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can you believe it? some woman in texas has done nearly the impossible. she gave brith to twins. but each baby from a different father. they call this a double conception. and there is literally a one in a million chance for something like this to occur. ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at HISTORY. 

if you look at the picture, i guess they do look a bit different. but seriously, how crazy is this? so how did this happen? i’m not quite 100% sure. basically this dallas texas lady cheated on her partner with another guy. and then magically (or scientifically) they both got her pregnant at the same time. i’m probably not the best person to explain the science of this to you. because that’s just spreading lies. 

when i read the article, i was so dumbfounded but learned a good lesson:

  • if you’re going to cheat, use PROTECTION. condoms, birth control pills, etc. etc. at least if you don’t want both of them to get you pregnant. or use protection with one if you want to get pregnant. at least that way you’re saving time and money in trying to figure out who the baby daddy is. then your chances of getting caught cheating decreases too. 

oh, and with those odds of having a double conecption, i would’ve played the lottery..

so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. ok, that’s lie. i’ve been meaning to post about this maybe two weeks ago but i’ve been busy. at work. but anyway, pretend it’s two weeks ago.


so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. and guess what i’ve come across …

AWESOME. apparently, people are preordering these suckers like CRAZY. to be honest, a little too expensive for me. i don’t even know what i’d do with them. but i just want them. nostalgia. but if i had kids or something, i’d definitely buy them. or if i was some big movie paraphernalia collector. 

preorder your where the wild things are kubrick set. 


This was at the New York Botanical Garden in Brooklyn couple of years back at the annual “the orchid show”.    This was before my nikon d40…. Not bad