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so i saw this earlier in the week ..

which is the walter knoll circle. i think it looks cool as hell. but then i thought. this reminds of something .. something i’ve seen …

the tokyo bench. if you’ve ever visited the IAC headquarters on the west side highway, you’ll see it in our lobby. anyway, different material clearly. but the shape slightly resembles each other. maybe the inverse?

i can’t decide which one i like more. i’m sure the walter knoll circle is WAY comfier. and soft.

ok, i think everyone leans back on their chair and some (like me) lean forward. and i’m talking any butt supporting object like a stool. well .. guess what i found..

the monarchy stool from yiannis ghikas. it’s called the monarchy stool because the bottom resembles a crown which is related to monarchy. you get it. anyway, SOOO cool. i would love this. i’m one of those people who have a hard time sitting up straight so i’m always fidgeting around. AND, if you work with me, you know i love sitting on the arm rest on my chair because it slightly resembles a stool. holy shiz, i need to get me this.

check out more details at yatzer.

ok, i’m not really a boat person. i mean, i like the beach and i like going on boats and whatnot but i’m not a fanatic like some people. my life long dream isn’t to own  the biggest sailing boat or a bajillion dollar yacht.

until now …

it’s a bit of a futuristic design from schopfer designs. it’s called the oculus. if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to look like a killer whale which it does.

oooohhhh weeeeeee. i just need to scrounge up from $95 to $140 milllllion dollars. the oculus yacht above is about $90 million. the infinitas yacht below is $140 mill …

homemade red vevlet

homemade red vevlet

the best red velvet i had was at Amy’s Bread.  These were made from Amy’s Bread recipe

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