One of the biggest misconception that people have about Christians is that, we as Christians don’t believe that tragic and heart breaking things will happen to us.  And that somehow that when these horrible circumstances hit our lives, we are able to have it not impact our lives, emotions, and hearts.  Well, I could tell you from my personal experiences that, that is just not true.Matt Redman, a Christian singer apparently wrote this song weeks after September 11.  And since then, this song has been sung countless times in Sunday services and have touched and changed lives for just as many Christians around the world.

When a close friend had shared with me about their tragic loss of their first baby, the lyrics from this song was posted on her blog.  When a friend’s father had passed away after a long and painful struggle with cancer, lyrics from this song was sent out in an email that she had sent out to her close friends.  And even when I had lost my job, although not as tragic or dramatic, the lyrics from this song was ringing in my heart and mind.

“You give and take away.  You give and take away.  My heart will chose to say.  Lord, blessed be Your name…. “

It’s incredibly hard to say those things, sing those words, and even more so, believe in those lyrics during those times of life throws at you the things that could possibly break you to pieces.  But as Christians, it’s a matter of choice.  To believe that whatever the life throws at us, we know that God loves us and has a reason why these horrible things are happening in our lives.  To believe in God who has a plan for us, to believe in God who loves us, to know that this very God knows us better than we do, and so much more.

This past week, someone I knew from church was in a tragic accident while touring in Europe and passed away.  He leaves his beautiful wife and a daughter.  Although I didn’t know him that well, I felt compelled to help her in the funeral planning.  I couldn’t attempt to believe I knew what she was going thru or was feeling.  But I knew I wouldn’t want to be where she is AND planning a funeral at the same time.  That I understood.  And during this process, I am constantly faced with a wife who is grieving the loss of her loving husband and having to be strong for her daughter who is too young to let this grim reality touch her tender heart.

From the small glimpses of what I’ve seen so far, it is so much more painful than our hearts can bear and this darkness that curtains our whole heart doesn’t seem to lighten fast enough.  YES, we feel these things too, just as much as anybody else would.  Even knowing this great, mighty and awesome God is in our lives and heart, doesn’t change the fact that we feel and experience these things.  But because we have this God in our lives, it makes it easier to rationalize and deal with the fact that these things happen in our lives.

When we are in the midst of it, we don’t or want to understand why such a loving God will put us in this kind of situation.  But in His time, we realize that we weren’t necessarily supposed to understand why.  I think we are just called to have faith, to believe and to let go.   It’s a lesson that I am having to learn over and over again.  It’s probably a lesson that I will have to learn for the rest of my life.