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Life Photographer Gjon Mili upon his visit with Picasso in Vallauris France in 1949 took these amazing light drawings done by Picasso.  Picaso was inspired by photos which Mili had taken previously of ice skaters with lights attached to their skates doing jumps.  Here’s Life Archives for the full series


oh my. i haven’t been here in SO long. there’s really no excuse for it.  ….but there is.

i officially have moved out of my parents’ house and moved ….a couple of blocks away. whatever. i got a good deal. and i haven’t really moved out yet. i’m slowly moving my stuff out. slowly. very slowly. i’m lazy.

i’ve also been car hunting as well. WOW it sucks a lot. so much time and effort that needs to be spent for my budget which is a paltry $4k.

anyway, more on that later.

So for awhile, I was totally obsessed with this show called “the avatar: the last airbender“.  I’ve heard rumors about the movie in production and yesterday for the first time, I saw the trailer for the movie.  I am already excited for this movie to come out next year!  Don’t fail me M. Night Shyamalan!!!!!!




Probably not the most practical thing to have around the house with cats but I LOVE this pretty cushion from Etsy.

John says to me time to time, “If somebody told me 15 years ago that we would have an entire channel devoted to food and that I would have to pay $5 for coffee, I would’ve laughed at their face!”  Food Network is one of my favorite channels on TV.  But usually I don’t cringe or get disgusted watching Food Network.  But here was one of those moments.

Stevie Famulari is this lady’s name.  I KNOW I could make nicer looking things than her.  I am wondering how she managed to get on TV!!!!!