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I heard about the  bbp bags  couple of months ago from church.  I wasn’t really looking to buy a bag so didn’t give it much though until yesterday.  So apparently the founder of the bbp bags had some serious back problems and in order to alleviate the problem he started this company that made these super cool bags.  After my weekly meeting at UG, bunch of guys were hanging around and talking about how fantastic these bags were.   It actually made me go home and check out their products on their site.  Seriously, I may have to save part of my monthly budget to get myself and John one of these bags….

so my friend told me a while ago about this site it’s pretty much a single cut video of an artist performing live. it’s kind of really awesome to see an artist in his or her raw form. you know, minus the synthesizer, redos, and whatever else you do to a record to make yourself sound way better. don’t get me wrong, i love that shit but sometimes it’s really dope to just see them go at it without the “help”. and the video/performance itself is one cut (i think for the most part) that anything can happen.

so i’ve listened about half of all the artists they had on there. but one i particularly like is vandaveer. for one, his voice is nice. it’s kind of unique; i don’t think i’ve heard a voice like his before. i can’t really describe it other than if you held your nose and started talking. you know; sort of helium filled? i also love the first video when one of the guys is just playing with a broom stick or something. and bannnnjooo. come on now. and what can you say about the crowd participation? they just stumble upon a group of people who get into it. AWESOME. and the music itself is great. it’s really cutesy, fun, happy, other synonyms of those words. not to mention, easy ass singalong song.

Vandaveer – Woolgathering / Roman Candle – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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