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There’s a good reason why the anchor woman can’t keep a straight face.  The caption on the bottom of the screen reads,  “32 year old unemployed Mr. Park dies after stepping on a Lego.”  Seriously, it makes me feel much better about my life.  Is that wrong?  Yeah…. it probably is!

Here are few reasons why the group Nota won and why they deserved to win on Sing-Off!



I don’t usually watch ABC World News Tonight or any of the nightly news shows since I am still at work.  However, last nite, serendipitously, I was home AND was watching the show.  It turns out, it was Charles Gibson’s last show and he was signing off for the last time.  I hate good-byes and I hate emotional good-byes even more.  But it was so genuine, sincere and touching so I wanted to share.

Saw this the other day.  Wondering if I will see something like this in the real world in my life time….

Saw this couple of months ago on 60 Minutes and it really freaked me out.  I think I’m a fairly impressionable and something like this will get my imaginations going till the end of time.  John thinks I’m being paranoid for no reason but 60 Minutes told me to be scared!  You could watch the full clip here on CBS.

New York Magazine has an annual list of “Reasons to LOVE New York“.  I don’t know if we need a list every year but it’s always nice to be reminded for me, since I think I forget time to time.  New York is a definitely the best place to be most of the time…

Seriously how cute is this?  Saw this on MOMA store.  Probably not the most practical thing but it’s seriously cute!  Korean food taking over the world man!

Saw this the other day on NYTimes and it almost made me want to move back South.  I haven’t seen a layer cake like this in a really long time and I would totally LOVE one for xmas please!

UP was one of my favorite movies.  And Russell was such an awesome character.  So when I saw this picture, it totally brought a smile to my face.  This is not the kid who was the voice in the movie.  Not really sure who this kid is but this is so freaking cute.

How cool are these Marc Jacob’s USB tool?  HMMMMMMM…. maybe you have to be of certain age to really appreciate these?  Well, I LOVE ’em!

This is Harriet.  I didn’t fully understand the meaning of a scaredy cat until I met Harriet.  She’s so scared of everything that John and I joke about how she will most likely die of a heart attack.   Everything scares her.  The wind, the rain, the doorbell, footsteps, printer printing, clicking of the mouse, cell phone ringing, and the list goes on and on.  But somehow she has managed to survive in the Kim household as long as she has.  We love her dearie and I hope she will be with us for long, long, long time.  She’s also not comfortable showing affection or receiving affection.  She gets super tense and cringes everytime I hold her.  John says it’s because she sees me like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.  I would like to think otherwise….

I love rings.  These seem super economical since the combination would be endless.  I ❤ that!

Okay I have 2 groups that I am really rooting for on the new show on NBC called “The Sing-Off“.  First is a group called Nota.  Nota is clearly the best group on this show without a doubt.  And the other group is called Maxx Factor.  I really want to see them do well on this show because they are clearly the underdog of the show.  I mean look at the way they are dressed on the show while the other groups are totally DECKED-OUT!~  It’s like the producers put them in these oufits just so that they could be made fun of or something.  What gives man?????

Anywho,  here’s a taste of what you may be missing if you’re not watching this show.  Here’s an awesome performance by Nota.  That’s right “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz! 

Teffie chillin’ in a white crate

Okay, I’m that crazy cat lady.  Happy Holidays from, Snickers, Teffie, Harriett, and Tigger!

I have found a new admiration and respect for this site called Daily Beast today.  When they first launched, they shared the same floor in my office and for most part, it was not a pleasant experience.  However, I gotta give them props for having  a pretty fantastic site.  The content is well aggregated and interesting.  And not to mention, it’s a gorgeous site.  Tina Brown, I forgive you for turning the lights off in the bathroom while I was still in the there….

Here’s an interesting article about Google and how technology is making us dumb.

happy hanukkah or chanukah.

This is my dear buddy Tigger.  My favorite.  But I only tell him that when the other cats are not around.  I don’t want to show favoritism.  He was tiny when we first got him.  And since people ususally don’t believe me, I have to show them pictures of Tigger when he was just a tiny kitten.  But now when people meet him for the first time, people are in shock  at how big he is then ask what we feed him.  I kid you not, he will be the biggest cat you’ll meet.  I always try to take flattering pictures of him.   Tigger is an awesome cat.  Dog-like cat.  Such an incredible companion and I do truly love him!

So in case you are having Glee withdrawals, NBC has your next best thing.  It’s a show called “the sing-off“.  It totally sounds like they rounded up really talented folks and the show should be super entertaining.  My Mondays are looking interesting again….

hahahaaaaaa. does anyone love this show except for me? i know you all do (if you’ve watched it). if you haven’t seen it, SERIOUSLY. you need to check it out. you will fall in love.

i know i know. the show’s mad offensive to italians across the world. i feel for you. but i can’t help that it makes for really …interesting tv. i had to think about how to say good but not use the word good. because i’ll be honest, the show is crap. it’s probably the dumbest show i’ve ever watched. but that’s also the big reason it’s so good. and what does that say about me? not much. i, too, fall for very bad television.

i pretty much grew up in jersey but never really knew any serious “guidos” and “guidettes”. ok, before i continue. i didn’t even know the word guidette existed until now. i find the word pretty hilarious. so anyway, guidos and guidettes have always been a myth and a legend to me. and i was SUPER curious to see what their life was like. if 8 of them lived in house to find out what happens when people stop being polite. and start getting real. so mtv got together 8 people and threw them in a jersey shore home and filmed them during the summer. and the jersey shore was born.

all i have to say is.. if the below doesn’t make you want to tune in… you’re just a better person than i am ..

thursdays at 10pm on mtv.

So I bought this glass piggy bank for our not so new apt couple of months ago.  I’ve been loving having this new addition at home.  Super cute but it’s soooo fragile that I’m not sure if it will able to survive in our household for a long time.  But as a piggy bank, I think this is as cute as it gets.

Wanted to post some videos from the season finale of Glee.  But wasn’t able to find decent video of the songs that I wanted.  Instead, here’s a cute Gap kids commercial that I saw during Glee tonite. 

Is it bad that I want this camera?  If I had all the money in the world, one of the things that I would love to do is collect cameras.  All different types of cameras.  I would like to start with this LOMOGRAPHY DIANA F+ CHROMIAC please.

Clearly the kid doesn’t know the words to any of the songs but I don’t think it matters.  It’s still super cute.

is anyone else sick of tiger woods, his mistresses, accident, wife, scandal, etc? i understand he’s a huge public figure. he’s a role model. he deserves the scrutiny but for real, let the man be. celebrities in general shouldn’t be your life role model. if you like them for their acting, sports skills, etc., just look at that. i think it’s always difficult to copy someone’s life especially when their life is SO different from yours. how can you possibly understand what a celebrity’s life is like and vice versa? i’m not saying tiger woods is right. i think his wife should smash all the windows in his car, break his golf clubs, and try to beat the crap out of him and his hos. BUT i don’t think our media should be covering garbage like that. what about the summit at copenhagen? our economy?

oh well, i guess we’re just a nosy bunch. a note to future boyfriends or husband. if you cheat on me, i will not be diplomatic. i will kick at your nuts many many many times.

it’s been A LOOOONG time. super busy with life in general. i was listening to this song this morning. first, it should be no surprise that i love mariah carey. i’m a korean girl born in the latter half the of the 80s. so my childhood was spent listening to mariah carey. one of my favorite mariah carey songs is fantasy featuring ol’ dirty bastard (wuuuu-tang). one of my favorite parts of the songs is definitely the intro by odb. something about this song gets me really pumped.

Yes, I’m the crazy cat lady with 4 cats at home.  But videos like this should make everyone a cat lover.  This is kind of neat since I’ve taught Snickers to give me “high-five” over the weekend.  This kitten is so cute and this trick is just hilarious!  I have NO clue why my friend forwarded me this video…. No clue….

I was in the mood to listen to some Kanye West then came across these videos.


Modern Family – One of the funnier shows on TV these days.  And this episode was pretty hilarious.  Then of course, I couldn’t get Glee’s version of “gold digger” out of my head for literally hours….


Lovely Jen had forwarded me this hilarious yet so right-on article called “How Twilight Works,” on The Oatmeal, after I asked her if she was the author of MylifeisTwilight

Although I agree with majority of the theory on The Oatmeal, I think this is how Twilight really works:

I remember seeing MUJI products at MOMA stores and always thought they were super cool.  Then recently, while visiting my friend Simon’s house in Chelsea area, I discovered the MUJI retail store.  Ohhhhhh Emmmm Gheeeeee!  I think I could’ve spent hours and hours there along with lots of $$$$$$. 

But I had some self-control and only bought some slippers to wear around the house for John and I.  I was rather proud of myself but I also discovered that there’s a store right in front of Port Authority.  This probably isn’t a good thing for me and my monthly budget….

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