so there’s nothing better than the moment you realize spring/summer is coming. all of a sudden, you notice how bright it is outside and how the birds are chirping. and for me, today was that day.

of course there’s the clear tell tale signs:

  • you notice that it’s sunny when you wake up and sunny when you left work. 
  • you hear animal sounds, mostly birds.
  • if you have allergies like my brother and i have (my brother more than me), you notice that your eyes are a bit moist when you wake up. you know what i’m talking about … eventually they crust up when it’s full blown allergy season (gross i know). 
  • you also notice flowers blossoming on trees and whatnot.
  • you regret not busting out your sunglasses because now there’s glare everywhere. (no, i’m not one of those people who wear sunglasses at night, winter, cloudy days, etc. etc. only when i’m super hungover or something)

but last but not least. the ULTIMATE sign that spring and summer is here …