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Claudia was wearing these when we were in Seattle, and I secretly wanted to steal them and bring them back with me to NYC.  But figured our friendship means more to me than a pair of cute shoes so I had to stop myself.  John Varvatos + Chuck Taylors = can’t go wrong.

Alrite, it’s been a little more than forever and a half since my last posting.  Funny thing.  I thought I would be more diligent about updating the blog when I had more time on my hand but it’s been more challenging to do so.  But this is a good way for me to make a come back to the blogosphere.

PHOENIX!!!!!!! Okay, Claudia introduced me to them some time ago.  I think there was a point in my life when I thought she would pack up her bags and follow them around the world and possibly even marry someone from the group.   But she’s older and wiser now and living in LA, doing the LA thing.

Anywho, I’ve been listening to them non-stop for past couple of days.   Incredibly awesome music and I have to admit I don’t always know what they are saying, but it’s the type of music that I could listen to for hours at a time and even have one song on repeat for hours at a time.

Here are some songs that I found on YT.  You may recognize some of the songs from the recent Cadillac commercials.


I am 34 today.  This was the cake that Susan got for me on my 32nd bday.  I somehow managed to convince Susan and Claudia to fly out to Nashville, TN for my bday that year.  Susan flew across the country with this cake from LA from my favorite bakery in the universe.  SWEET LADY JANE!  It was one incredible weekend that I will probably never forget.

UntitledSimon Rex in Rex in LA…when you have thirty minutes

… topped off with a hat Goorin Bros

…good.  it’s a recycled leather jacket from dean

…fully done by krislyndesign

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with caution

…dry and cool in Tretorn during the rainy season.

… a magic message bean

locals Avi Buffalo

…amazed with this wooden led clock

quo.  for mac, against mac?


…me more with super sleek perfume sticks via A+R

the jakes, perhaps you know?


…to wear this coat from Mackage

cranewaypavillion…a party, event, or all of the bay area from the Crane Pavillion.

…good coffee at Lamill Coffee and be cool because you’re in silverlake

ebbaflicker…your boyfriend’s shirt whenever you want with Ebba Flicker Candles (it’s 100% soy!)

Los Abandoned, another cool LA (Van Nuys) band

…deliciousness at  slowclub 


cinespia1…movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary during the summer

…French Navy by Camera Obscura and be obsessed.

…creative at Sew LA

…the coffee and wake up with Wash With Joe.  not only good on you, but good for you.

…the summer or celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly with grapefruit margaritas.

miniaturetigersminiature tigers …roar



  1. Magic Nursery Babies ( toys)
  2. Alf – enough said
  3. Garbage kid cards
  4. Toyota Corollas 1987 – especially shades of brown
  5. Mili Vanilli


  1. thick socks around the ankle all smushed – unless you’re a cheerleader or an 80’s aerobics instructor.  no need for them
  2. long frizzy hair – more for guys.  like metal rocker hair
  3. side ponytails – WTF was going on with that?


  1. jeans from the 80’s – acid wash and even the way you wore them either rolled up or safety pinned
  2. shoulder pads – on women’s clothes, including tshirts 
  3. McRibs – I may possibly be in the minority but I always thought they tasted funny.
  4. big bangs
  5. first generation hyundai – from what I heard, the car would come to a smoking stop if you drove with the AC and radio on during the summer time


  1. lunchables (gross)
  2. my little pony
  3. rubix cube (simply impossible)
  4. parachute pants
  5. aresenio hall




  1. Beverly Hills Teens (cartoon)
  2. Moonlighting (detective show)
  3. Tinkerbell BO-PO (brush off- peel off) nail polish
  4. Skip It
  5. Happy Meal boxes or Rotary phones (both good)


  1. DOWNTOWN JULIE BROWN – need i say more?
  2. the delorean – back to the future whatttt
  3. michael jackson – the black one.
  4. boomboxes at home, on the streets, everywhere!


  1. penny loafers – most comfortable/versatile footwear in the history of mankind.
  2. jem – a classic good vs. evil cartoon. 
  3. MacGyver – wouldn’t we all feel safer if MacGyver came back into our lives.
  4. toys r us jingle – how fantastic was that jingle.  You know you’re signing along
  5. Movies like breakfast club – no explanation necessary


  1. plastic lunchboxes with superheroes on them
  2. slap bracelets
  3. tiger video games
  4. pump shoes
  5. color changing clothing – You know…You whear a green shirt and someone walks up, puts their hand on you and the heat from their hand changes your shirt from green to lighter green

pointbreaklive…yourself as keanu reeves in point break live

…so cool in these old school sneakers.  PF Flyers – Bob Cousy All American Lo

…the chocolate bread pudding with ice cream at Hedley’s.  Sometimes mom’s better home and garden magazines know what they’re talking about.


the broken west 

timeless-fragrance…so good every time with  modern alchemy pocket watch

…yourself trudging through rain and mud in the hottest footwear collaboration.  i doubt you’ll feel even the slightest of pang and would rather take the long way home.

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