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UP was one of my favorite movies.  And Russell was such an awesome character.  So when I saw this picture, it totally brought a smile to my face.  This is not the kid who was the voice in the movie.  Not really sure who this kid is but this is so freaking cute.

How cool are these Marc Jacob’s USB tool?  HMMMMMMM…. maybe you have to be of certain age to really appreciate these?  Well, I LOVE ’em!

This is Harriet.  I didn’t fully understand the meaning of a scaredy cat until I met Harriet.  She’s so scared of everything that John and I joke about how she will most likely die of a heart attack.   Everything scares her.  The wind, the rain, the doorbell, footsteps, printer printing, clicking of the mouse, cell phone ringing, and the list goes on and on.  But somehow she has managed to survive in the Kim household as long as she has.  We love her dearie and I hope she will be with us for long, long, long time.  She’s also not comfortable showing affection or receiving affection.  She gets super tense and cringes everytime I hold her.  John says it’s because she sees me like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.  I would like to think otherwise….

I love rings.  These seem super economical since the combination would be endless.  I ❤ that!

Okay I have 2 groups that I am really rooting for on the new show on NBC called “The Sing-Off“.  First is a group called Nota.  Nota is clearly the best group on this show without a doubt.  And the other group is called Maxx Factor.  I really want to see them do well on this show because they are clearly the underdog of the show.  I mean look at the way they are dressed on the show while the other groups are totally DECKED-OUT!~  It’s like the producers put them in these oufits just so that they could be made fun of or something.  What gives man?????

Anywho,  here’s a taste of what you may be missing if you’re not watching this show.  Here’s an awesome performance by Nota.  That’s right “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz! 

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