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“My family… always in my heart but in my eye.  May the time apart enrich the time spent together.  May there be enough love left over until the next time we join hands.”

This is the prayer that King Silas prayed for his ‘”second family” before dinner.  This is why I LOVE this show.  It’s refreshing because we don’t hear this kind of language around us these days.  I truly heart this show.


This is for my westcoast buddies.  This is what you’re missing out on.  I promise you, listen to it at least 2 times.  You won’t be able to get it out of your head…..

so my friend sent me this link last week. i can’t post it because i rechecked the link and it’s no longer there anymore. but basically it was about a pirate hunting russian cruise. if you google pirate hunting cruise, you’ll find a bunch of links. they pretty much all say the same thing …

for 3,500 pounds a day, some russian cruise will arm you with a lot of weapons and take you to the pirate infested seas. they’ll move slowly to bait the pirates and then when they try to hijack you, you attack. and apparently, you’re protected by ex-navy seals or marines or whatever russian equivalent if stuff goes wrong.

yeah …………………..

sad thing is …. i actually thought this was a real cruise ………………

goodness gracious. ok, i’ve been slacking hard on this. really hard. so a lot’s happened since i last posted which seems like 6 years ago.

within a week, 4 major celebrities passed away. yes, 4. i know you know about michael jackson and farrah fawcett. who are the other two?

well there was ed mcmahon. he was johnny carson’s announcer and side kick on the tonight show for decades. he also hosted star search where many of our stars today performed (justin timberlake, lauryn hill, aaliyah, dave chappelle, destiny’s child, etc.) he also starred in a Cash4Gold commercial with mc hammer during the super bowl. so you know he was cool guy. being able to put his pride aside for a commercial like that.

then there’s billy mays. who’s billy mays? he’s the guy that convinced you to buy you oxi clean and other stuff. he’s the infomerical king. not a celebrity? pssshhh. you try to sell nonsense and make it into a successful career. i bet you if you closed your eyes and heard his voice, you would recognize it in a heartbeat.

and poor farrah fawcett. she got straight shafted. seriously. does anybody even remember that she passed away? i don’t know if that was appropriate or not. but seriously. it should’ve been her day. people should be remembering her. but nope. hours later, michael jackson passes away. man. i mean granted michael jackson was clearly a way bigger star, icon, celebrity, etc. than farrah fawcett and his death was a lot more shocking but everyone just forgot about her. kind of sad really.

and what can i say about michael jackson. biggest star ever. biggest international star. i don’t know who else is a bigger star than michael jackson. the influence this man had on the world. crazy. just crazy.

i think a moment of silence is appropriate ..

homage to the king of pop

homage to the king of pop

This was at Simon’s bday party.  You know you can’t have a cool party without MJ!

building next door

building next door


pink chocolate?  who knew?

nyc nite

nyc nite

FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME DUDES taking over streets of NYC.  You gotta love it.  These are the type of things make me fall in love with NYC all over again and again.


So I have a friend who loves all things from 1930-40’s era.  Came across this Etsy shop that sold really awesome items from that time and on.  This is one of my favorite.  Now only if I had the figure to wear these dresses!

This is kind of old but thought to share regardless.  Transformers 2 was pretty decent.  Total summer blockbuster with really solid fighting scenes and all.  But a bit too long with the non-sense comical shinanigans….


Okay, it appears as though I obsess over alot of things but “flamin’ HOT Cheetos” maybe part of  Top10 obsessions of all time. 

I was first introduced to these things back in Texas, way back when and haven’t stopped eating them until I moved to NYC area.  And the only reason why I stopped eating them is because they don’t sell them in this area.  OR I just haven’t found a place that sell these.  What’s up with that?  Why would Cheetos, deprive the NYC folks of these marvelous things?

WARNING: these are extremely addictive.  You will crave them while watching movies, driving, walking around the streets, hanging out with your friends, and whatever….

Gina and I were driving into work this morning and had one of the funniest conversation ever about funky names.  Then I found these videos…


Seriously, these Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Footwear look totally mad cool but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford the tissue paper it gets wrapped in….

iac building

iac building


Life Photographer Gjon Mili upon his visit with Picasso in Vallauris France in 1949 took these amazing light drawings done by Picasso.  Picaso was inspired by photos which Mili had taken previously of ice skaters with lights attached to their skates doing jumps.  Here’s Life Archives for the full series


oh my. i haven’t been here in SO long. there’s really no excuse for it.  ….but there is.

i officially have moved out of my parents’ house and moved ….a couple of blocks away. whatever. i got a good deal. and i haven’t really moved out yet. i’m slowly moving my stuff out. slowly. very slowly. i’m lazy.

i’ve also been car hunting as well. WOW it sucks a lot. so much time and effort that needs to be spent for my budget which is a paltry $4k.

anyway, more on that later.

So for awhile, I was totally obsessed with this show called “the avatar: the last airbender“.  I’ve heard rumors about the movie in production and yesterday for the first time, I saw the trailer for the movie.  I am already excited for this movie to come out next year!  Don’t fail me M. Night Shyamalan!!!!!!




Probably not the most practical thing to have around the house with cats but I LOVE this pretty cushion from Etsy.

John says to me time to time, “If somebody told me 15 years ago that we would have an entire channel devoted to food and that I would have to pay $5 for coffee, I would’ve laughed at their face!”  Food Network is one of my favorite channels on TV.  But usually I don’t cringe or get disgusted watching Food Network.  But here was one of those moments.

Stevie Famulari is this lady’s name.  I KNOW I could make nicer looking things than her.  I am wondering how she managed to get on TV!!!!!



chopped salad

chopped salad

my famous chopped salad.  it’s pretty good if I do say so myself…


Japanese did it again.  Good idea? Bad idea?  What if it’s actually good reading?  I would feel pressure to sit there and read and read.



typical nyc scene

typical nyc scene

Only in NYC.  Men in fur, lumberack plaid, hi-top converse, and Picasso all in one shot. (@the MOMA)




The New York Times, is my primary source of news/information.  This new NYTimes building happens to be right in front of Port Authority, where I happen to be, at least 5 times a week.  I heard it’s truly gorgeous inside this building. Maybe one day I’ll get to go inside….



This is my #2 of 4 cats.  His name is Teffie (Teflon).  Teflon was John’s nickname during college and thought it would be cool to name our first boy cat by that name.  He is a truly gentle and sweet cat, except to short people/females (long story).  Needless to say, he is John’s favorite.  It’s quite amazing to see him run to John whenever, wherever John calls him. 

As John puts it, Teffie feels the pain of the world.  Always tries to save the underdogs, rescue the needy and defend the weak.  And he also likes to be held while he falls asleep.  Here he is, gently observing the world go by.


this was at some korean frozen yogurt place in fort lee.  i thought it was just so random….

NOOOOTTTT. somebody was telling me about this. in a recent interview, obama was seen swatting a fly to its death. it’s really impressive actually. the focus. precision. strength. all there.

and of course peta has issues.


IAC folks
IAC folks

I’m not sure what this was for but it was some sort of event in the lobby of our office building.





So we watched another new episode of “the kings” on NBC the other night.  I truely LOVE this show.  I love the drama, the characters, and most of all, the writing.  The characters speak so properly, it totally makes me feel ghetto.  I also love the fact that it’s somewhat Biblical.

first sunset

first sunset

This was the view from our new apt on our first full nite there.

Heidi and Spencer (speidi)on Today Show.  I think every time these two talk, it’s so insane, that it’s hilarious.  And on a side note, I can’t say that I’m surprised to hear that Heidi will be posing for Playboy.

one of my favorite songs done with a bit of an asian flare.  love it



At Extraordinary Dessert in San Diego

the menu

the menu

The Momofuku Noodle Bar menu

small details

small details

The L’Occitane toiletries at the Water Club

cliffside park don't go out at dark

cliffside park don't go out at dark

Random nite in Cliffside Park in front our house.  I remember Gina coming by to drop something off or picking something up.  She told me I should take a pix of the sky because it just looked sooo funky….



You heard it right.  Octomom the musical is here.  Or in LA rather.  I don’t even know what to say about this….

tree with a name

tree with a name

This was at “the hermitage” in Nashville, TN.  I’m not sure why some of the trees were named, but some of them even had little tags on them as well.

I have read all 4 books in the Twilight series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) in 2 weekends.  I have never been ashamed to admit this fact until now.

Just in case you are curious, this is the “New Moon” trailer.  After watching their reaction, I watched the trailer again trying to make sense of their reaction.  Ummmm…. still…. ummmm.. oh yeah… ummmm… nothing.



Here’s the thing.  Someone needs to tell Janice Dickinson that she’s on a tv show with cameras.  Cameras that could record in the dark.  Cameras that could record when everyone’s asleep.  Cameras that will record all your actions.  Cameras that will record what you do and broadcast to the rest of the world. 

Janice lies.  Lies alot.  And she also urinated all over the camp that they sleep and spend all their time at.  Not only that, she steals and eats everyone else’s food.  Then LIES about it on camera.  And says, “why would they blame me????”  Seriously, is she being serious?  It’s just mind boggling how she could just lie without even blinking her eye….

Oh yes, and John totally thinks she looks like the Joker on this show.  This woman is not aging well. 


Cool art by Kat Macleod


Chino forwarded this site to me last week and thought I should check it out.  I’m not sure what that says about me and I’m not sure what that says about him either.  Yes, it’s a site about sandwiches and so much more.

yes yes yes. you read right. zack morris was on the late night show with jimmy fallon. literally. mark paul gosselaar came onto the show to promote his show, raising the bar, but came on as zack morris. and wow. he really looks like he hasn’t aged one bit. i’m sure they spray tanned him and whatnot but he looks the same. and if you’re a big saved by the bell fan like i am, you’ll appreciate all the classic references in the clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


and apparently, jimmy fallon is trying to host a saved by the bell reunion on his show. and so far, it looks like he’s got a lot of people. i’m crossing my fingers!

the bridge

the bridge

george washington bridge

if anyone’s seen old school, you know about total eclipse of the heart even if you weren’t born in that decade. in case you forgot …

well i’ve never seen the real official video. until now. sort of. it’s not the real song. but a parody ..


HAHAHA. ok. this is just funny. poison frontman and star of vh1’s rock of love, bret michaels was literally knocked down by a set piece while performing at the 2009 tony awards on sunday. the way he falls is really funny. 

anyone else think this is really cool? this design is from eric ku who is a recent sva graduate. this piece is part of his senior thesis project. read more about it from yatzer.





I am usually freaking out when I’m watching this show since I hate frogs, bugs, snakes, lizards, spiders, and all the other creepy creatures that these people are having to deal with on reguarly basis.  But more importantly, here are some quotables from tonight’s show.

  • Spencer using his name as a verb… “You don’t want to see me Spence Out.”
  • John Salley officially called this show “Jesus Camp”
  • Spencer uttering the words “I decided to think before I talk….” – My hubby thought that one was really funny
  • Spencer yelling and screaming in the middle of the jungle, “Jesus can you hear us!!!! Of course you can!!!”

Sanjaya…. this kid is really entertaining.  He is trying to communicate with the jungle animals.  He is making crafts, furniture, tools and other things with materials he is finding in the jungle.  And he is just overall super happy kid.

Speidi is officially off the show again.  But I’m not sure if I totally buy that.  I would not be surprised if they walk back on to the camp site.

Just in case you were wondering, as a Christian, yes, I do find it really annoying that Heidi and Spencer are going around yelling religious things around the camp.  I feel like if you are a true Christian, you don’t have to go around pushing religion/God in people’s faces….


beau sia (cool name) on Def Jam Poetry talking about love….


graceful and elegant find on Etsy for a bride.

lady bug

lady bug

This is little Madison.  I’m sure she’s much bigger now but this was from couple of years ago.  Cutest little girl.
LA nite

LA nite

Walking around West LA after having dessert at my favorite dessert place in the universe, Sweet Lady Jane.

glimpses of you everywhere

glimpses of you everywhere

Saw this poster of Naruto in a cafe in LA while I was out there this Feb.  It made me really miss my hubby.  He LOVES Naruto and I’m sure he’s watched every episode at least twice.

i can’t even say anything. just watch the evolution of a dance party. how it goes from one weird guy dancing to literally the greatest dance party ever.


…amazed with this wooden led clock


Angela V. Shelton got voted off on “i’m a celebrity get me out of here” last nite.  She is a really funny woman and I am definitely going to miss having her on the show.  I think one of the funniest thing I’ve seen on the show was when she was talking to herself, and realized she was talking to herself, and had to slap herself around because she realized she was talking to herself…. I think that’s a sign that she’s relatively normal.

So we are getting to know a lot about Janice Dickinson.  She spits everywhere and she’s a klepto.  What’s up with that???? And no, they haven’t decided whether they will be bringing back Heidi and Spencer yet.  I’m voting yes, just for entertainment value alone….

perfect lighting

perfect lighting

This is a poster sitting in my cousin’s living room in Boston.  We’ve been to the DeCordova  museum couple of times while visiting my cousin’s family but never noticed this poster in their living room till this past visit.  It was a perfect afternoon sunlight hitting the poster just at the right angle.  Love it.


So Gina forwarded me this article on CNN this morning.  I think she did it because we had numerous conversation about this very topic.   Is it extreme to delete a friend that you technically don’t want to be friends with anymore?  I’ve had people “unfriend” me on Facebook, and it totally left me feeling, “BUT WHY???” 

But girl friends are a whole different animal.  I realize as I get older, I have few girl friends that I love and adore and we always have a blast whenever we get together.  These friends will be friends for a life time and that will never change.  And I have girl friends who are just high maintenance.  I have to cater to their needs, their schedule, their time, their feelings, their issues, their lives all the time.  Even if they say that it’s not like that, it’s TOTALLY like that.  And if I don’t, then I get dumped into the “bad friend” category.  What’s up with that?  And who has time for crap like that?  I am realizing, I clearly don’t. 

Maybe I should unfriend some of these girl friends… hmmmm… maybe not.

quo.  for mac, against mac?


Found these cute earrings on Etsy. 

alex told me about this billboard ad. pretty hilarious. i think it’s clear to see who won this battle between audi and bmw. 



check out more of these on

BAH. i went to sarabeth’s and asked for a chocolate croissant. i come to work. prepared for the glorious chocolate croissant. and what do i get?????


……..almond croissant.



I’ve never listened to Jonas Brothers before.  I don’t even know what they sing.  But after seeing Joe Jonas dressed up in tights, singing “single ladies”, I may actually check them out.  But I wish he could’ve at least learned some of the words to the song.

Transformers, roll out!

Transformers, roll out!

Griffith Park is one of my favorite places in LA.  I don’t care that it’s touristy and I don’t care that you get to see all the smog of LA.  And yes, this is where the Transformers got together to have a little pow-wow….


I’m a celebrity get me out of here!‘ is PURE entertainment in sooo many different levels.  John and I just watched the first 3 episodes back to back and even John laughed out loud couple of times.  Trust me, that’s a really rare thing.  Here are some memorable moments from the show.

HEIDI and SPENCER.  SPEIDI… I don’t even know where to begin with this.  Spencer is an ass and because he’s an ass, it’s HILARIOUS on the show.  Here are some memorable moments of Heidi and Spencer so far.


  1. Heidi and Spencer already walked out of the show 3 times and came back. 
  2. Spencer got baptized in the river by Stephen Baldwin before walking off one more time. 
  3. The other celebrities decided to split Heidi and Spencer’s items after they walked off, and when they came back, Heidi cried and cried because they took the label off of her hair spray.
  4. Heidi and Spencer prayed for Patti Blagojevich while holding hands.
  5. Spencer “faking” the other contestants or as he calls them, his “servants”.
  6. Heidi claiming that the “devil” got them to leave the show for the 3rd time on Live TV.
  7. Spencer losing a challenge because he ate the garnish as well as the bug.
  8. Heidi/Spencer/Sanjaya doing the fire dance  around the camp fire.
  9. Heidi and Spencer sleeping with their mouths open in a hammock as the othere celebrities were taking pictures of them.

And it goes on and on and on and on.  And yes, John Salley cried because Janice Dickenson wouldn’t accept his apology….   This show got me out of my mourning period of Fringe’s season being over.

I think I just might have to give a daily update on this show.  Too entertaining not to.  Did I mention that Gina and I actually met one of the contestants on the show?




…me more with super sleek perfume sticks via A+R

yum yum dim sum

yum yum dim sum

I cross 2 rivers to get to Jade Asian Restuarant in Flushing to get dim sum.  I only go here to get dim sum because John and I’ve had really HORRIBLE experiences everywhere else.  I would love it if someone could recommend some place in Jersey that would be comprable to Jade.  This place has amazing dimsum options!

first of all. i had no idea the tonight show starts at 11:35pm. which means the late night show starts at 12:35am. wtf. i can’t believe i watch tv that late. 

i started off watching the colbert report for a couple of minutes. hilarious. for those of you who watch the colbert report, you guys know that colbert report goes on at 11:30pm.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


i actually watched the whole episode online and it was awesome. i recommend checking it out at


back to the tonight show with conan. i watched it with alex last night because he’s got the HD and the 90375928353inch screen. ….oh. and i enjoy his company. …. … .. …… but anyway. the lineup included will ferrell and pearl jam. will ferrell’s always a great guest. super funny. but pearl jam. i don’t know. i thought that was weird. i don’t listen to pearl jam; so for me, it wasn’t so exciting. oh well.

i (well, this was more alex’s concern but i’m stealing it. i’ll include a works cited below) was worried that conan might switch up his comedy because now he was on the tonight show. but thankfully, that wasn’t the case. it was still the goofy awkward comedy conan brings every night. and i liked it. from the intro of running from nyc to ca, monologue, universal tour guide, etc. etc., it was great. will ferrell was obviously a fantastic guest. just watch the video. pearl jam. ehh. to be honest, i don’t remember them at all. i think i was …distracted when they were on.

and can we talk about his hair??? i don’t know what’s in the california air but there’s definitely more umpf in his hair.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


anyway i look forward to more episodes for sure.




**eff the works cited. i’ll admit to plagiarism.

the jakes, perhaps you know?


Seriously, you and I both know, that if I had made this up…. you probably wouldn’t even crack a smirk.  But the fact that there are people actually living on a street called “butt hole road“, somewhere on this planet, is freaking entertaining for me.  And no, it’s not an one way street.

sun setting in West VA

sun setting in West VA

This was during my drive to Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman concert last October.  I drove over 18 hours during this one weekend to go to this concert.  And yes, it was totally worth it.


Saw Bangkok Dangerous with Nicolas Cage this weekend along with 10 other films.  The only really memorable thing about the movie was this watch.  It’s made by a company called V-Tec, which no long is in business.  Very unfortunate, since the watch is pretty awesome.

I am pretty sure the Transporter movies were based on these BMW Films.  When I was first introduced to these films by a good buddy, I couldn’t stop obsessing over them.  These films made me also become a huge Clive Owen fan. 

“The Follow” is one of my favorite due to the beautiful music, scenery and cinematography.  There about 8 short films, featuring stars like Forest Whitaker, Mickey Rourke, Madonna, Don Cheadle, James Brown, Marilyn Manson, and many others.   You should totally check them out on Youtube

i’ve been waiting for this night forever. no offense, i think jay’s funny and all but conan’s definitely more up my alley. so i’m stoked conan o’brien’s getting this opportunity to host the tonight show. i’m not sure what all of america’s going to think about him because he’s definitely different from jay leno. i feel like jay leno definitely appeals to the masses while conan has a niche (large niche) group. oh well. as long as i’m happy, not too concerned about other people’s options for comedic relief. anyway, it’s on tonight and i’m stoked! i just have to figure out what time the tonight show’s really on. 



my little obsession