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I don’t know who told Lindsay Lohan that she’s funny but clearly… she’s not.  This is an eharmony ad spoof by Ms. Lohan. 


if you guys saw last night’s colbert report, you know that NASA’s node 3 is not named colbert but instead named tranquility. 




good news is they are naming something else after colbert. their treadmill which will be put up around august. COLBERT will stand for combined operational load bearing external resistance treadmill.


i recently found out that mel gibson and his wife are getting a divorce. my mom LOVES mel gibson. i don’t know if she does anymore but back in the day she would say how handsome he is (mind you, my mom thinks everyone’s unattractive. i mean everybody). but anyway, apparently, mel’s wife could get $500,000,000. 


;waihg;aowiehgawe. dang, why couldn’t my mom somehow stalk mel gibson, make him fall in love with her, and close it with some homewrecking …


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timeless-fragrance…so good every time with  modern alchemy pocket watch

a great bee gee’s song. if you know the lyrics, it’s really sad. a guy who loooves a girl to death even though she’s constantly cheating on him. i guess it’s sweet. but we can all agree .. very sad. and the song itself is mad dance-y in line with the 70s vibe. and come on. barry gibb. need i say more?

now this is a cover done by feist which is one of my favorite bands/singers. she’s got a really soulful voice and whatnot. it’s soothing. i’ll post more songs from her in the future. 


Remember this guy named Paul Potts couple of years back?  Well there’s another “unassuming” British peep that could sing like no other.   Her name is Susan Boyle.  Not only can this woman sing, she sang a song from Les Mis, my FAVORITE musical in the world (seen it 11 times).  I should also mention that when Paul Potts auditioned, he sang Nessum Dorma, which also happens to be one of my favorite.  Coincidence????? I Think NOT!

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