It would be an understatement for me to say that I hate saying “good-byes”.  I don’t think it’s a blessing but rather a curse for me to get so emotionally attached to people who come into my life….

This week a girl named Tara went home to UK after finishing her internship.  She’s someone that I’ve only known for 3 months while working at Siki’s.  I didn’t see her everyday, I can’t even say that I’ve spent alot of time with her.  But the seconds, the minutes, and the hours that we did spend together, I believe were genuine and sincere.

I truly enjoy making “connection” with people.  I mean after all, isn’t that what life is about?  I usually don’t expect to gain anything from these relationships but I truly love being able to call someone a friend and building relationships with the people around me.  And if an opportunity arises, I would love to make an impact, a positive impact in someone’s life.  Whether it’s a small ripple or a great imprint of my presence in their lives, I would like to think that I mattered to those around me.

And I guess that’s why I find it so hard to say good-bye to friends especially when I frankly don’t know when I’ll see them again.  Even with all the technology that we have and the advancements that we’ve made with our society, the physical distance between two people doesn’t feel any closer now than before.

Yes, I cried saying good-bye to Tara.  Gave her a really long hug and I cried.  I can’t put in words what made me so sad but right then and there, there was a deep sadness in my heart….