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ebbaflicker…your boyfriend’s shirt whenever you want with Ebba Flicker Candles (it’s 100% soy!)


Saw this mug and it made me think about my hubby.  He used to bring home mugs from the office because the handle fit 4 fingers.  For those of you who didn’t know this, they actually make the handle different sizes.  So whenever I travel to a different city, as a souvenir, I used to bring home mugs that can fit 4 fingers.  Even my friends would get in on the hunt.  Then I saw this mug!

Saw this last night at the movies.  It’s not in this video, but there was a clip in the longer version where the Z4 repeatedly draws a perfect circle.  Coolio


@ an airport

Can’t recall which airport this pix was taken at.  Funny thing is, it could be so many different airports around the world.

This only makes me see how daunting our future really is.  It’s frightening to say the least.