Mad Men is back and everything feels right with the world.  I enjoy this show because I feel as though it slows down my crazy world at least for an hour.  Of course Don Draper is probably one of the most fascinating characters on TV right now and he’s incredibly handsome, so it makes it even more interesting to watch.  I actually have a friend who has a pix of Don Draper as a wallpaper in her phone.   She shall remain anonymous.

I actually really like seeing them smoke on the show.  Maybe because it’s something that we don’t see often, so there’s something very “refreshing” about the look.

In this scene, Don Draper is trying to sell a semi-provocative bikini ad to a “family-friendly/conservative” business owners.  I feel like that time to time when I try to convince clients about a creative direction….

It was good to see that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (<- has a nice ring to it) has moved out of a hotel room and had an actually office.  But I was kind of shock to see Mrs. Draper was living with Henry.  I’m not sure why but her character really bothers me.  I feel like she acts entitled and incredibly spoiled.  But then again, she always looks perfect and is willing to have sex on demand.  I hear guys like that….