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Today I stopped by my elementary school PS.21 in Flushing.  It’s been more than 20 years but soon as I walked thru the front doors, the familiar scent of the hallway, brought back memories like a flood.  Everything seemed scaled down from what I remember.  Then again, I am now 20+ years older than I was the last time I walked out of these doors.

After chatting with the ladies at the Administrative office, I found out that my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Ginger Manganaro was not only still teaching at the school, but was still teaching 5th grade.  I couldn’t get over myself.  I thought about stopping by to say hello and thinking back, I’m not sure why I didn’t.

Then I also stopped by my junior high school, JHS 189.  And as I was chatting up with the ladies in the main office, there was Mr. Solomon, my 8th Biology teacher.  He was one of my favorite science teachers of all time, even though I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember me, he put up a good front. : )  I was telling him how I still go around quoting him.   “When you learn something, learn it the right way the first time.  Otherwise you will have to spend twice as much effort and energy to unlearn the incorrect thing then have to learn the correct thing over the incorrect thing.”  How true is that statement in so many ways?

Then it occurred to me.  There are people, regardless of the financial reward, who  genuinely are passionate about their life, their job, their career.  Ms. Manganaro and Mr. Solomon, thank you for showing me what it’s like to be at the intersection of Passion and Purpose today!

Curtis told me about this pix during lunch one day.  He was moved to share this pix with right when I was telling him how I wanted a room full of books.  From floor to ceiling.  Karl Largerfeld… Of course I wished I was him for many many many reasons.  But here’s one more reason why I wish I was him!

Soon Doo boo jji gae (Spicy soft tofu soup).  On a really cold winter nite, there’s really nothing better.

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