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summer is a coming. which means it’s grilling season. so why not grill in style?

it’s super lightweight and folds for convenience. you know, when you’re grilling at the park or something. get it before grilling season gets into fulllll swing. click below or the picture for more info.

GOODNESS GRACIOUS. i don’t know anything about cars. but i wouldn’t mind driving this badboy around. check out more at


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did anyone hear about this? apparently a 7 year old girl in switzerland found a condom in her happy meal. fries to be more specifc. hmmm. i’m assuming it was a very small condom or a very big fry. OH! hey yo! or or or or or … some employee felt the girl needed protection from any possible diseases the fries could have. OH!! more like an UNHAPPY meal! WHOOO! cue the drums!



.. i know. really lame. i can’t help myself!!


I finally got around to seeing the Twilight movie the other week.  Of course it wasn’t as good as the book but I literally gasped when Edward Cullen appeared on screen the first time.   The acting was bad and there was no chemistry between Edward and Bella.  Casting for the rest of the characters was horrible at best.  But seriously, ask me if I cared… I mean just look at this man!


someone forwarded me this video. great voice. great song. great music video. check out oren lavie – her morning elegance.

so have you noticed that t-mobile’s going viral? they’ve got one where a bunch of dancers take over a train station in liverpool and another one where a whole mass of people are singing “hey jude”. it’s pretty awesome.

my favorite’s the “hey jude” one. kind of gives me goosebumps. i wish i was there …..

t-mobile .. contact me! i’ll gladly be in a viral video for you!



I love taking pix so I am always fascinated by all things photography.  Here are some vintage cameras that I found on Etsy.  Pretty fantastic.

…French Navy by Camera Obscura and be obsessed.

Bar 89

Bar 89

At Bar89, they have these rotating art on their massive wall.  It’s a really “comfortable” restaurant with decent bar food and really low-key.  I LOVE this place because it’s so familiar to me.