How often do I get disappointed with movies because people around me have hyped it up too much?  Probably way too often. But Inception was a movie that exceeded the hype and went above and beyond my expectation of a movie.  Yes, I’m sure we wouldn’t have expected anything less from Christopher Nolan who directed the beloved The Dark Knight.  And he definitely brought his “A game” to this movie.

Having said that, it was visually breath-taking, intellectually stimulating, and acting was nothing less than flawless, even by Christopher Nolan standard.  I rarely walk away from a movie feeling so incredibly satisfied and Inception was one of those movies that left me feeling wanting for more.   I think the last time I felt like this about a film was probably when I saw the Matrix for the first time.

I think as a creative person who appreciates all forms of creativity, one of the most memorable lines from the movie was, “True inspiration is impossible to fake.”  Which was also the reason why I was impressed with the fact that I sat in a movie theater, thinking “this is original”.  It was able to deliver something so incredibly novel that it captivated me beyond the time that I sat in the theater.   How often does that happen?  Not often….

And here are some pix from the set