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so i don’t know anything about art. i don’t know history, artist names, artist works, genres, etc. etc. i just know what i see and if i like what i see. so i was perusing yatzer, and came across jan vormann’s work in berlin. it’s really cool for a couple of reasons. i’ve actually been to berlin. i was there for a week for school. i can’t tell you the names and places i’ve been but trust me, i was in the heart of berlin. i actually remember potsdamer. is that right? anyway, there are parts of berlin that’s really new with cool buildings and whatnot. but there are a lot of places in berlin that are actually preserved from the old days. so jan vormann goes around plugging some holes with plastic (lego) pieces aka dispatching. 

i think the lego pieces adds a nice little twist on the historicness of it all. i’m big on colors and whatnot so it’s really refreshing and vibrant. i could see how some people think it’s tacky or something. but look how the pieces fit so snugly. i think it’s really cool. 

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so i’m sure you’ve heard this song on the radio. at least this part .. “you the you the best. you the you the best. you the you the best. you’re the best i ever had … ” etc. etc. well it’s from the song “best i eva had” by drake. 


well … did you know? this kid is the kid from DEGRASSI? you know, jimmy brooks? the one that gets shot and is now in a wheelchair?


i guess he’s an actor, singer, and rapper. TRIPLE THREATTTT. he’s like the male and canadian version of hannah montana aka miley cyrus.

I haven’t watched a full episode of American Idol since the first season.  Just lost a total interest.  Then I heard this morning that 100 million people voted for this winner.  REALLY?  HUNDRED MILLION????  That’s 1/3 of the US.  That’s just insane! 

Here’s Kris Allen singing “heartless” by Kanye West, one of my favorite song this past year thanks to Gina.  I actually kind of like it.  I think he does a pretty decent job.  Good for him.

i’m sure you’ve been to a house of someone you’ve just kinda met. maybe it’s a new friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, in law, etc. etc. they offer you a snack and drink. you politely decline but they insist anyway. so off to the kitchen they go which leaves you a couple of minutes to peruse the immediate area. usually, you’re in the living room where the room’s abundant with some family photos and whatnot. clearly, they’re meant to be looked at. so you do. and then you notice …

and then..



well, that’s what is alll about. so check it out. there’s more where these came from. some are funny, some are really weird. and some are just CREEEEPY

dancing lights

dancing lights

At the ABDC concert.