Covert Affairs is another show on USA that John and I try to watch on regular basis.  Piper Perabo plays a mildly jaded and intense character named agent Annie Walker.  I’ve always liked Piper since Coyote Ugly.  However there are moments when I get super annoyed watching this show.

I fully understand that she is a sexy character and sex sells.  But it is really necessary to make her look/appear so trashy at times?  Maybe it’s the fault of the creative director or even makeup/wardrobe folks.  But instead of looking like Jane Smith, she ends up looking like Ms. Barb Wire in some scenes, even in a fancy dress.  I think Piper is a very attractive woman to begin with and it would take very little to make her look sexy.

But more importantly, the character named Auggie Anderson is totally getting on my “cute nerd” list.   Did I ever mention I have a thing for smart dudes?