “jabbawockeez” aka “jbwkz”.  And yes, they were as good as they were on TV and it really made me appreciate how good they really were.  And yes, John and I were probably the oldest people there other than the security….

Just watched this with John and I am still speechless.  I was a huge fan of the first “Celebrity Apprentice” so by default, we sit around fast forwarding thru this season’s shows.  But tonight, I couldn’t believe the drama that I might’ve almost missed!

Here are couple of things that I thought were pretty out-of-this world ridiculous and still trying to wrap my head around!

  1. What was up with Jim Cramer and Mr. Donald Trump passing notes to each other????
  2. What was up with Joan leaving because of her daughter being fired?  Bit dramatic you think?
  3. What’s up with Joan going off on other contestants and calling them names like they were her worst enemies?
  4. What was up with Melissa insisting on leaving with her S*** right then and there?
  5. What was up with the behind the scenes folks coming out???  Was that staged?

I am beginning to question reality TV these days.  Yeah, I know, sad…. But, WOAHHHHHHHHHHH, seriously that was one crazy TV moment!  Thank God for DVR!


SERIOUSLY, another incredibly talent British person on “britain’s got talent.”  This little girl comes on the stage, bounces around, then she starts singing like she should be headliner on Broadway.  Her name is Hollie Steel.  I am beginning to feel like maybe these British producers are staging these acts with professional folks and trying to pass them along as just regular common folks.    I mean literally 2 weeks ago, I blogged about Susan Boyle!

Food for thought:  what’s gonna happend when “america’s got talent” starts in the summer?  do you think we will have just as talent folks here????? It really makes me wonder….


A foreigner’s perspective on Korean food is always fascinating to me.  Since I am Korean and I LOVE/HEART/ADORE Korean food, I know I am completely bias.  But as John and I sat around watching Andrew Zimmern trek around Korea and as he described one of my favorite food “dduk bok ki” as  “play-dough with spicy sauce,” I totally cringed! 


This actually reminds me of the time when I was watching Bobby Flay making “instant-kimchi/kimchi salad.”  It was so far from the Korean food that I grew up with, it bothered me so much that I actually wrote Bobby Flay an email.   Well, a lady named Stephanie Banyas on his staff replied to my email in this fashion:


” Bobby never claims to cook authentic food on Boy Meets Grill.  All the recipes that he prepares are “his” interpretation of other cuisine..such as Spanish, Italian, Chinese and yes, even Korean.  The kimchi that Bobby prepared was a quick kimchi and actually it is delicious and is one of the most requested recipes from all of his shows.  Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I hope you have a nice day too”

I don’t know what she’s like in person, but I thought the email was pretty “jack-ass” -like! 


Read this article in NYTimes and it gave me a sense of relief to know that we were still evolving and making this better in this world.  Sometimes I feel like we’ve come so far that maybe this is it!  I’m sure John would be thrill to hear about this.

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.”

so swine flu’s hitting hard, huh? i guess i’m pretty ignorant to the news. i knew the swine flu was making some buzz but i didn’t realize the damage it was doing until last night. 

it’s just hard to think about the swine flu and this gorgeous weather at the same time. if you looked at my arms, you’d know all i’ve been doing is enjoying the weather.


but seriously. be careful. swine flu.

where i work.... @ 2008 IAC Soiree

where i work.... @ 2008 IAC Soiree

This is my office building.  It’s the first Frank Gehry building in NYC.  Yes, it’s pretty fantastic working here and I think sometimes I take it for granted that I work in this gorgeous building.  This pix was taken, on one of the few time, us common folks, were allowed on the 6th floor.  It was 2008 IAC Summer Soiree.


Okay, so I totally got suckered into watching this new show on MTV called, “the phone,” because of Mr. Justin Timberlake himself promoting the show on MTV like there was no tomorrow.  I thought to myself, I can’t stop watching “the hills,” totally entertained by “rob’s fantasy factory“,  and was obsessed with “run’s house” at one point,  so why wouldn’t this show be nothing less than fantabulous?   But after watching the first episode, I totally had mixed feelings.  I’m not sure how much of it is reality and how much of it is scripted like “the hills”.  CKB had told me how “the hills” was completely scripted couple of months ago, and I can’t even begin to tell you how devastated I was. Yeah, yeah, yeah, pretty silly for me to have believed otherwise. 

Anywho, the show was “eh”.   The actual trailer for the show was 100 times better than the actual show.  What I had hard time believing was the reaction of the contestants as they are going about the show.  They know it’s a game show, and they know that MTV wouldn’t jepordize anyone’s life or risk dangering the public, so why are they freaking out on the show??????  I’m not sure, it’s a bit much for me to take in as total reality….  And how could MTV afford to put a show like this together every week?  Is JT lending his money to produce the show?

John made a comment about how sad it was for me to know the names of 1/2 of the participants on the “RW/RR Duel 2“.  Maybe I should spend less time watching MTV, and do something  more productive like packing for our move.

i’m a huuuuge jets fan. i love the jets. even though they always manage to disappoint me every year. yesterday was the first day of the nfl draft. the jets made some big moves. long story short, they traded their 17th pick and some other picks and players for the 5th overall pick. and guess who we got …

mark sanchez. WHOOO!!!


ok, to be honest, i have no idea if he’s great or what. i know he played for usc which is always a really good college football team. let’s hope this could help the jets …

i have my fingers crossed ..

so recently, i posted about that south park episode that pokes fun at kanye. and then kanye responded on his blog. well, he was recently on BET to feature his new video, amazing ft. young jeezy. and let’s just say you can’t change a genius.


the interview starts around minute 4 which is the main reason to watch the video.

with susan and gina at zuma beach

with susan and gina at zuma beach

Zuma beach is my favorite beach in the universe.  This was Gina’s first time at Zuma beach, and first time in LA.  I think she enjoyed it alot.  This is one of my favorite pix from this trip.  I feel there’s something so incredibly tranquil about this particular moment.


Kunjip – This is one of my staple restaurants in NYC.  Literal translation to Kunjip is “a big house,” but I believe a better translation would mean, “house of an older family member”(roughly).  It is fairly decent priced by NYC standards and IMO, the food is the closest thing you could have to home cooking.  Gina and I try to do lunch/dinner on QTRly basis and we went here for lunch on Friday.  It’s super cozy and really authentic Korean food IMO.  It’s located on Kblock on 32nd street between 5th Ave and Broadway.  It’s right next to Pinkberry.   Btw, Anthony Bourdain‘s been here and approved it, that’s good enough for moi!



side dishes that usually come out with every meal


jap chae - traditional sweet potato noodle dish w/ veggies & meat


boo dae jji gae - "boo dae" meas military base. it's a stew that has historical background. during the korean war, the korean people will gather whatever they can from the military base to make this stew. it has spam, sausage, noodles, kimchi, and etc.

so there’s nothing better than just walking around the city, soaking in the sun, and popping into an art gallery or two or three or four during a nice hot day. i’m fortunate to work in west chelsea where there are a huge number of galleries within two or three blocks from me. unfortunately, i don’t really take advantage of it because well, i’m at work. 

but there’s this garage i pass by all the time. they’ve been building something for a while now and finally it’s done. it’s cool. jung probably has a way better pic but these are some iphone ones. 

plane side 1
plane other side

plane front

adel abdessemed

check it out on 19th and 10th.

favorite yellow thing i own - my hogan bag

favorite yellow thing i own - my hogan bag

Me: Honey, I need to go shopping to release some stress

Hubby:  Okay, good, we need some stuff from Costco

Me:  Dude… not that kind of shopping!

So I bought this bag and few other things that day.  I ADORE this bag.

wyclef jean

wyclef jean

Took this pix last October at an Antilia event with Simon that I helped plan/coordinate.  Didn’t know who Wyclef was and met him for the first time.  Really nice guy, fantastic performer and his manager was pretty fantastic as well.  The advice that I got from his manager that I still use everyday… “don’t talk to crazy people…. “

how dope is this? not sure if it’s comfortable but it’s hella cool. all aluminum and HAND bent. word.

there’s other cool cool ass stuff from here. check it out at yatzer! (i feel like i need an exclamation after yatzer because it’s so close to yahtzee)

you either love or hate tracy morgan. i, love tracy morgan. he’s random as hell and just crazy and ridiculous. iiii like it. a clip of tracy morgan talking just nonsense on a radioshow. but it’s hilarious.

check it out here:

it’s definitely hard to find a house you love, especially on the east coast (compared to west coast). but damn i love this synagogue turned penthouse ..

check out more at

miniaturetigersminiature tigers …roar


Last night, Gina, Alex, John and I attended the “this american life” live event.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had listened to my favorite TAL shows all day to emotionally and intellectually prepare myself for this event.  The event was pretty awesome.  IRA GLASSSSSSSSSSSS!  Soooo incredibly funny man and witty too.  How attractive/sexy is that really?  It was a funny, moving, thought-provoking, entertaining, and insightful as always.  I totally think it was worth the money, although I’m sure John would beg the differ. 

Here’s a total coinky dinkies about this event and John and I.  So, this event happened on 4/23, which is our 8th official anniversary.  And this show is being aired on 5/2, which is our 5th wedding anniversary.  Coincidence?  I clearly think NOT!

Anywho, here’s my top 10 favorite episodes of this american life.  These are not in any particular order.  I love them all!  After making this list, I realized how many episodes that I really love.  There are so many that I couldn’t put on this list that I LOVE.

  1. #268: My Experimental Phase – Curly Oxide!!!!!!  This is a classic.  I actually have a rabbit cut hanging in by my desk named “curly oxide”!
  2. #293: A Little Bit of Knowledge – This is the “modern jackass” episode.  Quesadilla = What’s the deal?  Unicorn isn’t real?  What about elves?  And the “Xing” signs?  So good!
  3. #61:Fiasco! – This episode has Jack Hitt, and the Car Talk guys.  Nuff said
  4. #306: Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time – This whole epsiode is pretty fantastic.  But what still cracks me up is “let’s do it for the lottery”!  I still shout this out time to time to few friends and we still crack up.
  5. #147: A Teenager’s Guide to God – This was very interesting to me since I’ve been involved in the Youth group for years and years.  I thought it an interesting perspective on religion, youth and God.
  6. #339: Break-Up – This will have something for everyone, including any Phil Collins fans.  Really fantastic episode that I LOVE!
  7. #182: Cringe – I think this episode is so good because we all had a “cringe” moment.  All of us.  So we could totally empathize with these stories.
  8. #244: MacGyver – Nuff said!
  9. #288: Not What I meant –  I actually parked my car at the parking lot of Target for 20 mins so that I could finish this episode.
  10. #165: Americans in Paris – This American Life, Ira Glass, and David Sedaris.  Do I need to explain further? 

happy bagel friday! i’m not sure what’s going on but i’ve been craving pastries this whole week. which i’ve satisfied. and to close, we have bagel friday. whooo.


so that’s my breakfast. two glasses of milk, a cup of coffee, croissant which i forced grape jelly into, toasted and buttered bagel half with half grape jelly, CORN MUFFIN, cinnamon bun type thing, and yogurt. oh, i have an orange and banana somewhere there. and that cereal, i’m just hoarding so i have something for a rainy day. thank you work for bagel fridays.


delicious. i swear i don’t always eat like this. i either stick to bagels or pastries. not both.



  1. Magic Nursery Babies ( toys)
  2. Alf – enough said
  3. Garbage kid cards
  4. Toyota Corollas 1987 – especially shades of brown
  5. Mili Vanilli


  1. thick socks around the ankle all smushed – unless you’re a cheerleader or an 80’s aerobics instructor.  no need for them
  2. long frizzy hair – more for guys.  like metal rocker hair
  3. side ponytails – WTF was going on with that?


  1. jeans from the 80’s – acid wash and even the way you wore them either rolled up or safety pinned
  2. shoulder pads – on women’s clothes, including tshirts 
  3. McRibs – I may possibly be in the minority but I always thought they tasted funny.
  4. big bangs
  5. first generation hyundai – from what I heard, the car would come to a smoking stop if you drove with the AC and radio on during the summer time


  1. lunchables (gross)
  2. my little pony
  3. rubix cube (simply impossible)
  4. parachute pants
  5. aresenio hall




  1. Beverly Hills Teens (cartoon)
  2. Moonlighting (detective show)
  3. Tinkerbell BO-PO (brush off- peel off) nail polish
  4. Skip It
  5. Happy Meal boxes or Rotary phones (both good)


  1. DOWNTOWN JULIE BROWN – need i say more?
  2. the delorean – back to the future whatttt
  3. michael jackson – the black one.
  4. boomboxes at home, on the streets, everywhere!


  1. penny loafers – most comfortable/versatile footwear in the history of mankind.
  2. jem – a classic good vs. evil cartoon. 
  3. MacGyver – wouldn’t we all feel safer if MacGyver came back into our lives.
  4. toys r us jingle – how fantastic was that jingle.  You know you’re signing along
  5. Movies like breakfast club – no explanation necessary


  1. plastic lunchboxes with superheroes on them
  2. slap bracelets
  3. tiger video games
  4. pump shoes
  5. color changing clothing – You know…You whear a green shirt and someone walks up, puts their hand on you and the heat from their hand changes your shirt from green to lighter green

it was only a matter of time before south park got into the pirate shenanigans. two options to watch the episode:

part 1 youtube:

part 2 youtube:

part 3 youtube:


or watch the whole thing here:

pointbreaklive…yourself as keanu reeves in point break live

this is several days late. but i just found it and i think it’s awesome.

courtesy of geekologie. check out the website. it’s got some pretty awesome content.

in honor of earth week:


this is from russian artist yulia brodskaya. check out more here:


Another find on Etsy.  Not sure what I would use them for.  But super duper cute felt letter!

That’s right.  Second post regarding Mr. Henney.  Here’s Daniel Henney singing on a Korean TV show.  And here’s another videos of Mr. Daniel Henney and Gwyneth Paltrow in a Bean Pole commercials. 



CLEARLY, I am not plugged into what’s going on in the world as I should be.  I just found out today that Daniel Henney, also known as the best looking Koreanesque man that I am aware of, is in the  X-men movie  as the Agent Zero.  How could I have found out just today?????  Here are some pix of this gorgeous man just in case you’ve been unplugged as I’ve been about certain things in your life, or if you just want to appreciate really really really attractive man!




how cool is this?


picture courtesy of

but the sink itself is from sanindusa. should check it out. they’ve got some cool home stuff.

so i did it again. walked through the chelsea market and stopped in amy’s. i alwaaayyyss think about getting the cinnamon challah knot but never do. i just end up getting the pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant. but not today. today i got the cinnamon challah knot. 


with two glasses of milk and a cup of good coffee. delliiccious. it’s nice and chewy. sweet but not overbearingly so. there’s this nice honey or caramel thing on the bottom which makes the bottom a bit soggy? fine with me. just delicious. don’t worry, i’ll be having my yogurt and fruits in like two seconds.



***a little side note. also in the chelsea market is sarabeth’s which is supposed to have some bomb stuff. i’ve had some of their stuff and it’s delicious. word on the street is they’ve got some really good pain au chocolat. i have to check it out but the problem is amy’s bread is located closer than sarabeth’s when i’m coming into work in the morning.

So I totally LOVE this show.  I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned that before.  But didn’t realize how unobservant I was until I came across this site today.  Apparently, the Observer, is in alot more episodes that I had realized and there were all these clues that I would’ve totally missed if it weren’t for these folks who are clearly ALOT  more obsessed about this show than I could ever be. 

Here’s something that John and I would’ve noticed.  Apparently there are these “glyphs” that are part of the commercial breaks.  How AWESOME is this??????  I’ve actually posted some of these images couple of weeks back while talking about the show.  Who knew they actually carried some sort of coded messages.  Seriously, I’ve just gained so much more respect for JJ Abrams and the folks who created Fringe.





There’s something so incredibly comforting and heart warming about this store.  A similiar feeling that comes over me whenever I go to Bubby’s.  I came across this website some time ago and I just adore everything from this store.  It almost makes me want to venture out to Brooklyn to check out the actual brick and mortar location. 

sightings of real life hipsters can be found in the link below (and brooklyn):

so, there are some items that are invented that make you go WTF? like for example .. 

although.. it did invent my favorite mcdonald’s commercial. but now. now, there’s something even weirder and more useless. 

CELEBRIDUCKS. seriously, click the link and check out the weirdness.


Saw this in the front page of NYTimes.  I understand, this is just business and it’s a sign of our current world, but it’s a bit harsh and mad depressing.

today is officially earth day. go see the movie earth from disney. i don’t know. seems like planet earth but james earl jones is the narrator and it only follows three families. still seems awesome to me. what’s better than animals in HDDDDD? it’s out today.

…so cool in these old school sneakers.  PF Flyers – Bob Cousy All American Lo

anyone else love the gorillaz like i do? they haven’t done much recently but i guess their documentary’s been keeping them busy. that’s right. documentary. it’s called BANANAZ. and it was released on the web on 4/20. 

you should check it out. should be good, entertaining, and informative if you’re into the gorillaz.

not sure if that’s right. 4 years of french .. and i’m praying that’s right. 

so breakfast is what i think the most important meal of the day. i eat a champion breakfast. i’m talking a bowl of special k with banana, an orange, a yogurt, another glass of milk, and a cup of coffee or tea. i try to keep it healthy and load up my energy until lunch. but sometimes, i treat myself. 

today, i had pain au chocolat from amy’s bread in chelsea. i work right next to the chelsea market so when i walk from getting off the subway at 14th street, sometimes i stop in for a delicious pastry. today i had my favorite.

i stole the picture above from serious eats but obviously, it’s the one on the right and not left. 



allllll finished. note the remainder of my breakfast on the right.


Spike TV has come up with a new reality show that will be a solid solution to the “pirates are taking over the world” problem mentioned by Gina last week.  Spike TV also happens to be one my hubby’s favorite channels.  Just thought to mention that!


So, I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  But this type of creativity is a whole different level.  So intricately and beautifully done.  Found this on Etsy of all places… Pretty cool. 


I totallllly HEART “this american life.”  I spend alot of my work hours listening to NPR and especially “this american life.”  It is totally “funny, dramatic, surprising, true.”  I gain alot of interesting perspective on relationships, struggles, and life in general from this show.  So tomorrow there is this live event that I will be attending.  Tomorrow is also our 8th “official” wedding anniversary.  Coincidence??? I think NOT!  I’m not exactly sure what to expect but I have extremely high hopes and expectations.  I mean c’mon, seeing Ira Glass on big screen alone is worth at least $20!


I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am about this film coming out.  There’s a huge poster across the street from my office and it stirs up certain type of emotions everytime I walk by it.  Then I read a brief reivew on NY Mag, and it referred to the film as “star trek 90210.”  Let me tell you, I don’t really care how bad the movie was, there’s pretty much nothing that will stop my hubby and I to go see this flick on the opening night!



is it me or does staying home suck when you’re older?

what happened?? 

time passes soooo slowly when there’s nothing on tv, no vehicle, and no one to entertain you at home. 

is it just me that feels this way???

i need to be saved from 1. liquid cherry medicine 2. bad tv 3. BORREEDDOOMMMM


Another find on Etsy.  Seriously how funny is this?  It makes me wonder who would spend $40 to buy something like this, but at the same time, it looks pretty darn good!

I heard about this story from “this american life“.  I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this story almost brought me to tears on the bus.  A story about a football coach named Hogan in Texas, doing what a true Christian should do to show God’s love.  I know many non-Christians get burned by Christians.  We hear alot about that dont’ we?  It was incredibly blessing to hear about someone who did something so counter-intuitive because it was how God would wanted them to do. 


Here’s my gorgeous find from Etsy.  I just wish you could wear these outside.  I’m not sure if I could get myself to spend $50 for something that will be collect cat hair and nobody gets to see….



I will buy these gorgeous Eames Molded Plywood loung chairs.  How much do I love these????? Enough to save money to buy them.  That’s right!  That’s love!



That’s right!  Miles Morgan Travel is currently booking “Titanic Memorial Cruise”.    Seriously, who would feel comfortable going on this cruise?  NOT ME!  But I’m sure they’ll be plenty of folks who would love to remember the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, by setting sail on the same day as the oringinal Titantic, with the same amount of passengers,  AND following the same route….

clearly, i’m on a music binge. just random random music binge. but it is 420. and this rapper just comes to mind. 

one of my favorite rappers of all time. BIG L

so a friend of mine and i were talking ..

me: hitler’s b-day’s 420. did you know that?

friend: yeah.. on my way to work, i told my neighbor “happy holidays.” and he went “for what? hitler being born?”

hmmm. a very good point..



the only reason this came up is because of someone’s facebook status. don’t know if i can name names but it’s a friend of a friend.

“4/20 = hitler’s birthday. waco. oklahoma city. columbine. virginia tech.another fbi white supremacist standoff in idaho in the 90s. all within 3 or 4 days from 4/20. why does nobody notice this but me?”

if you don’t know .. maybe it’s best you don’t. 

but happy holidays! an entertaining video i found today…


The new TV show called “The Kings” is definitely gaining some leg on my list of favorites on the tube.  I didn’t know much about the show prior to watching the first episode and to my surprise, it was actually based on the Biblical characters David and Saul.  The power struggle, good vs. evil, coming of age, romance, and corruption…. seriously it’s really great stuff.  The writing is pretty fantastic and has depth, and the characters are fairly phenomenally developed as well.  And yes, it doesn’t hurt the fact that the lead character, David Shepherd played by Chris Egan, looks like young Matt Damon and the acting is just out of this world. 


i love tv on the radio. 

staring at the sun picks up at around 1:50 ish mark. 

speaking of the killers … i wish i was in cali this weekend (although east coast weather was bomb on saturday). more specifically, i wish i was at coachella. stinking it up with everybody. daaaaaangggg.




i want to see daft punk. i know, it’s not 09. suck it.

ahh.. leonard cohen.

are we humans. or are we daaaancerss?

…the chocolate bread pudding with ice cream at Hedley’s.  Sometimes mom’s better home and garden magazines know what they’re talking about.


Saw this on TV this morning while I was getting ready for work and thought… “Why didn’t they think of this before?”  If you live in NYC area, metro card is a necessity to function around the city.  But it’s always pain in the neck having to buy a new one when you are in a huge rush to get to work because you are late to work.  And yes, this happens more often than I would like to admit.  So they came up with this really cool idea.  A metro card that works like an ezpass…..


I’m a HUGE Bodum fan.  Basically love pretty much everything they make.  I think they find an incredible sweet spot between style and functionality.  Just saw this the other day and thought it was pretty neat.  It’s a double wall glass chocolate jug.  I even LOVE the name of this thing….

at least on the east coast, i think it’s fair to say that summer dress season has started!

or at least, for this weekend….


look for some summer dresses here.


the broken west 

heard about this on wait wait don’t tell me podcast …

read here.

i should’ve maybe posted this yesterday. but whatev, post tax day music video.


I don’t know who told Lindsay Lohan that she’s funny but clearly… she’s not.  This is an eharmony ad spoof by Ms. Lohan. 


if you guys saw last night’s colbert report, you know that NASA’s node 3 is not named colbert but instead named tranquility. 




good news is they are naming something else after colbert. their treadmill which will be put up around august. COLBERT will stand for combined operational load bearing external resistance treadmill.


i recently found out that mel gibson and his wife are getting a divorce. my mom LOVES mel gibson. i don’t know if she does anymore but back in the day she would say how handsome he is (mind you, my mom thinks everyone’s unattractive. i mean everybody). but anyway, apparently, mel’s wife could get $500,000,000. 


;waihg;aowiehgawe. dang, why couldn’t my mom somehow stalk mel gibson, make him fall in love with her, and close it with some homewrecking …


click for video

timeless-fragrance…so good every time with  modern alchemy pocket watch

a great bee gee’s song. if you know the lyrics, it’s really sad. a guy who loooves a girl to death even though she’s constantly cheating on him. i guess it’s sweet. but we can all agree .. very sad. and the song itself is mad dance-y in line with the 70s vibe. and come on. barry gibb. need i say more?

now this is a cover done by feist which is one of my favorite bands/singers. she’s got a really soulful voice and whatnot. it’s soothing. i’ll post more songs from her in the future. 


Remember this guy named Paul Potts couple of years back?  Well there’s another “unassuming” British peep that could sing like no other.   Her name is Susan Boyle.  Not only can this woman sing, she sang a song from Les Mis, my FAVORITE musical in the world (seen it 11 times).  I should also mention that when Paul Potts auditioned, he sang Nessum Dorma, which also happens to be one of my favorite.  Coincidence????? I Think NOT!

Saw this on CBS Sunday Morning couple of weeks ago.  Thought it was kind of neat since Gina posted the other week about graffiti. 

is it me or has there been a huge influx of pirate news? more than ever, i’ve been reading about pirates taking over. i’m talking i went from reading about no pirates to all of a sudden 4 or 5 pirate attacks in the past year (from what i can remember). if we were doing a year over year or lifetime over lifetime percentage change, it would come out null in excel.

but seriously, i’m assuming these pirates don’t look like what i probably think they should look like. you know like ..


i don’t know. i think if you’re going to be pirate, captain hook that shit up. what’s more badass than thattt?

seriously. probably one of the strongest and most determined group of people there is in the world.  it’s a freaking strong cult following. i don’t know what it is about colbert. but he says something, and the next day, things are a happening. i, too, am part of colbert nation. tune in tonight to see if they name the space shuttle after him. comedy central. 11:30 est. pm.


This seems like a common sense really.  But this is the second time in less than a week where I saw a woman in my office building wearing something entirely inappropriate for work.  Last Friday, it was a woman wearing a really thin white shirt with a really lacy bra.  Which made my mind wonder, so I can’t even begin to imagine what it did to the the men in the building.  And today, I was talking to a girl who’s shirt was so low, I was genuinely afraid that her boobs were gonna pop out of the shirt.  I had really hard time concentrating on our conversation and had to try really hard not to stare at her boobs.  Is this what it feels to be like to be a man???? Scary.

…yourself trudging through rain and mud in the hottest footwear collaboration.  i doubt you’ll feel even the slightest of pang and would rather take the long way home.


It’s simple.  If there are number of lanes are merging, simply, “you go, I go.”  Maybe it’s too simple of a concept for some people to follow.  Wanting to save 15 seconds in their route, completely over-rides all respectable, mature, and honorable behavior during rush hour.  And when this rule breaker tries to merge ahead of everyone who have been sitting there waiting their turn, I ALWAYS try my darnest, not to let them in my lane.  But somebody always caves in.  And the bastard gets a way with it.   Except this one time. 

My husband and I have been waiting by the Holland tunnel for what felt like days when this punk kid tried to get into our lane.  In our attempt to keep him out of our lane, our side mirrors touched and the kid flipped out.  It almost turned into an actualy physical fight.  I had to stop John from grabbing “the club” from the backseat.  The kid’s justification, “why are you being such an asshole, why can’t you just let another driver in? what’s a big deal?”  I was totally speechless.  Is this what’s going through the minds of the folks who break “you go, I go” rule, while the rest of us sit patiently through a traffic waiting our turn?  WTF??????

I’m sure these folks also try to cut lines at DMV and have way more than 10 items at the express check out lines at the groceries.  Seriously, does it really take that much effort for us to be polite and behave like civil human beings????

April 2009