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I have been watching Ellen everyday this year.  Then today I came across these unbelievably gorgeous wedding pictures from her wedding.  Not only is she one of the funniest people on TV, she and I apparently have same taste.  I think if she had asked me to plan her wedding(which btw is very unfortunate she didn’t), I don’t think I would’ve changed anything about her wedding.  And let’s also focus on the fact that she had her wedding cake done by Sweet Lady Jane.  And believe you me, I’ve called this place the best bakery in the UNIVERSEEEEE…..

Here’s an Etsy find.  I am planning an event where mason jars will be used as part of the decor.  In my search of mason jars, I came across these vintage ball jars and I love ’em.  I love the subtle shade of blue, I love the simplistic design and I even love the rusted handles.

I was able to listen to This American Life episode #400 this week.  And in TAL style, it made me chuckle couple of times, think about life & death, and I will probably go around quoting lines from this episode.  The episode was titled “Stories Pitched by Our Parents”.  It was a really great episode.  While listening to this episode, I was naturally coming up with at least 10 different story pitches that I could make to TAL, if I was to ever meet someone from the show.  Alot of quirky things happen to John and I.  People are always telling us that we should be on TV because the stories are so entertaining. 

The other morning, John and I were woken up by someone knocking at our door.  Someone wearing a NYPD cap was standing there, looking “official,” asking for me.  John had answered the door and quickly assessed the situation and realized that I was being “served”.  With a lawsuit.  John tried to get rid of the guy and stop him from handing over the paperwork.  After 15 minutes of conversation, the guy ended up dropping the paperwork and just walking away.  Only then did we find out that they JP Morgan was suing “Jung S Kim”.  Needless to say, I am not “Jung S Kim”.  Yes, this is how I started my Tuesday morning…. Does things like this happen to other people?

I recently had to plan a hotel rooftop party at sunset in TRINIDAD.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend due to work and family situation.  But while planning the party, I must’ve  spent literally  H-O-U-R-S looking at outdoor lanterns.  Then I came across “Casamidy“.  Love at first sight to say the least.  Perfect 10 on design, form, whimsey, color and even functionalty.  It really doesn’t get better than this.

Just watched Lindsey Vonn win her gold medal.  John said it was the most entertaining event on the Olympics so far.  That’s because close to 50% of the ladies totally fell on their faces before reaching the finish line.  Sad but true.  However, can we take a moment to acknowledge how gorgeous this woman is?  She slightly looks like a younger, curvier, and definitely more athletic version of Sharon Stone.   Really really beautiful!

John and I have been watching a lot of Olympics.  But since we don’t want to be blind sided by spoilers on the web and on the news, we’ve been watching most of it live.  This means, no skipping thru the commercials like we usually do.  But time to time, that’s not such a bad thing.  Serendipitously I came across this commercial that wove images which provoked raw human emotions together with artistic execution that was flawless.  Nike… did it again!

Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite store in the world.  I am actually sitting in a room where the wall was painted with “silver sage” from RH.  While browsing the site, I saw this “everlast desktop speed bag” and chuckled a little to myself.  Wondered what my co-workers would think if I had this on my desk.  Then realized that the item was completely sold-out.  And I did not find that surprising….

Cell phone telephoto lens.  Do I need to say more?  I would like one please.

I love everything about NYC, including the no-so-tidy subway system that takes you anywhere you want to go.  I think it has so much character and so much history that I can’t imagine this city without it.  Then I saw this illustration by Julia Rothman.   I love the fact that soon as I looked at it, I started to hear “Empire State of Mind” in my head….

I recently started to make time to watch Ellen everyday.  Watching her show at the of a long day is actually theraputic for me.   I had forgotten how funny, witty, and incredibly generous she is.   Sometimes, I sit around laughing by myself watching her show, and yes, my cats stare at me give me funny looks.  And today Ellen celebrated her 1100th show.  Congratulations to her and her awesome show.  




Google’s TV ad.  I don’t know if there are any other Google TV ads but this was so sweet and so poignant.  Clearly this was one of my favorite ads of the nite.

Dodge Charger commercial called “A Man’s Last Stand.”   Michael C Hall’s voice brought the ad to a whole new level IMO.

I’ve been working at the IAC building now for almost 3 years.  We have enough perks here to really define us as an “internet” company.  And one of my personal favorite is Bagel Friday.  I overheard by the toaster this AM, a guy telling his co-worker that he thought about working from home today, but remembered it was Bagel Friday and decided to trek into the office.  Yes, we really do indeed love our Bagel Fridays here.

However after 3 years, close to 150 Bagel Fridays later, and countless number of bagel vendors, Murray’s Bagel in Chelsea has made its debut at our sacred weekly ritual.  The bagel goodness was higher than most bagels I recall and I have enough faith in Murray’s to believe that they will maintain this standard on weekly basis.  Although like some relationships, we’ve seen most bagel vendors make an awesome impression, then disappoint us after couple of weeks,  I would like to hope that this will be one of those rare lasting relationships….

WOW. first, how hard is it to spell punxsutawney? very hard. i wasn’t even close on my first attempt. i did puxawtawney phil. hahah. oh well.

it’s groundhog’s day. and well .. guess what. that critter saw his damn shadow. 6 more weeks of coldness for those of you who don’t know the legend.

lucky for me, i’ve got free heat and a bottle of jameson at home.

An artist named Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses brilliantly depicts a realistic portrait of how things might’ve turned out for some of our beloved fairy tale princesses in the modern times.  I could totally see Cinderella having some serious marriage issues due to her childhood abandonment and abuse issues coupled with being married to the “Bachelor”.  The photography was beautifully done and these images do stirs emotions and impacting conversations for the audience.

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