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There’s something so incredibly comforting and heart warming about this store.  A similiar feeling that comes over me whenever I go to Bubby’s.  I came across this website some time ago and I just adore everything from this store.  It almost makes me want to venture out to Brooklyn to check out the actual brick and mortar location. 

sightings of real life hipsters can be found in the link below (and brooklyn):

so, there are some items that are invented that make you go WTF? like for example .. 

although.. it did invent my favorite mcdonald’s commercial. but now. now, there’s something even weirder and more useless. 

CELEBRIDUCKS. seriously, click the link and check out the weirdness.


Saw this in the front page of NYTimes.  I understand, this is just business and it’s a sign of our current world, but it’s a bit harsh and mad depressing.

today is officially earth day. go see the movie earth from disney. i don’t know. seems like planet earth but james earl jones is the narrator and it only follows three families. still seems awesome to me. what’s better than animals in HDDDDD? it’s out today.

…so cool in these old school sneakers.  PF Flyers – Bob Cousy All American Lo

anyone else love the gorillaz like i do? they haven’t done much recently but i guess their documentary’s been keeping them busy. that’s right. documentary. it’s called BANANAZ. and it was released on the web on 4/20. 

you should check it out. should be good, entertaining, and informative if you’re into the gorillaz.

not sure if that’s right. 4 years of french .. and i’m praying that’s right. 

so breakfast is what i think the most important meal of the day. i eat a champion breakfast. i’m talking a bowl of special k with banana, an orange, a yogurt, another glass of milk, and a cup of coffee or tea. i try to keep it healthy and load up my energy until lunch. but sometimes, i treat myself. 

today, i had pain au chocolat from amy’s bread in chelsea. i work right next to the chelsea market so when i walk from getting off the subway at 14th street, sometimes i stop in for a delicious pastry. today i had my favorite.

i stole the picture above from serious eats but obviously, it’s the one on the right and not left. 



allllll finished. note the remainder of my breakfast on the right.


Spike TV has come up with a new reality show that will be a solid solution to the “pirates are taking over the world” problem mentioned by Gina last week.  Spike TV also happens to be one my hubby’s favorite channels.  Just thought to mention that!


So, I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  But this type of creativity is a whole different level.  So intricately and beautifully done.  Found this on Etsy of all places… Pretty cool. 


I totallllly HEART “this american life.”  I spend alot of my work hours listening to NPR and especially “this american life.”  It is totally “funny, dramatic, surprising, true.”  I gain alot of interesting perspective on relationships, struggles, and life in general from this show.  So tomorrow there is this live event that I will be attending.  Tomorrow is also our 8th “official” wedding anniversary.  Coincidence??? I think NOT!  I’m not exactly sure what to expect but I have extremely high hopes and expectations.  I mean c’mon, seeing Ira Glass on big screen alone is worth at least $20!

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