hahahaaaaaa. does anyone love this show except for me? i know you all do (if you’ve watched it). if you haven’t seen it, SERIOUSLY. you need to check it out. you will fall in love.

i know i know. the show’s mad offensive to italians across the world. i feel for you. but i can’t help that it makes for really …interesting tv. i had to think about how to say good but not use the word good. because i’ll be honest, the show is crap. it’s probably the dumbest show i’ve ever watched. but that’s also the big reason it’s so good. and what does that say about me? not much. i, too, fall for very bad television.

i pretty much grew up in jersey but never really knew any serious “guidos” and “guidettes”. ok, before i continue. i didn’t even know the word guidette existed until now. i find the word pretty hilarious. so anyway, guidos and guidettes have always been a myth and a legend to me. and i was SUPER curious to see what their life was like. if 8 of them lived in house to find out what happens when people stop being polite. and start getting real. so mtv got together 8 people and threw them in a jersey shore home and filmed them during the summer. and the jersey shore was born.

all i have to say is.. if the below doesn’t make you want to tune in… you’re just a better person than i am ..

thursdays at 10pm on mtv.