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pretty colors
This is at one of my favorite hotels in LA called “The Chamberlain”.  Just love it.
wood work

wood work

 Dinner at Okada at Wynn in Las Vegas.

i’m not an architecture buff by any means. i don’t know anything about architecture. but i’ve always loooved it. i like buildings. old, new, futuristic, plain, modern, colonial, etc. etc. i like how they fit and exist in an environment. i love how they’re built. i just love everything about it. i actually wished i studied architecture because that’s something i really interested in. but for now, i can only admire. 

anyway, i don’t know many architecture names. i know frank ghery and frank lloyd wright. two major names. well lego and brickstructures and the frank lloyd wright foundation teamed up to bring the masses lego sets of frank lloyd’s buildings. AWESOMEEE.

seriously. a great gift for young architect wannabes or even architect fanatics. read more about it on yatzer.

so gillette’s come out with a series of “how to” videos. they show you the safe and proper way to shave well just about everywhere on your body. and considering gillette is one of the leaders in the shaving industry, i would take their word on shaving techniques. this is geared towards men, but i suppose women can heed the same advice.


and most importantly…


keep it clean ….. and safe fellas!

paranoid – kanye west. apparently this video’s being taken down everywhere. oh well. rihanna’s allll up in this video. more incentive to watch.

Kanye West Paranoid Official Music Video from bonna dona on Vimeo.

this is pretty cool. i’m sure it was rehearsed a bajillion times so it’s easy for these girls. but let’s just pretend it’s their first time and marvel at the greatest of playing on the big ass piano.


purrrttty treeeee

purrrttty treeeee

I am not sure what this tree is called.  But every Spring, it pops up everywhere in my hood.  So freaking purrtty.

i’ve been listening to this song nonstop. every girl by lil wayne, drake, … and some other people. note, this song is really explicit so. i wouldn’t recommend listening to it if you know you’d be offended by a bunch of guys talking about wanting to have sex with every girl. 



i think this song is REALLY entertaining. there are some really “good” lyrics. for one, let’s take lil wayne’s lyrics. he goes “i think you’re bionic. i don’t think you’re beautiful. i think you’re beyond it.” i think lil wayne is one ugly mug. but is it bad that if he used that line on me, i actually might’ve let him get behind it and watch me back it up and dump it back as he says? ladies, no? nobody’s with me on this one?

i think one of the most clever lines i’ve heard in a long time is drake’s. he goes “are any of y’all into girls like i am? let’s be honest”. come on. clever. let’s be honest. lesbionest? it’s clever. don’t hate.

last one. i don’t know who this guy is. but he goes “i’m about to get my bill clinton on. and hilary can ride them too” OOOOH. ride them. rodham? fire. FIIIREE. haha ok, it’s not really fire but who doesn’t love a bill clinton reference???


i don’t know. give it a few go arounds. it’s just a fun song. dirty song but it’s entertaining. makes me laugh and giggle a bit.

clothes wire

clothes wire

John and I are officially moving today from this house where we lived for more than 3 years.  It’s bitter sweet really but looking forward to what’s in our future.  Saw this for the first time this past winter.  Thought it gave the house alot of character.


so as a little promo for the upcoming season premier of weeds (june 8th), they’ve released this video detailing the history of well .. weed aka marijuana aka sweet mary jane. check it out. i’m not sure how valid ALL the points are in the video, but i feel like i learned a couple of new things.

it’s been a while since i’ve listened to beastie boys but yesterday i was listening to their check your head album which is a great fun album to just listen to. so i was on youtube and what do i find ……….

beastie boys and roots. awesome. 

mannn. it makes me really want to shell out the big bucks for the all points west festival in the summer time. seriously, check out the sick lineup

so i don’t listen to korean music. AT ALL. i know H.O.T. maybe two of their songs. i remember COOL. DJ DOC. but other than that, i’m lost. but i’ve heard of the wonder girls. it’s quality pop music i think. i don’t listen to it but i wouldn’t object to it if it was on the radio or something. 

so i guess “nobody” is a very popular wonder girls song. i’m not sure. someone can confirm or refute that claim. anyway, after perusing the internet, i came across this music video. very powerful message. seriously.



At Laguna Beach after Pageant of Masters

…to wear this coat from Mackage

there are a lot of great bagels in nyc. everyone’s got their favorite from H&H, ess-a-bagel, russ & daughters, etc. and will fight to the death to defend their favorite as the best bagel of nyc. i’ve actually been to all of the places and enjoy them all (for a person who doesn’t really love bagels. as you probably know, i prefer pastries. and bacon. and sausage.) but i will say that i LOVE murray’s bagel. call me putty in a murray’s bagel’s lover’s hand, i love how it’s so fluffy and chewy and warm and fluffy. i love fluffy bagels. in nj, bergen county to be more specific, my favorite bagel place is this small bagel place on bergen blvd. by the wendy’s, pathmark, etc. etc. it’s small but it’s packed in the morning. come to jersey, i’ll take you there.

anyway, no better way to start the post memorial day weekend, short work week than having a bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel from murrays. wooord.

bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel


I wasn’t going to do it out of respect for her kids but after seeing the hairstyle from a side profile, I cannot stay quiet about Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle.  I’ve never really watched the show before and was not really interested.  But since I am as impressionable as a Pillsbury Doughboy, after being bombarded with the non-stop “Jon and Kate plus 8” over the weekend, I’ve succumb to the dark side and watched the season premiere of the show. 

But sadly, I couldn’t really focus on the show at all, because I was so distracted by Kate’s hairstyle.  SERIOUSLLLYYY, WTF!  It’s like 3 different hairstyle happening on one head. And her Staten Island highlighs just makes the whole look even more… unexplainable.  C’MON!  Somebody should really tell this woman to do somethinga bout her hair.  It’s just R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!

Just found “See What Stars Look Like With Kate Gosselin’s Hair!” on Us Weekly.  Pretty hilarity!



ok. i found this video on a coworker’s blog. HOLY SHIZA it is awesome. ok. just watch it. and click the HD button so you see it in HIIIGHHH DEFINITTTIONNN. 


check out bilal’s blog. really awesome if you’re into photography and nature.


Whenever the new VW commercial comes on, I actually slow down the entire commercial so that I could fully enjoy the beautiful houses that are in the background.  John gets super annoyed whenever I do this but I just LOVE these Eichler homes.  I totally heart the clean lines, simple and elegant architecture, and can’t get over how inviting these homes are.  It always makes me wonder why there aren’t these type of homes in Bergen County, NJ!!!!!

does anyone else LOVE this heineken commercial like i do? you know, the “let a stranger drive you home” one where everyone’s singing biz markie’s “just a friend” in a cab. for one, it’s a great song. two, it’s a good psa of sorts. definitely a plus for heineken. 

now i don’t know if this makes me want to drink heineken over .. any beer. but i’ll watch the commercial many times.

good fork

good fork

dinner with friends at good fork



The annual IAC soiree.  The sun is going down but the party has just begun for the rest of us.



At a poker nite at our company.  Inevitably all these beer will be gone before the nite is over and Gina/I will have to make a beer run….

So every morning I take the bus to Port Authority and then take the subway to work. So if you’ve been to the Port, you know there’s Au Bon Pain everywhere. I remember getting stuff there sometimes when I went to NYU and it being pretty good. Well I was running late and just getting hungry so I decided to get a chocolate croissant there. ………….WOW what a mistake.

Ok, I’m not one of those food snobs. I just really can’t distinguish good food from great food. I’m sure I can pick what I think is better but when I’m eating I don’t tend to compare. I just savor what’s in front of me. It’s either tasty and edible or not. This is why I can eat leftovers for days and days.

Anyway. I don’t know if it was a bad batch or what. But considering I’ve been eating a lot of Amy’s Bread’s and Sarabeth’s chocolate croissant, I expect buttery goodness. Which this was not. I can’t describe the disappointment. It’s like if you were in some raffle for a million dollars and they’re going to announce the winner’s name. So you hear the first, “Gina ..” so you take a step forward with a goofy grin on your face. “.. Rodriguez!” OOOHHHHHH. She pushes past you. And there you are. Foolish. That’s how I feel. Dang…

And yes, I’m a chocolate croissant snob.


2009 World Beard and Mustache Championships took place in Alaska yesterday.  Nuff said.

So I heard about this bank error on Today’s show.  It’s basically about a man named Leo Gao who received over $6 million in his bank account in error and instead of notifying the bank, he decided to flee the country with his girl friend Kara Young with the money.  Then I found out he is KOREAN!!!!! WTF?????  Seriously, why I am hearing so much about Koreans in the news?  It sucks since it’s usually something bad.


This isn’t a photoshopped pix.  It’s Zachary Boyd wearing his “i love ny” boxers while defending against the Taliban.  I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they were captured or something and the conversation that might’ve taken place between the Taliban soliders.  I’m certain at least few Taliban soldiers would’ve totally chuckled.  You could read the actual speech by Bob Gates here talking about Zachary in NYtimes.

narrow glimpse

narrow glimpse

At the MOMA.

The long weekend has officially started. Well not really. It’s just the weather is so gorgeous that it feels like it should be the weekend already. Most people have half days .. I know I did (supposed to. shhhhhh) so technically it did start.

Anyway, went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Fort Lee, NJ with Jung. So you know there are good pictures. I’m gonna confess, I’m not really a breakfast person. GASP. I know. Let me clarify. I love breakfast when I’m not paying $10 for someone to fry my eggs and bacon. I could do that and have platters and platters of bacon. You know what i mean? Do something complicated or grueling. Make me a croissant and I’ll pay you. But anyway back to OPH (as my friends call it or OHOP). Now that you know I hate paying for breakfast, my meal was FANTASTIC.

I had the good ol’ bacon and eggs. The bacon is just the winner here. Thick, salty, crunchy, porky. Basically delicious. And what can you say about their pancakes. It’s fluffy and delicious. I figuratively licked my plate clean (I try not to do embarrassing things in public).

Gosh. Bacon. So good but so bad but so good.

Mr. Blain

Mr. Blaine

This is David Blaine hanging upside down in Central Park, NY.  I wanted to ask him how this was magic. 

so i don’t know anything about art. i don’t know history, artist names, artist works, genres, etc. etc. i just know what i see and if i like what i see. so i was perusing yatzer, and came across jan vormann’s work in berlin. it’s really cool for a couple of reasons. i’ve actually been to berlin. i was there for a week for school. i can’t tell you the names and places i’ve been but trust me, i was in the heart of berlin. i actually remember potsdamer. is that right? anyway, there are parts of berlin that’s really new with cool buildings and whatnot. but there are a lot of places in berlin that are actually preserved from the old days. so jan vormann goes around plugging some holes with plastic (lego) pieces aka dispatching. 

i think the lego pieces adds a nice little twist on the historicness of it all. i’m big on colors and whatnot so it’s really refreshing and vibrant. i could see how some people think it’s tacky or something. but look how the pieces fit so snugly. i think it’s really cool. 

check out more pictures on yatzer

check out jan vorsmann earlier stuff.

so i’m sure you’ve heard this song on the radio. at least this part .. “you the you the best. you the you the best. you the you the best. you’re the best i ever had … ” etc. etc. well it’s from the song “best i eva had” by drake. 


well … did you know? this kid is the kid from DEGRASSI? you know, jimmy brooks? the one that gets shot and is now in a wheelchair?


i guess he’s an actor, singer, and rapper. TRIPLE THREATTTT. he’s like the male and canadian version of hannah montana aka miley cyrus.

I haven’t watched a full episode of American Idol since the first season.  Just lost a total interest.  Then I heard this morning that 100 million people voted for this winner.  REALLY?  HUNDRED MILLION????  That’s 1/3 of the US.  That’s just insane! 

Here’s Kris Allen singing “heartless” by Kanye West, one of my favorite song this past year thanks to Gina.  I actually kind of like it.  I think he does a pretty decent job.  Good for him.

i’m sure you’ve been to a house of someone you’ve just kinda met. maybe it’s a new friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, in law, etc. etc. they offer you a snack and drink. you politely decline but they insist anyway. so off to the kitchen they go which leaves you a couple of minutes to peruse the immediate area. usually, you’re in the living room where the room’s abundant with some family photos and whatnot. clearly, they’re meant to be looked at. so you do. and then you notice …

and then..



well, that’s what is alll about. so check it out. there’s more where these came from. some are funny, some are really weird. and some are just CREEEEPY

dancing lights

dancing lights

At the ABDC concert.

cranewaypavillion…a party, event, or all of the bay area from the Crane Pavillion.


Saw this article called “A Chili Sauce to Crow About,” in NYTIMES.  It says that Sriracha has more than 120,000 fans on Facebook.  That’s how you know you’ve arrived in the world!


camp fire

can you believe it? some woman in texas has done nearly the impossible. she gave brith to twins. but each baby from a different father. they call this a double conception. and there is literally a one in a million chance for something like this to occur. ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at HISTORY. 

if you look at the picture, i guess they do look a bit different. but seriously, how crazy is this? so how did this happen? i’m not quite 100% sure. basically this dallas texas lady cheated on her partner with another guy. and then magically (or scientifically) they both got her pregnant at the same time. i’m probably not the best person to explain the science of this to you. because that’s just spreading lies. 

when i read the article, i was so dumbfounded but learned a good lesson:

  • if you’re going to cheat, use PROTECTION. condoms, birth control pills, etc. etc. at least if you don’t want both of them to get you pregnant. or use protection with one if you want to get pregnant. at least that way you’re saving time and money in trying to figure out who the baby daddy is. then your chances of getting caught cheating decreases too. 

oh, and with those odds of having a double conecption, i would’ve played the lottery..

so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. ok, that’s lie. i’ve been meaning to post about this maybe two weeks ago but i’ve been busy. at work. but anyway, pretend it’s two weeks ago.


so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. and guess what i’ve come across …

AWESOME. apparently, people are preordering these suckers like CRAZY. to be honest, a little too expensive for me. i don’t even know what i’d do with them. but i just want them. nostalgia. but if i had kids or something, i’d definitely buy them. or if i was some big movie paraphernalia collector. 

preorder your where the wild things are kubrick set. 


This was at the New York Botanical Garden in Brooklyn couple of years back at the annual “the orchid show”.    This was before my nikon d40…. Not bad

…good coffee at Lamill Coffee and be cool because you’re in silverlake

ok. i’m going to assume that everybody’s read where the wild things are at some point in their life. most likely childhood. i don’t think i’ve met anyone, at least from my generation (i’m an 80s baby) that hasn’t read this book. eh, there might be a couple. but only because they didn’t grow up in america. you guys know what i’m talking about.

well guess what, they’re finally making it into a movie. I KNOW. awesome. and guess who’s directing it … SPIKE JOOONZE (pretend you hear me saying it like i’m saying mike jooones. you know, the rapper). he’s done a bunch of music videos that i love. i’m super stoked. and you know who’s composing the music? carter burwell and karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs. yeah, i have no idea who carter burwell is but i sure damn well know who karen o is. 

can you tell how stoked i am? just a little. can’t wait for october..

Another funny one that still makes me laugh.

Saw this couple of months ago but it’s sooooo incredibly true!

flatware / dinnerware

flatware / dinnerware

Art piece at the MOMA.

notes from the meeting

notes from the meeting

I help out with various events throughout the year.  This meeting was for the event with Wycleff at Simon’s apartment.  Look at us all organized with notes and all….



I was first introduced to these delicious delights at a pot-luck dinner in my church group.  Of course, we were all eating them like quesadillas, instead of how it should’ve really be eaten.  Our dear buddy Paul was nice enough to show us the  proper way to eat these “armenian” pizzas.  It’s on a flat dough with thin layer of really well-spiced meat mixture.  You put the chopped parsely, thinly sliced onions, sliced tomatos, and squeeze some lemon over the entire thing before you go grubbing.  It’s soooo good. 

We picked these up at a place called, Star Pide Salonu in Paterson, NJ.  But I’m sure these shouldn’t be hard to find wherever you are.  Here’s a post on Off the Broiler about these.  Lahmahjoon, lahmacun, lahmajun, armenian pizza, turkish pizza, whatever these things are called, I assure you, it’s delicioso!

pastrami and cheese
pastrami and cheese

yes, it comes in a pizza box





This was the view from our hotel room at the Bellagio.  I think Vegas is so surreal and fantastic.  Gotta love it!


My buddy Jen recently posted on her blog an “open letter” to the Gosselin.  I thought it was too entertaining not to share.  I totally HEART the sentence about the “4 US Weekly” covers…. NICE!

how awesome are these. a cap that also acts as a small sack of sorts. i can make a list of why you should get one:

1. it’s a cap

2. it’s a sack

3. it’s a cap and a sack


5. multi functional

6. protect you from sunlight

7. you can put little things in there like other sacks … if you know what i mean.

8. adds to your hipster style

9. it’s just awesome.

click here to buy your cap-sac.

i know NOTHING about star trek. i meant to post this last week, but i’ve been super busy and whatnot. but i saw this on the picture site my cousin sue sent me. it’s pretty effin sweeeeet.

check out the site:

did you hear? at nyu’s all university commencement this year, hillary clinton was the commencement speaker. WTF. for the 177th commencement, they have secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton. so i got to thinking, who was my commencement speaker last year? i remember michael strahan was there; michael j. fox was there. but you know who i had last year at nyu? laurence tribe. yeah, i have no idea what that mug is either. 

both mine and this year’s commencements were held in yankee stadium. mine was at the old yankee stadium. this year it was held at the new yankee stadium. both pretty historic (although i like to say mine was more – i also like to say that the graduation was the last group of people to be in yankee stadium. give it a more awe feeling. but not true, it was still baseball season). 

but you know what makes my graduation better than this year’s? this guy….



OHHHHHH how awesome would it be to go to one of these mentioned in NYTimes…. Iron-Chef-like events in the real world and in NYC!  The question now becomes, how do I find out where they are having these so I could actually attend some!???

Picture 078

on a boat

I’m not 100% certain what this could be called other than a compass.  Saw this on a boat one time in CT and thought it was super cool. 

First heard about Dr. Horrible when we went to “this american life” live couple of weeks back.  You could actually watch Dr. Horrible’s blog on line on Hulu.  It was created by Mr. Joss Whedon, the man behind such cultish shows like: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“, “Angel“, “Firefly“, and “Dollhouse.”  Really clever and cute and catchy….


Found this retailer on Etsy the other day.  I think these types of personalized items are the coolest thing ever.  The simplicity and the elegance with great design makes these gifts just fantastic.

As I watched the season finale of “big bang theory” with John, I couldn’t believe that one thing that I hate more than anything, okay, that’s not true, just something that really bothers me have invaded one of my favorite show on tv.  SNUGGIES!!!!!!!!!!


The season finale of Fringe was so beautifully and brilliant executed as usual.  The timeless sci-fi question of  parallel universe / alternate universe / multiple universe was addressed in the best way that I’ve seen done in a really long time.  Superman had his Bizarro World and Fringe has it’s “sweet spots” to travel to the alternate universe.  I am beginning to wonder if JJ Abrams is taking this whole alternate universe/time travel a bit too far with his projects since LOST and Star Trek was all over this stuff.  Doesn’t he realize that the die-hard Sci-Fi fans would just eat him alive because it only opens doors for more questions than answers? 


The last scene of the season finale was the revealing of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell and agent Dunham realizing that she was standing in one of the Twin Towers still standing.  New York Post front page indicates that the White House was destroyed not the World Trade center, stock market has been closed for 21 days (from possible attack), and JFK didn’t die in an assassination in Dallas.  Eerie and super cool at the same time.  What a way to end the season!


Mr. Manuel before he got famous

Mr. Manuel before he got famous

This is Mr. Lin Manuel Miranda before his big broadway hit “in the heights’ came out.  He was part of a very unique group called Freestyle Love Supreme.  There was a point in my life when I was obsessed with the guys.  Just saw them perform the other month and they were good as I remember them to be.  But of course, Lin Manuel’s touch/flare to the group was definitely missed.

paul frank at the beach
paul frank at the beach
Paul Frank bag at the Long Beach, NJ. 

have you ever been to the museum and seen art that’s pretty much somthing like a white canvas with a red dot on the side? or something soooo simple like a black wall. or a stripe. or something you think is SO easy to do. i do all the time. i think, “i can do that.” well….



Nashville Icon

This was from my trip to Nashville couple of years back.  Saw this and thought it was such classic “nashville” image.  Love it


I totally want this watch.  I always wore men’s watch and recently I had to give it up to John because his watch broke.  So now I’m back to my Nike running watch, although I don’t run.  I love digital watches since it’s super convenient to tell time.  Maybe it’s a sign of my laziness? 

On a serious note, how fabulous is this watch?  I always wanted one in the 80’s but never had the guts to buy one.  Now I really want one.  I even love the fact that it’s called a “DATA BANK“….  C’mon that’s hilarious! 

i think mr. t sums it up right. you better treat your mother right!


happy mother’s day! or post mother’s day. has anyone seen this past saturday night live with justin timberlake? because i didn’t. but a great digital short from justin timberlake and adam samberg. this is for all the moms …



This is Snickers. She is about 8 years old. She is a very friendly cat to everyone except to the boy cats in the house. We have several theories about her being this way. We think it may be due to the fact that either she’s upset about her bitter divorce with Teffie or she may be possibly blaming Teffie for taking away her babies. Oh yeah, they had 5 kittens together that we gave away.

She used to be my favorite until Tigger came along. But Snickers is very dear to me!

old school
old school

This is in front of Alcove in LA.  Alcove was recommended by Claudia while back and whenever I go back to LA, I pencil it in my schedule to make sure I stop by.  I couldn’t believe something this old existed in LA.  Totally cool.

golden statute

golden statute

Walking in Hobken after the somewhat monthly brunch with Gina and Olga.

ebbaflicker…your boyfriend’s shirt whenever you want with Ebba Flicker Candles (it’s 100% soy!)


Saw this mug and it made me think about my hubby.  He used to bring home mugs from the office because the handle fit 4 fingers.  For those of you who didn’t know this, they actually make the handle different sizes.  So whenever I travel to a different city, as a souvenir, I used to bring home mugs that can fit 4 fingers.  Even my friends would get in on the hunt.  Then I saw this mug!

Saw this last night at the movies.  It’s not in this video, but there was a clip in the longer version where the Z4 repeatedly draws a perfect circle.  Coolio


@ an airport

Can’t recall which airport this pix was taken at.  Funny thing is, it could be so many different airports around the world.

This only makes me see how daunting our future really is.  It’s frightening to say the least.

I promise this will be the last Star Trek/Chris Pine related post.  At least for the day….



Mr. Zachary Quinto aka Sylar is a handsome man.  But due to the psycho-sociopath that he plays on Heroes, I can’t look at him without thinking about Sylar

On the other hand this is the first time I’ve been introduced Mr. Chris Pine.  Gorgeous eyes, southern charm, great sense of humor, I just wish he was a bit taller? 🙂 






JJ Abrams had brought Fringe into my life and now the new Star Trek crew!  Thank you JJ Abrams!  Just saw the new Star Trek movie and it was pretty fantastic.  The character development, the intricate plot that John kept wanting to explain, and nostalgic moments of familiar characters with their catch phrases….AHHHHHHHH, it was executed flawlessly!

However John made a good point.  If they wanted to stay true to the story, the panels of the Bridge should’ve been in DOS and decorated in bright lights and stickers, none of this minority report” technology….

Regardless, it was a fantastic movie and would love to see it again!



Los Abandoned, another cool LA (Van Nuys) band

jack tight shot wall

Mr. Keifer Sutherland seems to get into alot of trouble out in the real world.  It makes me wonder if it’s because he maybe, possibly believes that he’s really Jack Bauer inside.  So the story goes, Mr. Sutherland actually head-butted someone at a bar in NYC.  He didn’t punch the guy, he didn’t choke the guy, he didn’t kick the guy, he HEAD-BUTTED the guy.  It made me wonder if Mr. Sutherland was screaming out, “Do you know who I am?  I am Jack Bauer!  I protected Presidents,  saved countless American lives from various forms of potential terrorist attacks, and I KNOW how to cause some REAL pain!!!!!”

at the Walden pond

at the Walden pond

My cousin’s family actually lives only couple of miles from the Walden Pond.  Visited last fall and someone had climbed over the fence to make this at the edge of the pond.  Either that or there are some really smart animals living at the pond. 


Here’s some aspects about this news story that I find utterly fascinating and entertaining:

  1. The fact that this guy actually consciously decided to not only rob people, but dress up as a ninja to rob people.
  2. The fact that this guy thought his ninja/nunchuck/stealth skillz was good enough to dress up as a ninja, not just as a mask man, or a cowboy, or a mailman.
  3. These comical ninja costume pictures being flashed during news cast, as the reporter says things like, “the ninja burglar may look like this man… “
  4. Notice that these burglaries are only happening in Staten Island.  Seriously…. alot of “odd” things happen there. I know, I actually lived there for a year.
  5. The fact that nobody is reporting some random dude dressed as a ninja roaming the streets of Staten Island.  Could it be that he’s that stealth-like?????
  6. The terrorized victims describe in awe, his fighting, climbing, and running skills.
  7. The fact that this man has robbed SEVENTEEN times and hasn’t been caught yet.  How hard would it be for the police to catch a man dressed up as a ninja?  I lived there, trust me, there aren’t alot of ninjas walking around Victory Blvd.

He may possibly look like this:


But more likely, he probably looks like this:


Here’s an actual report, not funny one, but a serious one about this news story on NY1.

…deliciousness at  slowclub 



Seriously, this is a pretty fantastic idea.  Read about these guys who go around NYC, eating really great burgers and ranking them in NYTimes.  I don’t know if I am jealous at the fact that these guys get to try out really good burgers or the fact that I didn’t come up with this idea first and got featured in NYtimes…. 


In last night’s episode of Fringe, Sarek (father of Spock), Spock, Romulans, and Starfleet were all mentioned.  And what do I read about this morning?  Leonard Nimoy will be guest starting as William Bell, Walter Bishop’s ex-partner and the founder of Massive Dynamics!  Coincidence?  Clearly not.  Crossroad between Star Trek and Fringe, who would’ve thunk it?

Btw, am I the only one that totally gets their heart broken whenever she sees Walter Bishop cry like a baby?  I actually began to not like Agent Dunham purely based on the fact that she made Walter cry…. 


I want to get this “OMG” necklace from Etsy and just constantly point to it intead of saying it out loud.  Like the plaque that I wanted to get for my desk at work that said, “it’s not in the budget.”  And maybe I could get one for Gina that would either say, “WTF” or “High-5?”


Tshirt I found on Etsy.  I like this shirt for couple of reasons.

  1. the expression on the man’s face
  2. the semi-jazz hands
  3. the “neutral” emoticon, which is my favorite in the universe.
side profile

side profile

AUDI R8.  John and I have owned an Audi for the past 5 years.  We LOVE our car and we’ve also gained a rew respect for german engineering.  I think we would most likely own an Audi for the rest of our lives.

so my cousin’s baby (my niece?) is turning one sooooon. so i’m trying to find some nice gifts and whatnot. i stumbled upon this on etsy. 


AWESOME. i remember when i was younger, my brother and i just used our white white white walls to measure our growth. we had all these black, gray, blue, and red markings on the wall. yeah.. my markings didn’t get too high…


anyway, she might be too young for this gift (and it’s WAY out of my budget) but i need help!

my brother imed me this url at work:

my initial reaction was something to do with the UFC. he’s into that stuff so naturally that’s what i thought. but guess what, it’s nottttt. instead, it’s WAY better.

apparently, oprah’s buying the nation the grilled chicken meal at kfc. AWESOME. because it tastes good? don’t know. but it’s definitely free. don’t believe me? i know. don’t worry, i read the small print. and what tastes better than FREE? uhhhh NOTHING. (ok, only catch is you have to print it by 11:59pm. so get to it!)


but anyone else think the url’s a bittt funny? maybe i’m looking way into it. but it seems like as in, not think kfc. hmm….

man, who needs the bailout when you’ve got OPRAH? …actually, a bailout from oprah would be awesome.

SERIOUSLYYYYYYY!!!! My Tuesday just got really really better with this movie trailer.  Transfomer 2 : Revenge of the Fallen is coming out this summer and I am looking forward to this movie as much as I am looking to the new Star Trek movie.  Transformers look really out of this world fantastic!


So I heard about this blog called “GOOP” by Gwyneth Paltrow couple of weeks ago on Good Day New York but after reading Jen’s post about the site, I actually made the time to check out the site.  With all the critics out there, I totally agree with Jen.  I think it’s a really nifty site and of course it’s a beautifully executed.  And yes, I registered to receive the weekly newsletter from Mrs. Coldplay.  I’m sure in the future, I’ll be sure to share things that I’ve learned from these weekly newsletters. 

But it did make me wonder why she is doing this and if eventually, if she will monetize her site and bombard the page with display media ads.


cinespia1…movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary during the summer

the lonely island. akiva schaffer, jorma taccone, and andy samberg. if you don’t recognize their names, you’d probably recognize their work on SNL: dick in a box, iran so far, etc. and other SNL digital shorts. well they’ve come out with an album called incredibad.

this is one of my more favorite videos they’ve come out with: like a boss. special cameo by seth rogen. 


That’s right another Paul Frank product that I just love but probably won’t buy.  But how cool are these bikes?  Almost that retro look that I just adore!

saw this video. it’s kind of really ridiculous. i guess they’re a littttle bit behind on the times. 

anyone watch letterman last night? i never watch letterman. never. but regardless, even i know about letterman’s top ten list. well because of the tough times, letterman brought on an expert to give you financial tips. who? donald trump, of course.

personally, i love 8, 4, and 1. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


There are few shows that I really really enjoy on CBS, other than the news programs like CBS Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes.  One of them is a show called The Mentalist (which i’m sure I’ll eventually blog about), and the other one is this hilarious show called, “The Big Bang Theory.”  It’s a show that my hubby and I could both really enjoy together.  It’s a TV show about true-ultimate nerds living in LA.  I enjoy it so much purely based on the fact that the characters on the show remind me alot of John.  And I think John likes the show based on the fact that he could relate to these characters.  I think he secretly loves explaining all the obsecure references that only a true nerd can appreciate and funny grasp.  It’s a really hilarious show.  You should definitely make the time to watch it.



thank you Jesus!

Saw this at an art gallery on 19th ave, around the corner from our office on a gorgeous day in NYC.  It made me wonder which demonination they used for this art work. 

summer is a coming. which means it’s grilling season. so why not grill in style?

it’s super lightweight and folds for convenience. you know, when you’re grilling at the park or something. get it before grilling season gets into fulllll swing. click below or the picture for more info.

GOODNESS GRACIOUS. i don’t know anything about cars. but i wouldn’t mind driving this badboy around. check out more at