so anybody watch the presidential address last night? i had no idea it was going to be on. but it was. and as a model citizen, i watched.

he addressed all the key points he wanted to achieve. all the standard stuff like universal healthcare, more jobs, tax breaks for all companies, pulling out troops, affordable and better  schooling, and greenness. hopefully, these are goals he and we’ll accomplish.

but aside from that, if you watched, did anyone notice it was literally like comedy hour? obama was cracking jokes left and right. my brother and i thought it was pretty funny. just the idea that usually these speeches are really serious but he’s loosening up. which is nice.

overall it was a great speech. a lot of stories of struggle and hope from the people, optimism in general, comedy, and also he made sure to stand his ground as well. maybe i’m naive, but it made me believe and have hope. so despite his sagging ratings, i’m behind him.