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i want an arm-friendly pillow. i was browsing through … and stumbled upon …

i sometimes tend to sleep like that… but then my arm falls asleep and i get that weird numb sensation which i don’t like. because i’m afraid i’m going to break or dislodge my finger joints somehow. but anyway… at $100, i’m not sure if i’m willing to buy one considering it doesn’t look THAT comfortable. it’s no tempurpedic pillow. but it’s one step closer! step up tempurpedic!

Last nite’s Glee episode was one of my favorite so far.  John was getting annoyed at the fact that I was singing along with all the Madonna songs.  It was a perfect combination of my favorite TV show with Madonna.  I don’t really need to elaborate right? 🙂  But just in case you actually need some convincing, here’s a video of Sue Sylvester as Madonna  in the iconic Vogue music video.  And here’s a TVguide cover of the cast paying homage to Madonna.

Do I need to explain why I am totally baffled by this?

I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of this song.  Just saw this on Today Show and Good Day New York.  Funny thing is, Greg and Rosanna commented “awww, look the kid is crying because he doesn’t want to hear this song anymore….. I don’t know why this video is viral.”  I couldn’t believe they completely missed the joke!

Just heard about this from John.  Not sure if this is actual news or just April Fools day joke.  But it’s been reported that first time in more than 40 years, an entire month went by without anyone getting murdered in the city of Newark.  It says so much about Newark…. John thinks if this is true, it may be due to all the rain that we got in the month… 🙂

GLEEEEEEEEE!  Really looking forward to having Glee back in my life in the near future.  But this Rolling Stones cover, I LOVE!

This was our first shoot for our multi-cultural cookbook for our church.   1 wrapping paper, 1 side table, 5 lamps = MacGyver shoot.

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