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Saw this  and I totally had to share.  UP is one of my favorite movies of all time.  And a team from National Geographic’s new show, “How Hard Can It Be?” was cool enough to try this for me

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For Valentine’s this year, John and I went to see this play called “That Championship Season.”   As you can see, it was an awesome cast and recently they were featured in a NYTimes article.

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Recently I had the privilege of working on a fashion show during the New York Fashion Week.  Best part about working on this show was that I got to meet some pretty handsome men during the casting and the show.  One in particular really stood out for me and his name was Zhao Lei.  I’m fairly certain I literally “gasped” when he walked in the room.

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Cee Lo’s “Forget You” is one of my favorite songs of all times.  I actually prefer the explicit version of the song more. But last nite at the Grammy’s he came out on the stage in this ridiculous outfit and to top things off lovely Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow joined him in the song as well.  Such great performance….

American artist Jennifer Rubell has created a life-sized waxwork of William which mimics his pose at the press event on the day the engagement was announced.

Best of all, you’ll discover that when you slip your hand through the royal arm, there is already a replica of the diamond and sapphire engagement ring affixed to “William’s” arm.

Just slip your ring finger through and voila! You’re engaged to the man who is second in line to the British throne. – Reuters

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Stella Artois – Crying Jean

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Central Station Furniture Square Root Lounge Chair (Org $562… Now $365) – Did I ever mention that I have a thing for chairs?  Okay furnitures in general but especially chairs.  I love the simplicity and the classic lines of this chair.  Not sure how comfortable it would be but I love it anyway.

Due to my current financial situation, my purchasing power has been extremely limited to almost… nothing.  But bought this gorgeous Jonathan Adler storage box for my nite stand from Gilt.  And I LOVE it.  I dumped all my crap in there and my nite stand looks super clean.  It makes me happy looking at it.  So it was totally worth not eating for couple of days.

Recently saw this Brinca Dada’s modern doll house on Gilt and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Other than the fact that I would much prefer living in a house like this than to play with it,  I thought when John and I have kids, surely they would play with this kind of doll house.  If they don’t like it, I’m sure either I’ll force them to or get them tested to see if they are really my kids.

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I truly heart simple | clean design.  These are ceramic white alarm clocks from West Elm.


A friend sent me this video recently because he saw my posting about 500 days of summer on this blog some time ago.   And while watching this video funny thing occurred to me.  If I was a man, I would love to date someone like Zooey Deschanel.  She would be my soul mate.  Funny thing is, shouldn’t I have been thinking, “wow, that joseph gordon-levitt, sure is a cutie!”

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Another great speech on Ted.

Today Show’s viral video of “dynamite”.  This song always makes me want to throw my hands in the air.

Saw Nathan Sawaya’s Lego art called “The art of the brick” on CBS Sunday Morning show couple of days ago.

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Inntrax Wooden Crayons – WHITE BIRCH DESKTOP HOLDER WITH 24 TWIG CRAYONS   (Org $50… Now $25) – I love this idea and I also love the concept.  Not sure how often I would use something like this but It’s pretty cool regardless.

It’s true I love alot of things and Restoration Hardware is up there with DWR, West Elm, C2B and Muji.   I actually applied for a part time position at RH retail store and got rejected.  I’m sure my salary and title as “Director of Finance” as current position probably didn’t help the matter.

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Right now, my small 1 bedroom apartment is overflowing with boxes, bags, paper, art supplies, and crates.  It’s getting so out of control that I am getting annoyed.  But with 5 events on my plate in next 45 days, I have no choice but to deal with the crazy/chaotic mess that I am creating in my living space.

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seriously, how cute are these rings?

This shoot was from couple of years back.  But I still love it whenever I see it.

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Mr. Jonathan Adler has my dream job.  One of many dream jobs on my list.  Saw this “love & hate” jars and wondered how much I would LOVE to create things like this for living.  How satisfying and gratifying would my life be to be able to create things with my hands?  And YES, he has some freaking gorgeous things on his site.  Hate him!

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Kana Surfboards – P40 Epoxy Board (Org $650… Now $449) – something I will probably never need but thought it was really cool and I do like the design and the color combo.

I could literally spend HOURS on TED.   Lanigan forwarded this to me and it is probably one of many many many reasons why I LOVE TED!

Not only because I shoot with Canon but because I like all things creative and clever, I really LOVE these Canon lens mugs.

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So if you haven’t heard and if you are not already following, Kanye West joined Twitter last week.   Read this on Huffington Post the other day.  It’s pretty hilarious.

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Villa in Anadalucia by McLean Quinlan Architects

Saw this on Diggy’s blog (<- i am still not convinced that he’s writing this blog on his own).    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a house like this for me and John.  I mean who wouldn’t right?

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Another cool find on Brooke Fraser’s blog : Solidarités International: Water talks

Recently saw this on Brooke Fraser’s blog and thought it was just amazing.

A gentleman named Rick Norsigian is living the life that I want.  He bought some negatives at a garage sale for $45 and eventually discovered that the negatives belonged to the great Ansel Adams.  And yes, Mr. Norsigian was recently informed that the negatives were appraised for $200 million dollars.

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Not only because I wear glasses, but as someone who appreciates cool and creative things in general, this is an awesome video.  LOVE it!

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I recently found a blog that I really like called “twig & thistle“.  I totally adore her style and sense of creativity and innovative way of looking at design. |continue reading|

How often do I get disappointed with movies because people around me have hyped it up too much?  Probably way too often. But Inception was a movie that exceeded the hype and went above and beyond my expectation of a movie.  Yes, I’m sure we wouldn’t have expected anything less from Christopher Nolan who directed the beloved The Dark Knight.  And he definitely brought his “A game” to this movie.

Vitrocolor – Narrow Mouth Carafe (Org $36… Now $18) – Simple and elegant.  Just my style.  Although I would have no clue what to do with these bottles. | continue reading |

I can’t say enough positive things about Nike.  It’s one of my favorite brands and you may already know, I am extremely loyal to the brands that I like.   And today while going thru a potential company I may be working for, I came across another Nike commercial that I just thought was phenomenal….

Do I need to explain why I am totally baffled by this?

John and I have been watching a lot of Olympics.  But since we don’t want to be blind sided by spoilers on the web and on the news, we’ve been watching most of it live.  This means, no skipping thru the commercials like we usually do.  But time to time, that’s not such a bad thing.  Serendipitously I came across this commercial that wove images which provoked raw human emotions together with artistic execution that was flawless.  Nike… did it again!

I love everything about NYC, including the no-so-tidy subway system that takes you anywhere you want to go.  I think it has so much character and so much history that I can’t imagine this city without it.  Then I saw this illustration by Julia Rothman.   I love the fact that soon as I looked at it, I started to hear “Empire State of Mind” in my head….

An artist named Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses brilliantly depicts a realistic portrait of how things might’ve turned out for some of our beloved fairy tale princesses in the modern times.  I could totally see Cinderella having some serious marriage issues due to her childhood abandonment and abuse issues coupled with being married to the “Bachelor”.  The photography was beautifully done and these images do stirs emotions and impacting conversations for the audience.

I would like to think that I appreciate good design, regardless of whether it’s something that I would personally own or even like.  This “world links necklace would be one of those things.  This necklace isn’t something that I would buy or even wear but I think it’s a fantastic design and so incredibly clever 🙂  I totally appreciate that. 

cool art work by shaz madani

Seriously how cute is this?  Saw this on MOMA store.  Probably not the most practical thing but it’s seriously cute!  Korean food taking over the world man!

So I bought this glass piggy bank for our not so new apt couple of months ago.  I’ve been loving having this new addition at home.  Super cute but it’s soooo fragile that I’m not sure if it will able to survive in our household for a long time.  But as a piggy bank, I think this is as cute as it gets.

Is it bad that I want this camera?  If I had all the money in the world, one of the things that I would love to do is collect cameras.  All different types of cameras.  I would like to start with this LOMOGRAPHY DIANA F+ CHROMIAC please.



Too cute not to share.  Sesame Street is celebrating 40th bday!  YAY!  And of course Google got involved. 🙂

I’ve never watched a single episode of Dexter till this weekend.  I knew the general premise of the show but nothing in detail.  Based on what I knew about the show, I was totally blown away by the intro of the show.  They managed to visually capture the true essence of the character and the entire plot within this 2 min intro.  What’s even more out of this world crazy is that, they told a simple story of a “morning routine” while visually telling us who Dexter is. It’s just freaking amazing and disturbing at the same time.

I’ve been watching Mad Men on and off for couple of years now.  But this season, I am totally hooked.  Then I watched the opening intro to the show for the first time this week and I was totally mesmerized. 

It really, truly, and wholly captures the essence of the show.  I LOVE that.  It’s genius, just like Don Draper.

This is something really inspiring and literally left me speechless.  It’s actually about the invasion of Hungary during WWII. 

Saw this on New York Times and it was too cute not to share.





details at poet's walk

details at poet's walk

… topped off with a hat Goorin Bros

…fully done by krislyndesign

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with caution



Really beautiful work by the lady name Julia Rothman.  Gosh, even her name sounds very purrty.

city stamps

How cute are these rubber stamps?  I’m not sure if I would buy it but thought they were the coolest things ever.


Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Run’s House.  Couple of weeks ago I found out his address and was very tempted to go stalk his house until they let me in and make me part of their family.  One of my dearest buddies, Gian, suggested that it was a fantastic idea.  So I knew nothing good could come out of it.

Anywho, so this Diggy character, who is probably 13 years old has a blog that I can’t stop reading.  The more I read and the more I see the stuff that he’s posting on his blog, I am really beginning to question whether he’s

  1. actually 13 because the sense of style this kid has is freaking out of this world
  2. writing all this stuff because he seems to have such wide range of interest (fashion, music, sports,  and even architecture)
  3. where he finds the time and the energy to blog so much

Regardless, I love the fact that he has very similar style/taste as me and I totally apprecitate his point of view.

pagent of masters

pageant of masters

This was at the Pageant of Masters last summer with Gina and Susan.  This must be my 10th time taking part in the experience.  I think it’s totally one of the coolest things you could experience in LA area (Laguna Beach).  I actually bought tickets for this summer as well.  I’m totally crossing my fingers that I get to make it out there. 🙂



Saw this handmade map this past weekend while antiquing in central jersey.  so purrrrrrty

locals Avi Buffalo



is the pigeon real or not real?

divine touch of jesus

divine touch of jesus

banner at church based on a sermon series called “the divine touch of jesus”.  I think this was one of my favorite banners of all time.



Found these on Etsy today.  So whimsical I just love it.  Would I wear it? I’m not sure.

FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME DUDES taking over streets of NYC.  You gotta love it.  These are the type of things make me fall in love with NYC all over again and again.

iac building

iac building


Life Photographer Gjon Mili upon his visit with Picasso in Vallauris France in 1949 took these amazing light drawings done by Picasso.  Picaso was inspired by photos which Mili had taken previously of ice skaters with lights attached to their skates doing jumps.  Here’s Life Archives for the full series


typical nyc scene

typical nyc scene

Only in NYC.  Men in fur, lumberack plaid, hi-top converse, and Picasso all in one shot. (@the MOMA)


one of my favorite songs done with a bit of an asian flare.  love it



You heard it right.  Octomom the musical is here.  Or in LA rather.  I don’t even know what to say about this….


Cool art by Kat Macleod

anyone else think this is really cool? this design is from eric ku who is a recent sva graduate. this piece is part of his senior thesis project. read more about it from yatzer.

beau sia (cool name) on Def Jam Poetry talking about love….

…amazed with this wooden led clock

perfect lighting

perfect lighting

This is a poster sitting in my cousin’s living room in Boston.  We’ve been to the DeCordova  museum couple of times while visiting my cousin’s family but never noticed this poster in their living room till this past visit.  It was a perfect afternoon sunlight hitting the poster just at the right angle.  Love it.


…me more with super sleek perfume sticks via A+R

the jakes, perhaps you know?



At Laguna Beach after Pageant of Masters

so i don’t know anything about art. i don’t know history, artist names, artist works, genres, etc. etc. i just know what i see and if i like what i see. so i was perusing yatzer, and came across jan vormann’s work in berlin. it’s really cool for a couple of reasons. i’ve actually been to berlin. i was there for a week for school. i can’t tell you the names and places i’ve been but trust me, i was in the heart of berlin. i actually remember potsdamer. is that right? anyway, there are parts of berlin that’s really new with cool buildings and whatnot. but there are a lot of places in berlin that are actually preserved from the old days. so jan vormann goes around plugging some holes with plastic (lego) pieces aka dispatching. 

i think the lego pieces adds a nice little twist on the historicness of it all. i’m big on colors and whatnot so it’s really refreshing and vibrant. i could see how some people think it’s tacky or something. but look how the pieces fit so snugly. i think it’s really cool. 

check out more pictures on yatzer

check out jan vorsmann earlier stuff.

cranewaypavillion…a party, event, or all of the bay area from the Crane Pavillion.

flatware / dinnerware

flatware / dinnerware

Art piece at the MOMA.

have you ever been to the museum and seen art that’s pretty much somthing like a white canvas with a red dot on the side? or something soooo simple like a black wall. or a stripe. or something you think is SO easy to do. i do all the time. i think, “i can do that.” well….


golden statute

golden statute

Walking in Hobken after the somewhat monthly brunch with Gina and Olga.

Saw this last night at the movies.  It’s not in this video, but there was a clip in the longer version where the Z4 repeatedly draws a perfect circle.  Coolio

at the Walden pond

at the Walden pond

My cousin’s family actually lives only couple of miles from the Walden Pond.  Visited last fall and someone had climbed over the fence to make this at the edge of the pond.  Either that or there are some really smart animals living at the pond. 

cinespia1…movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary during the summer


thank you Jesus!

Saw this at an art gallery on 19th ave, around the corner from our office on a gorgeous day in NYC.  It made me wonder which demonination they used for this art work. 

Bar 89

Bar 89

At Bar89, they have these rotating art on their massive wall.  It’s a really “comfortable” restaurant with decent bar food and really low-key.  I LOVE this place because it’s so familiar to me. 


Today is our 5th Wedding Ceremony anniversary.  Took this pix while back but thought it was appropriate for such a special day.

…creative at Sew LA

so there’s nothing better than just walking around the city, soaking in the sun, and popping into an art gallery or two or three or four during a nice hot day. i’m fortunate to work in west chelsea where there are a huge number of galleries within two or three blocks from me. unfortunately, i don’t really take advantage of it because well, i’m at work. 

but there’s this garage i pass by all the time. they’ve been building something for a while now and finally it’s done. it’s cool. jung probably has a way better pic but these are some iphone ones. 

plane side 1
plane other side

plane front

adel abdessemed

check it out on 19th and 10th.

miniaturetigersminiature tigers …roar

pointbreaklive…yourself as keanu reeves in point break live

in honor of earth week:


this is from russian artist yulia brodskaya. check out more here:

timeless-fragrance…so good every time with  modern alchemy pocket watch

Saw this on CBS Sunday Morning couple of weeks ago.  Thought it was kind of neat since Gina posted the other week about graffiti. 

i took this picture a couple of months ago by the holland tunnel entrance downtown nyc. no words necessary. except.. WHERE’S MY FUCKING BAILOUT?!


so, i love graffiti. but i’m not the biggest graffiti fan. i can’t tell you who the graffiti artist is. but i can appreciate it. something about graffiti is so raw and real. using the concrete jungle as their canvas to express whatever. so i stumbled across this website. it’s pretty awesome. graffiti and some other stuff. 

and to those who say graffiti isn’t an art, EGG OFF!

** my favorite is the one about giver/taker. it’s near and dear to my heart. alex and i talk about how he’s the giver and i’m the taker alllll the time.

I saw this artist named Phil Hansen on CBS Morning Show some time back and came across this video recent and wanted to share with the world.


So I learn alot of things from the TV shows that I watch and the radio shows that I listen to.  One of the shows that I do get to DVR and watch them on a rainy day is CBS Morning Show on Sunday mornings. 

Couple of weeks back, they featured this new up and coming artist who started out in the streets of Jersey City as a graffiti artist named .  Apparently he has become the next big thing in the art world.  I remember seeing some of his work in random places and thinking “What the?”  And apparently celebrities are eating his stuff up and paying tons of money for it (ie Kanye West).  Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to appreciate his work or maybe this is just all bologna….

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