In the most recent episode of Fringe called “6B’, I learned one of the most fascinating physics theory that I can’t seem to get out of my head.  The theory is called “quantum entanglement”.

“Quantum entanglement is a property of the quantum mechanical state of a system containing two or more objects, where the objects that make up the system are linked in such a way that the quantum state of any of them cannot be adequately described without full mention of the others, even if the individual objects are spatially separated.”

What an incredible concept.  I think I am still trying to wrap my head around this theory.  In the episode of Fringe, a widow who lost her husband of 45 years was causing a rip in the universe because of her inseparable bond with her husband in the parallel universe who was still alive.  This was one of my favorite episode of Fringe for many reasons.

Is it just me or is it unfathomably romantic that “objects” can be linked to each other in this way?  And to consider that 2 people can be linked this way is just…. I’m totally lost for words.  I guess in many ways, I am a true romantic at heart and sucker for things like this.