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This is exactly what it would be like if Facebook was in real life.  This is pretty funny.  I love this video so much on the fact that these folks have English accent.

I am trekking out to Chinatown to pick up the OG bahn mi sandwiches at Banh Mi Saigon.  Here’s a video of 2 things that I really have utmost respect for, bahn mi sandwiches and anthony bourdain.

…the summer or celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly with grapefruit margaritas.


Found this on Etsy.  Love the fact that the design was inspired by tulips.  Very nice.

mayer hawthorne is amazing. i’m a gal who looooves motown and just the old school r&b jams. i’ve got a biggg soft spot for that genre. mayer hawthorne’s got this old school thing going on and it’s unbelievable. he just made a new video for “just ain’t gonna work out”. check it out. 


and yes, he’s white. i know, you can’t believe it.


I am really curious to know who would buy this.  Who would want to serve food/beverage to themsleves, or guests on these cups/saucers?  And let me tell you, these aren’t cheap either for $151!



John was telling me how he saw this news article about how much it cost the tax payers for the air force one fiasco in new york city the other day.  I was totally floored.  $300,000!!!!!!! Yes, you read it correctly, that’s how much it cost for the air force one to fly over ground zero/statute of liberty with fighter jet escort, and scare the crap out of the paranoid new yorkers. 

Of course, folks like Jon Stewart was able to come up with much more cost-efficient way to deal such tasks.  Jon Stewart’s solution seems sooo much more reasonable compared to 300k.  And there’s something else I found on NY Daily News called, “Create Your Own NYC Air Force One Flyover Photo.”  Pretty hilarious!

la sunset tan in ramsey nj is hosting miss tan new jersey! it’s pretty much like a pageant i suppose. the winner gets so mad crazy stuff like cash, a 50 in. flat screen, etc. etc. the only reason i know about is because one of my good friends, danielle, will be in itttt. whatttt. but it’s for a good cause. all proceeds will be given to the diabetes research institute. donnie klang will be there. you know, the white guy from making the band 4. diddy whattt. (diddy’s my secret guilty pleasure). 

but everyone should go out and support. it’s a good cause. details below. i believe tickets range from $30-$200. watch some hot girls strut their stuff. 

i haven’t listened to ben folds in SO long. he just released a new album. it’s pretty much like a greatest hits album. he went around to different universities and recorded his songs with university acappella groups. 

check out the article here

listen to it for free on imeem here.

wishful thinking at the venetian

wishful thinking at the venetian

Some random fountain at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  Initially I didn’t realize that these were actual coins cause there was so much of it.  If you squint, it just looks like a really incredibly beautiful combination of colors.  So purrrrrrrty.

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