Right now, my small 1 bedroom apartment is overflowing with boxes, bags, paper, art supplies, and crates.  It’s getting so out of control that I am getting annoyed.  But with 5 events on my plate in next 45 days, I have no choice but to deal with the crazy/chaotic mess that I am creating in my living space.

Then came across this blog entry by no other than Ms. Martha Stewart herself.   I couldn’t help but to feel incredibly jealous at the things that these folks had at the office.

I would die for a space where I could create and be creative.  Huge-ass loft space with concrete floors so I could be messy and just make/arrange things.  A space where I could be inspired and a space where I could completely let go and push the limits of my creativity.  A space where I could bring the cats and they could hang out.  A space where I could BLAST music or watch Korean drama on a big screen.  A space with a wall full of inspirations, ideas and colors.  INSPIRATION WALL!!!!!  *sigh* Okay, I feel slightly better.  Now back to the grind!