I recently started to watch this Korean drama called “Secret Garden“.   Prior to watching this drama, I was vaguely able to describe an “ideal” man for me.  YES, I’ve been married for almost 10 years but I can’t help the fact that I still have the ability to appreciate handsome men in the world.

So this character Joo Won played by the actor Hyun Bin, I believe is the closest thing to the “ideal” man I’ve come across.  He embodies all things I would want in a man if I sat down and made a list of things I wanted in one man (exception of spiritual aspect).  I always had a thing for a man who looks good in a suit, but I didn’t realize I also had a thing for tall men.   A friend recently told me that tall men = whores.  Not sure how true that is but I could see it being very close to the truth.  I mean why wouldn’t they be?  Here are some pix of this character.  Let the pix speak for themselves….