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Here’s some aspects about this news story that I find utterly fascinating and entertaining:

  1. The fact that this guy actually consciously decided to not only rob people, but dress up as a ninja to rob people.
  2. The fact that this guy thought his ninja/nunchuck/stealth skillz was good enough to dress up as a ninja, not just as a mask man, or a cowboy, or a mailman.
  3. These comical ninja costume pictures being flashed during news cast, as the reporter says things like, “the ninja burglar may look like this man… “
  4. Notice that these burglaries are only happening in Staten Island.  Seriously…. alot of “odd” things happen there. I know, I actually lived there for a year.
  5. The fact that nobody is reporting some random dude dressed as a ninja roaming the streets of Staten Island.  Could it be that he’s that stealth-like?????
  6. The terrorized victims describe in awe, his fighting, climbing, and running skills.
  7. The fact that this man has robbed SEVENTEEN times and hasn’t been caught yet.  How hard would it be for the police to catch a man dressed up as a ninja?  I lived there, trust me, there aren’t alot of ninjas walking around Victory Blvd.

He may possibly look like this:


But more likely, he probably looks like this:


Here’s an actual report, not funny one, but a serious one about this news story on NY1.

…deliciousness at  slowclub 



Seriously, this is a pretty fantastic idea.  Read about these guys who go around NYC, eating really great burgers and ranking them in NYTimes.  I don’t know if I am jealous at the fact that these guys get to try out really good burgers or the fact that I didn’t come up with this idea first and got featured in NYtimes…. 


In last night’s episode of Fringe, Sarek (father of Spock), Spock, Romulans, and Starfleet were all mentioned.  And what do I read about this morning?  Leonard Nimoy will be guest starting as William Bell, Walter Bishop’s ex-partner and the founder of Massive Dynamics!  Coincidence?  Clearly not.  Crossroad between Star Trek and Fringe, who would’ve thunk it?

Btw, am I the only one that totally gets their heart broken whenever she sees Walter Bishop cry like a baby?  I actually began to not like Agent Dunham purely based on the fact that she made Walter cry…. 


I want to get this “OMG” necklace from Etsy and just constantly point to it intead of saying it out loud.  Like the plaque that I wanted to get for my desk at work that said, “it’s not in the budget.”  And maybe I could get one for Gina that would either say, “WTF” or “High-5?”


Tshirt I found on Etsy.  I like this shirt for couple of reasons.

  1. the expression on the man’s face
  2. the semi-jazz hands
  3. the “neutral” emoticon, which is my favorite in the universe.
side profile

side profile

AUDI R8.  John and I have owned an Audi for the past 5 years.  We LOVE our car and we’ve also gained a rew respect for german engineering.  I think we would most likely own an Audi for the rest of our lives.

so my cousin’s baby (my niece?) is turning one sooooon. so i’m trying to find some nice gifts and whatnot. i stumbled upon this on etsy. 


AWESOME. i remember when i was younger, my brother and i just used our white white white walls to measure our growth. we had all these black, gray, blue, and red markings on the wall. yeah.. my markings didn’t get too high…


anyway, she might be too young for this gift (and it’s WAY out of my budget) but i need help!

my brother imed me this url at work:

my initial reaction was something to do with the UFC. he’s into that stuff so naturally that’s what i thought. but guess what, it’s nottttt. instead, it’s WAY better.

apparently, oprah’s buying the nation the grilled chicken meal at kfc. AWESOME. because it tastes good? don’t know. but it’s definitely free. don’t believe me? i know. don’t worry, i read the small print. and what tastes better than FREE? uhhhh NOTHING. (ok, only catch is you have to print it by 11:59pm. so get to it!)


but anyone else think the url’s a bittt funny? maybe i’m looking way into it. but it seems like as in, not think kfc. hmm….

man, who needs the bailout when you’ve got OPRAH? …actually, a bailout from oprah would be awesome.