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so as a little promo for the upcoming season premier of weeds (june 8th), they’ve released this video detailing the history of well .. weed aka marijuana aka sweet mary jane. check it out. i’m not sure how valid ALL the points are in the video, but i feel like i learned a couple of new things.

it’s been a while since i’ve listened to beastie boys but yesterday i was listening to their check your head album which is a great fun album to just listen to. so i was on youtube and what do i find ……….

beastie boys and roots. awesome. 

mannn. it makes me really want to shell out the big bucks for the all points west festival in the summer time. seriously, check out the sick lineup

so i don’t listen to korean music. AT ALL. i know H.O.T. maybe two of their songs. i remember COOL. DJ DOC. but other than that, i’m lost. but i’ve heard of the wonder girls. it’s quality pop music i think. i don’t listen to it but i wouldn’t object to it if it was on the radio or something. 

so i guess “nobody” is a very popular wonder girls song. i’m not sure. someone can confirm or refute that claim. anyway, after perusing the internet, i came across this music video. very powerful message. seriously.



At Laguna Beach after Pageant of Masters