The long weekend has officially started. Well not really. It’s just the weather is so gorgeous that it feels like it should be the weekend already. Most people have half days .. I know I did (supposed to. shhhhhh) so technically it did start.

Anyway, went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Fort Lee, NJ with Jung. So you know there are good pictures. I’m gonna confess, I’m not really a breakfast person. GASP. I know. Let me clarify. I love breakfast when I’m not paying $10 for someone to fry my eggs and bacon. I could do that and have platters and platters of bacon. You know what i mean? Do something complicated or grueling. Make me a croissant and I’ll pay you. But anyway back to OPH (as my friends call it or OHOP). Now that you know I hate paying for breakfast, my meal was FANTASTIC.

I had the good ol’ bacon and eggs. The bacon is just the winner here. Thick, salty, crunchy, porky. Basically delicious. And what can you say about their pancakes. It’s fluffy and delicious. I figuratively licked my plate clean (I try not to do embarrassing things in public).

Gosh. Bacon. So good but so bad but so good.