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John and I are moving into a new apt in June.  We would love for you to buy this for us as a house warming gift.  I will KNOW you’re a good friend!  Totally kidding, we would much much much much prefer bag of cash.

speaking of single ladies …


somewhere in that mass, you’d find susan, sung hee unnie, and moiiiiii*.


 *ok, not really.

ok, so hopefully everyone’s read the post below the swine flu one about single ladies. i just want to point out a few things. it’s not a rebuttal or anything. it’s actually a little to the right of the topic. 

being single is totally fine. i embraced it. and still do. i don’t think it’s human nature for a human to settle on one soulmate.i think the fact that we do is a miracle. i’m sure everyone’s seen someone on the street that they’re wildly attracted to. someone you wanted to talk to. someone you didn’t want to talk to but just .. bang (lack of good word). the mere suppression of desire is a miracle. 

so with that said, being single is perfecly ok. just own it. but i guess that’s if you’re claiming you want to be and like to be single. which then this wouldn’t be the problem. 

if you feel like you deserve better than this single life, well suck it up. stop complaining and just live your life up. being so preoccuppied with not having a relationship is probably having a negative impact on you and your relationships (potential ones too). and stop talking about it. who wants to hear someone complain about the same thing endlessly? nobody likes a complainer. single, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, separated, no children, children, 15 children, student, etc., nobody wants to hear it all the time. once in a while, fine. everytime, NO. people call you to have fun. not to continuously hear you sulk. so don’t complain and just have fun. good things will happen.


otherwise, you’ll soon be labled a debbie downer or negative nancy ..


I heard this morning that some lady working at Ernst and Young has been diagnosed with the infamous swine flu.  So in order to deal with the situation, they’ve given the employees working in her building to work from home for the time being. 

So basically my plan would be for Jeff to get the “symptoms” of the swine flu and would go around the building displaying these symptoms until someone suggests that he gets tested.  And since it takes couple of days for the test results to come back, hopefully we have enough paranoid people in the building for the building to shut down and for me to work from home.  Jeff would be the ideal candidate since he goes to every floor, at least couple of times a day, touching everything.  This would ensure that the entire building shut down as a precaution.  Even though CKB is on his fabulous vaca in Europe, I KNOW he could would through and make this happen for us.  And yes, there’s a solid chance that CKB would be choking on his sangria as he scrambles to make this happen, but this is the cost that he will have to pay for the greater good!   Such a solid plan!  Don’t worry CKB, I’ll treat you to korean food….


Bunch of friends forwarded me this article from CNN, asking me to write about it because they felt like the truth needed to be told.  And although this concept/theory does not apply to all single women and of course there are plenty happy single women out there, apparently there plenty of these types of women out there as well. 

And YES, I know some single women who are just MISERABBBLLLLLEEEEEE.  And because they are hating life, they try to make others feel their pain and smear s*** on the fact that I’m married and relatively happy for most part.   Maybe  they just need to get “some” or maybe they need to find a way to redirect their energy and attention to something other than their job and close friends, because it’s really frustrating being around these types of women and it’s completely emotionally draining!

Are all married women happy? Of course not.  Look at our national divorce rate.  Am I always happy of course not.  But I don’t try to manipulate every situation, over think every conversation, and pretend to be something that I am clearly not. 

ps.  the pix of natasha bedingfield at a concert in AC last year that I went to.  she seemed super happy to be single but here’s a song that she wrote that made me think about these types of women!

i’ve been listening to this song nonstop for weeks now. soo good. anyone love it as much as i love it? i’m talking about knock you down by keri hilson ft. kanye west and ne-yo. 

hahaha the best lyric has to be ne-yo’s:

“i used to be commander in chief of my pimp shit flying highhhh”

it’s pretty much alex’s favorite line in the song because it just cracks us up. anyone else think it’s funny?

first, let me say how GORGEOUS today is. although my allergies are kicking my ass today. walked from subway to work. walked into chelsea market. walked into amy’s. looked at the pain au chocolat and then i remembered! and with all my will power, i walked out and headed over to sarabeth’s. 

chocolate croissant

omgggg. THANK GOD i had the will to leave amy’s. this is one of the best chocolate croissants i’ve ever had. i just felt so. delightful after i ate it. so good with a glass of milk and coffee. the croissant part was so flaky and delicious. what a good breakfast. 

my only regret is not buying one from amy’s bread for comparison and another one from sarabeth’s just because.



That’s right folks, John and I bought tickets to go see MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” on tour!  And this is the last season’s champs called the “jabbawockeez” aka “jbwkz”.  And yes, they were as good as they were on TV and it really made me appreciate how good they really were.  And yes, John and I were probably the oldest people there other than the security….

Just watched this with John and I am still speechless.  I was a huge fan of the first “Celebrity Apprentice” so by default, we sit around fast forwarding thru this season’s shows.  But tonight, I couldn’t believe the drama that I might’ve almost missed!

Here are couple of things that I thought were pretty out-of-this world ridiculous and still trying to wrap my head around!

  1. What was up with Jim Cramer and Mr. Donald Trump passing notes to each other????
  2. What was up with Joan leaving because of her daughter being fired?  Bit dramatic you think?
  3. What’s up with Joan going off on other contestants and calling them names like they were her worst enemies?
  4. What was up with Melissa insisting on leaving with her S*** right then and there?
  5. What was up with the behind the scenes folks coming out???  Was that staged?

I am beginning to question reality TV these days.  Yeah, I know, sad…. But, WOAHHHHHHHHHHH, seriously that was one crazy TV moment!  Thank God for DVR!


SERIOUSLY, another incredibly talent British person on “britain’s got talent.”  This little girl comes on the stage, bounces around, then she starts singing like she should be headliner on Broadway.  Her name is Hollie Steel.  I am beginning to feel like maybe these British producers are staging these acts with professional folks and trying to pass them along as just regular common folks.    I mean literally 2 weeks ago, I blogged about Susan Boyle!

Food for thought:  what’s gonna happend when “america’s got talent” starts in the summer?  do you think we will have just as talent folks here????? It really makes me wonder….

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