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Just watched Lindsey Vonn win her gold medal.  John said it was the most entertaining event on the Olympics so far.  That’s because close to 50% of the ladies totally fell on their faces before reaching the finish line.  Sad but true.  However, can we take a moment to acknowledge how gorgeous this woman is?  She slightly looks like a younger, curvier, and definitely more athletic version of Sharon Stone.   Really really beautiful!

John and I have been watching a lot of Olympics.  But since we don’t want to be blind sided by spoilers on the web and on the news, we’ve been watching most of it live.  This means, no skipping thru the commercials like we usually do.  But time to time, that’s not such a bad thing.  Serendipitously I came across this commercial that wove images which provoked raw human emotions together with artistic execution that was flawless.  Nike… did it again!

Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite store in the world.  I am actually sitting in a room where the wall was painted with “silver sage” from RH.  While browsing the site, I saw this “everlast desktop speed bag” and chuckled a little to myself.  Wondered what my co-workers would think if I had this on my desk.  Then realized that the item was completely sold-out.  And I did not find that surprising….

Cell phone telephoto lens.  Do I need to say more?  I would like one please.

I love everything about NYC, including the no-so-tidy subway system that takes you anywhere you want to go.  I think it has so much character and so much history that I can’t imagine this city without it.  Then I saw this illustration by Julia Rothman.   I love the fact that soon as I looked at it, I started to hear “Empire State of Mind” in my head….

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