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  1. Have no-neck and have to wear clothes that reveal your neck at all times? (you can’t get surgery or do anything to try to fix the physical problem)
  2. Have kankles that make you look like you have logs as legs and have to wear clothes that reveal your legs at all times? (you can’t get surgery or do anything to try to fix the physical problem)

GH: ok so this is kind of tough. both choices suck a lot. but for sure for sure, i would go with the short neck. why you ask? if there’s anything i hate (so much that it makes me sort of shiver thinking about it) on a human body is kankles. motherfucking kankles. for those who don’t know, kankles are pretty much tree stumps. for legs. there is no ankle, calf, knee, etc. it’s just kankle. <insert kankle picture, i can do that> how gross is this? i haven’t seen it on girls a lot but i’ve seen a lot of guys with kankles. i’m not sure why it disgusts me so much. but i really want to go up to them and tell them they shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts anymore. it’s a big turn off for me. ugh.

now i know, short necks are fairly gross too. it would like i was shrugging all the time. but my disdain for kankles leaves me no choice. my hands are tied. arm is twisted. so yeah, i’d be the hunchback of notre dame with some non-tree stump FINE legs.

..i know. ridiculous.

**i apologize if i’ve offended anyone with my harsh tone and words about kankles.

JK:  I will totally have kankles over no neck any day.  My reasoning is fairly simple.  I feel that people are more likely to notice the no-neck thingy before they notice the kankles.  This reasoning is solely based on the fact neck area is more likely in the field of vision for most people than the kankles.  Of course kankles are bad and most people would not want them, it was on the infamous “list” that Ross made about Rachel on Friends….

a couple of weeks ago, i was listening to the wait wait… don’t tell me!”  podcast (which btw, is hilarious. i recommend checking it out) and they were talking about a blog. an important one.

this blog created for those in peril. in danger. emotionally wounded. these people are STRUGGLING! we must feel for them. who am i talking about? 

THOSE DATING BANKERS. …aka. DABAs. yes. they no longer can afford to hit the spa everyday. no more tiffanys jewelery every week. OH THE INJUSTICE!

yeah .. check it out. it’s kind of hilarious. the ridiculousness of it all.

so clearly from below, you know karoake was in full force last night. i’m going to keep it short but i don’t know what it is about drinking and singing, but they go so well together. like ebony … and ivory … you know. 

i wish i understood psychology and neurology (is that right?). that way i can give you some crazy scientific answer and have some brain analysis chart things. you know, where a certain part of the brain lights up and stuff. bah, you’ve all seen it.

Our company had a karaoke nite last night and one of the employees wanted to sing a Korean song.  It was a song by a group that I haven’t heard in ages and brought back flood of memories from more than a decade ago.  Okay, here’s a small Korean culture lesson for y’all.  You have not have heard of Seo Taiji and the Boys but for Koreans, they are like the Beatles, or like Elvis.  They were the ground breaking group that started a huge rock/hip-hop movement in Korea.  The parents hated them and the kids couldn’t get enough of them.   The were actually short lived as a group but while they were together as a group, they made a huge impact in Korean music industry. 

Here’s my favorite song by Seo Taji and the Boys.  There’s also a famous dance craze that they started with this song with waving of the arms….


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