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I promise this will be the last Star Trek/Chris Pine related post.  At least for the day….



Mr. Zachary Quinto aka Sylar is a handsome man.  But due to the psycho-sociopath that he plays on Heroes, I can’t look at him without thinking about Sylar

On the other hand this is the first time I’ve been introduced Mr. Chris Pine.  Gorgeous eyes, southern charm, great sense of humor, I just wish he was a bit taller? 🙂 






JJ Abrams had brought Fringe into my life and now the new Star Trek crew!  Thank you JJ Abrams!  Just saw the new Star Trek movie and it was pretty fantastic.  The character development, the intricate plot that John kept wanting to explain, and nostalgic moments of familiar characters with their catch phrases….AHHHHHHHH, it was executed flawlessly!

However John made a good point.  If they wanted to stay true to the story, the panels of the Bridge should’ve been in DOS and decorated in bright lights and stickers, none of this minority report” technology….

Regardless, it was a fantastic movie and would love to see it again!



Los Abandoned, another cool LA (Van Nuys) band

jack tight shot wall

Mr. Keifer Sutherland seems to get into alot of trouble out in the real world.  It makes me wonder if it’s because he maybe, possibly believes that he’s really Jack Bauer inside.  So the story goes, Mr. Sutherland actually head-butted someone at a bar in NYC.  He didn’t punch the guy, he didn’t choke the guy, he didn’t kick the guy, he HEAD-BUTTED the guy.  It made me wonder if Mr. Sutherland was screaming out, “Do you know who I am?  I am Jack Bauer!  I protected Presidents,  saved countless American lives from various forms of potential terrorist attacks, and I KNOW how to cause some REAL pain!!!!!”

at the Walden pond

at the Walden pond

My cousin’s family actually lives only couple of miles from the Walden Pond.  Visited last fall and someone had climbed over the fence to make this at the edge of the pond.  Either that or there are some really smart animals living at the pond.