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I am in Jacksonville, FL for couple of days visiting a friend and her lovely kids.  But while I am having alot of fun reconnecting with good buddies, I am also coming down with a total case of chair envy.  She has not 1, not 2, but THREE different styles of Eames in her house.  Actually I am sitting in one right now…. LOVE IT! 




If someone gives me enough money, I could do this!  I could be the other JUNG the wedding planner!


Saw this Korean Vogue cover with Mr. Lee Byung Hun and Josh Hartnett.  Folks, it’s the freaking VOGUE!  It’s not a mom and pop newspaper being printed a HP printer.  It’s the VOGUE!!!!!  They don’t have ONE employee who speaks English well enough to tell them that they shouldn’t be printing, “Two of us Couples!”  SERIOUSLY!!!!  I know my English grammar isn’t my forte, but even I know that, that sounds beyond funny.  But this is VOGUE!  SERIOUSLY?????

But they do look pretty darn good in these photos….




Sylvia Weinstock made my wedding cake.  Don’t be impressed, it was part of the catering contract at Jersey Cit Hyatt.  But here’s April Reed cakes.  I LOVE her cakes!  I really do love everything about her cakes.


I LOVE weddings.  Not just because I help the folks coordinate and make their weddings come together, but I think weddings are really an incredible event to be part of.  One of the websites that I religiously read is called Junebug Weddings.  And since the wedding that I am doing the flowers for is coming up in about a week, I will devote some of my posts this week to weddings.  Here’s a post from Junebug Wedding that I totally loved.


Saw this article in NYTimes this week about “Cakes Gone Wrong” and a website called “Cake Wrecks.”  Then I came across this particular cake, and I was totally baffled then I read the original cake order.  I’m sure it was intentionally screwed up for a good-laugh sake and I would have to say I was slightly amused. 

I don’t know why I found this so funny but I totally thought this new A&E show called “Steven Seagal:Lawman” was a spoof.

I am kind of baffled by this news of the President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I wonder how many qualified people not in the spotlight, are wondering why they didn’t get this award.  I’m sure they are just as baffled as I am.

But more importantly, focus on the gentleman in the back, snickering as the President Obama’s name is announced…. Classic!




Tiny converse keychains… too cute.


I am 34 today.  This was the cake that Susan got for me on my 32nd bday.  I somehow managed to convince Susan and Claudia to fly out to Nashville, TN for my bday that year.  Susan flew across the country with this cake from LA from my favorite bakery in the universe.  SWEET LADY JANE!  It was one incredible weekend that I will probably never forget.


Ari…. seriously….. HR nitemare but quite entertaining to see him run around in his insanity mode.  If you haven’t seen the episode, this is a spoiler alert.  Ari goes around the newly acquired company, literally “firing” paintball at the employees that he doesn’t want anymore.  The employees are running around in terror, wondering if they’ll be Ari’s next target. I’m sure this would be the most traumatizng way to get fired

I’ve never watched a single episode of Dexter till this weekend.  I knew the general premise of the show but nothing in detail.  Based on what I knew about the show, I was totally blown away by the intro of the show.  They managed to visually capture the true essence of the character and the entire plot within this 2 min intro.  What’s even more out of this world crazy is that, they told a simple story of a “morning routine” while visually telling us who Dexter is. It’s just freaking amazing and disturbing at the same time.

My favorite shows coming together in the most poignant way.

Here’s my favorite quote from this week’s GLEE.  Kristin Chenoweth was guest star and played a character named April.  Like the quirky character she played in the beloved Pushing Daisies, she was soooo good! 

April: “Your lack of imagination astounds me.  This is the only the beginning.  If you can master this, you can sneak anything out of a store between your knees.  Shoes, prom dresses.  I almost got a cake out of a kid’s bday party, with the candle still lit!”

I didn’t think I would have to write another Snuggies post but here I am writing another Snuggies post.  Snuggies for pet.  How far would these people go?  What will we see next?  Snuggies for our plants?  Snuggies for babies?  Snuggies for iPhones?  Seriously stop this madness!

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