As I am getting older, I am realizing more and more how much I haven’t taken care of myself over the years and of course, it’s showing on my face the most.  So recently I went thru a phase where I wanted to put make up on better and actually try to look better for myself and of course everyone who will have to interact with me on daily basis.  Then I randomly landed on one of Jennifer’s youtube tutorials.

So after going thru bunch of her tutorials and reading pages and pages on her blog, these are some of the realizations that I have.

  • Jennifer is a really gorgeous girl with almost perfect skin, which I am not, so I can’t possibly expect to look like her.
  • It actually takes quite a bit of effort and time to look good.  Or at least put make up on before leaving the house.  My 2 minute routine of putting on facial lotion… probably not as much effort as I’ve been thinking that it was.
  • Jennifer seems to have every product from every company and she’s also tried everything under the sun.  Which I’m sure is the reason why her blog is so informative.  However, I do not have the funds to spend that much money on makeup so I should try to be more realistic.
  • The tutorial videos are super easy to understand and easy to follow.  I have yet to try any of them since I always feel like I need to actually go get some products even before starting.  But I will definitely try this week.
  • I think it’s too much to look like her on daily basis.  However, I think I could always take bits and pieces of it and I could try to look better than I do currently.

Overall, really great blog and video tutorial and I think it’s a must tutorials for especially all my fellow Asian sistas out there. 🙂