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So Gina forwarded me this article on CNN this morning.  I think she did it because we had numerous conversation about this very topic.   Is it extreme to delete a friend that you technically don’t want to be friends with anymore?  I’ve had people “unfriend” me on Facebook, and it totally left me feeling, “BUT WHY???” 

But girl friends are a whole different animal.  I realize as I get older, I have few girl friends that I love and adore and we always have a blast whenever we get together.  These friends will be friends for a life time and that will never change.  And I have girl friends who are just high maintenance.  I have to cater to their needs, their schedule, their time, their feelings, their issues, their lives all the time.  Even if they say that it’s not like that, it’s TOTALLY like that.  And if I don’t, then I get dumped into the “bad friend” category.  What’s up with that?  And who has time for crap like that?  I am realizing, I clearly don’t. 

Maybe I should unfriend some of these girl friends… hmmmm… maybe not.

quo.  for mac, against mac?


Found these cute earrings on Etsy. 

alex told me about this billboard ad. pretty hilarious. i think it’s clear to see who won this battle between audi and bmw. 



check out more of these on

BAH. i went to sarabeth’s and asked for a chocolate croissant. i come to work. prepared for the glorious chocolate croissant. and what do i get?????


……..almond croissant.



I’ve never listened to Jonas Brothers before.  I don’t even know what they sing.  But after seeing Joe Jonas dressed up in tights, singing “single ladies”, I may actually check them out.  But I wish he could’ve at least learned some of the words to the song.

Transformers, roll out!

Transformers, roll out!

Griffith Park is one of my favorite places in LA.  I don’t care that it’s touristy and I don’t care that you get to see all the smog of LA.  And yes, this is where the Transformers got together to have a little pow-wow….