This is what my Ovation looks like.  I’ve had it for really long time and it usually sits in a case covered with dust in the corner of my living room.  But time to time, I make the effort to take it out and attempt to make music with the maybe 10 chords that I do know.

I learned how to play the guitar at a fairly young age.  But the problem was, I never really progressed from the 10 chords that I learned at that age.  What I found out was that with the 10 chords that I did know, I could play enough songs that I liked to really not make me want to learn more.  Kind of sad actually.

I don’t sing well and I don’t have a nice voice.  But I think I just enjoy music.  Generally really really really really love music.   So sometimes when I am in one of those moods I bust out my good old guitar and play whole bunch of songs that I like.

Today I found out I am able to play “Cannonball” by Damien Rice.  SWEEEEEEET~~~!  Of course it doesn’t quite sound like 100% like Damien Rice’s rendition but hey, I only know TEN CHORDS!!!!!