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My buddy Jen recently posted on her blog an “open letter” to the Gosselin.  I thought it was too entertaining not to share.  I totally HEART the sentence about the “4 US Weekly” covers…. NICE!

how awesome are these. a cap that also acts as a small sack of sorts. i can make a list of why you should get one:

1. it’s a cap

2. it’s a sack

3. it’s a cap and a sack


5. multi functional

6. protect you from sunlight

7. you can put little things in there like other sacks … if you know what i mean.

8. adds to your hipster style

9. it’s just awesome.

click here to buy your cap-sac.

i know NOTHING about star trek. i meant to post this last week, but i’ve been super busy and whatnot. but i saw this on the picture site my cousin sue sent me. it’s pretty effin sweeeeet.

check out the site:

did you hear? at nyu’s all university commencement this year, hillary clinton was the commencement speaker. WTF. for the 177th commencement, they have secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton. so i got to thinking, who was my commencement speaker last year? i remember michael strahan was there; michael j. fox was there. but you know who i had last year at nyu? laurence tribe. yeah, i have no idea what that mug is either. 

both mine and this year’s commencements were held in yankee stadium. mine was at the old yankee stadium. this year it was held at the new yankee stadium. both pretty historic (although i like to say mine was more – i also like to say that the graduation was the last group of people to be in yankee stadium. give it a more awe feeling. but not true, it was still baseball season). 

but you know what makes my graduation better than this year’s? this guy….



OHHHHHH how awesome would it be to go to one of these mentioned in NYTimes…. Iron-Chef-like events in the real world and in NYC!  The question now becomes, how do I find out where they are having these so I could actually attend some!???

Picture 078

on a boat

I’m not 100% certain what this could be called other than a compass.  Saw this on a boat one time in CT and thought it was super cool.