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Heard about “youtube symphany orchestra” on NPR today.  Thought it was super cool and a really fantastic concept.  Mr. Friedman was right.  The world is getting flatter and flatter all around us.

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A theory was proposed to me by a really smart co-worker on my “one-upper” situation.  Jeff suggested that I should become a “two-upper.”  Whatever the person says, I one-up them.  According to Jeff, this will shatter their world and make them crumble at the core of who they are.  I mean it’s a pretty fantastic idea but I don’t know if I am up for this kind of challenge.  WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, wouldn’t it just turn int a conversation between two “one-uppers”?????

on saturday i went to the bergen town center with my brother. my mom’s been talking about it and we’ve seen it driving up and down route 4. so my brother wanted to check it out. so we get there. go through the mall. and guess what we seeee… 


just in case you’re wondering who the eff bobby is .. it’s bobby flay. that’s right .. bobby flay has a burger joint. no no, let me rephrase. he has a burger PALACE. it’s a standard burger joint. except .. it has bobby flay’s name on it. and thus the lines are ridiculous.

bbp inside

that’s the inside.. after .. 20 minutes of waiting? and we’re still in line. .. waiting.

but long story short, the burgers were alright. i don’t know if i’d wait on line like that for burgers again. but then again, i’m not a burger lover. the only burgers i’d wait on line for are shake shack and in n out. deeelliiicious. one good thing is the different burger options (?), choices (?). i’m not sure what the right term would be. just check out the menu. had the dallas burger. it was pretty good. onion rings. always delicious. 

dallas burger

ok. the picture looks gross. and it’s a bad picture. what do you expect? i was driving and using my iphone to take the pic. …….yeah, i’m that crazy asian female driver. my brother always did say i fulfill the female asian driver steroetype..

random picture i took on friday by the west side highway. 


small fry

what kind of license plate is small fry? i’d think small fry is one of those things you’d never want to be called, let alone advertise on your plate …

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