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I just discovered these wonderful sandwiches couple of months ago for the first time.  It is pretty fantabuloso!  Then I saw this article in NYTimes this morning titled, “Building on Layers of Tradition.”  Coolio


Nike has won my heart over one more time.  All the athletic sneakers that I’ve owned since I was 5, have been Nike.  Yes, I am extremely brand loyal.  I think I still have a Sony VHS player somewhere around the house….

Anywho, here’s my new love.  Nike Skateboarding shoes.  How much do I love these?  These are called the “Nike SB Blazer Premium Solar Orange/Solar Orange“.  I’m not sure if I have enough “hipsterness” to wear these but I sure do love looking at thesese oranage sneakers!  Nike just did it again! 

so man man is eggin’ awesome. they’re kind of unlike any band i’ve ever heard. my friend, matt, put me onto them maybe a year ago. and i’ve liked them ever since.

this is their new video, rabbit habits. my friend john forwarded me this video. pretty awesome. i recommend checking out the credits at the end.

so, i love graffiti. but i’m not the biggest graffiti fan. i can’t tell you who the graffiti artist is. but i can appreciate it. something about graffiti is so raw and real. using the concrete jungle as their canvas to express whatever. so i stumbled across this website. it’s pretty awesome. graffiti and some other stuff. 

and to those who say graffiti isn’t an art, EGG OFF!

** my favorite is the one about giver/taker. it’s near and dear to my heart. alex and i talk about how he’s the giver and i’m the taker alllll the time.

so this is my first real job. well, my first real career job. and so i’m still learning the ropes of the “real world”. what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say. etc. etc. sometimes i really have to bite my tongue. i am at the bottom of the totem pole and thus have no right in saying some of the things i want to say.

but sometimes, ohhh sometimes. i just want to say it. it’s never towards me; but i see the interaction and i just want to put someone in place. ooh, i could see it now. it would be glorious. 


…then i’ll take that two month euro trip i always wanted to take.


I’m sure we could use some “positive” news about the internet and how people are using this to actually help others right?  I mean, although I’ve personally sat through, not just one, but bunch of  “To Catch a Predator” marathons, how many more “a girl runs away from home to meet a creepo she met online” stories can we all take? 

So I read this article on NYTimes this morning on my commute this morning and it actually brought smile to my face.  It was titled Lost in the Real World, Found via Cyberspace.”

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