my brother imed me this url at work:

my initial reaction was something to do with the UFC. he’s into that stuff so naturally that’s what i thought. but guess what, it’s nottttt. instead, it’s WAY better.

apparently, oprah’s buying the nation the grilled chicken meal at kfc. AWESOME. because it tastes good? don’t know. but it’s definitely free. don’t believe me? i know. don’t worry, i read the small print. and what tastes better than FREE? uhhhh NOTHING. (ok, only catch is you have to print it by 11:59pm. so get to it!)


but anyone else think the url’s a bittt funny? maybe i’m looking way into it. but it seems like as in, not think kfc. hmm….

man, who needs the bailout when you’ve got OPRAH? …actually, a bailout from oprah would be awesome.